Mirelia Networks Review 2023: High Paying Ad Network

Mirelia Networks has been a game-changer in affiliate marketing since its launch in 2016.

To provide partners with a cutting-edge and technologically intelligent strategy that allows them to maximize income from collaborations, Mirelia is always looking for new sources of high-quality traffic for its enticing casual and mainstream dating offers. This means they are open for business in terms of affiliates.

So, let’s dig deeper and learn more about this fantastic ad network platform that can work wonders for your adult ad networking campaign!

Without further ado, let’s get started with my Mirelia Networks Review.

Mirelia Networks Review: About Mirelia Networks

Mirelia Networks Review

Mirelia Networks is a popular self-serve ad network established in 2016 that provides ad campaign services for dating and adult traffic. Advertisers who use this network can conduct ad campaigns to market their dating services or products.

Affiliates on the network can earn money from their dating traffic as well. They offer many different revenue models, including CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL, CPO, CPI, and PPI.

With over ten years of experience in online dating, Mirelia Networks offers its partners “Members Area” adult traffic. The network has successfully attracted over 30 million hits per month and an average of over 1 billion monthly ad impressions, earning it much praise throughout the years.

Managing Website Traffic

Mirelia Networks offers two different business models for advertisers: CPC and CPM (the latter will be available once you contact your manager). Only dating offers are accessible with the CPC model. You can advertise different offer types, including adult sites, dating sites, live cam sites, gaming, gambling, and more if you work on CPM.

This equates to a large amount of traffic that converts well from direct sources (members area). Since publishers aren’t paid a commission, affiliates can benefit from bigger payouts and premium adult traffic at competitive prices.

90% of all traffic on Mirelia is generated by mobile devices, with the remaining 10% being equally divided between PCs and tablets. As a result, Mirelia is among the top traffic generators for the adult dating sector.

Landers and Traffic

Most DSPs require you to supply your own creatives, whereas Mirelia already has these available. This is excellent news for affiliates who use Smartlinks and will save them much time.

So how does it all work?

Due to each lender’s substantial CTR value, it was specially chosen. This indicates that you don’t need to test this yourself since the job has already been done for you. To maintain a high standard of landers on the network, these internal, high-performing creative resource pools collaborate with intelligent targeting.

Similar types of creatives are available for CPM bids. However, you may also upload your own banners if you’re using CPM campaigns.

In addition to being unique in its acceptance of display traffic, such as banners, native advertisements, and interstitials, Mirelia also offers many other benefits. These are managed by sophisticated ad-targeting technologies and shown in different locations across Mirelia’s direct site network.


Supported Ad Formats

Mirelia Networks Review - Supported Ad Formats 

Mirelia Networks currently supports three types of ad formats. These are:

  • Display banners

It appears at the top or bottom of a page and is the most typical ad format.

  • Native ads

This format shows eye-catching pictures or headlines that complement a page’s layout and content.

  • Native interstitials

It resembles native advertisements but is primarily seen in the page’s center. These advertisements attract a lot of viewers and generate a healthy income.

How to get started with Mirelia Networks?

Everything is quite simple and sorted when it comes to getting started with Mirelia Networks. The best thing is that you don’t scuffle around much for the registration and onboarding process. They have designed a very intuitive admin panel that is fast, seamless, and easy to work with.

  • Visit the Mirelia Networks Homepage. Then click on the “Advertisers” tab and click “Register Now.”
  • You will then need to fill in some details in a short registration form. You will be asked for basic information like name, Email, and messenger.

How to get started with Mirelia Networks

  • You must indicate which of the following best represents you under “Which best describes you”: public firm, private company, partnership, personal account, or any other. You can sign up with a Google account as well.
  • Next, you will be sent an email to verify your account details. You must respond to more questions after the email verification.
  • The advertised item or deal should be mentioned by the advertisers.
  • The targeted geos and campaign budget should also be included.
  • You will receive an email containing the information as soon as you complete the questionnaire.

The registration and onboarding process is ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Ease of use

The welcome room has a neat, clear appearance and an intuitive, efficient layout. The current update went more profound than just the surface, as the rest of the platform looks equally as good as the welcome screen. The SSP features a user-friendly layout that is quick and responsive.

Setting up your first campaign

Setting up your first campaign 

After registering on the platform, you will have access to the following categories: Campaigns, Payments, Statistics, Affiliate Programs, Help, and FAQ. The advertisers can monitor clicks and impressions, budget expenditure, highest spend, and best and worst campaigns on the dashboard page.

As a result, after signing into your personal account, you will see the area providing the statistics for your campaigns, including the essential metrics and the effectiveness of your ads. There are other areas there for CPC and CPM campaigns.

Contact the support staff if you want to start running campaigns on CPM. Within a short period, this option will become active. Both CPC and CPM are options for starting your advertising campaigns. We’ll begin by discussing how to create CPC campaigns.

However, be careful to add funds before launching your advertising campaign.


  • Click the Add Funds button or go to the Payments page to add funds.
  • You have a variety of ways to add money to your account, including Paxum and bank cards.
  • The initial down payment should be $100. After that, you can contribute money using a Paxum or Bank card and at least $50.
  • The minimum deposit required for the Wire transfer option is $500. However, you must first speak with your assigned manager before choosing the Wire transfer payment method.
  • The advertisers can view a history of their previous payments under the Payment History section.

Once you are done adding funds, let’s create your first campaign!

First, you need to click on Create Campaign or the Campaigns page. This will open up a section where you can choose the desired revenue model for your campaign. These include CPC, CPM, and Flat Deals.

Let’s go with CPC (Cost Per Click).

  • Click on Create. You will then be redirected to a page where you must fill in some basic details for your campaign. You must choose the GEO to target the appropriate market and name your advertising campaign.
  • You must pick one of the following: tablet, desktop, or mobile.
  • Since Mirelia Network focuses on adult traffic and dating-related offers, “Dating” is the default setting for the vertical. However, you can choose from the following verticals as per your requirements:
  1. Dating
  2. Gaming
  3. Nutra

The tracking URL that you are going to promote is the promotion link. In essence, the page lists the product or service.

6 key macros will be used while sharing the promotional link, which includes

  1. {Campaign_id}
  2. {device}
  3. {geo}
  4. {landing_id}
  5. {segment}
  6. {cpc_rate}

Campaign Features

When you proceed further with your campaign setup, you will get access to several valuable features to experiment with that can allow you to create the best ad campaign.

  • Segment

Based on user behavior and quality, the segments are created. To gauge performance, one has to attempt each segment.

  • Clicks

When conducting an ad campaign, the advertiser can specify the minimum number of clicks required.

  • Domain

You can provide the domain here to which you want to direct traffic.

  • CPC Rate

You may provide the precise CPC rate. To choose the GEO, device type, and segment, open CPC Rates.

  • Time Targeting

You have control over when people see your offer.

  • Landing Page

From the list, the advertiser must select a landing page. When choosing the appropriate landing page, you must also enter additional information, such as ID, Name, Language, and Niche.

  • A/B Split Test

Five different campaigns’ performances will be compared in this exam. This choice is optional, so you can disregard it.

  • Statistics

Monitor the effectiveness of your campaign by name, status, GEO, device, date, time zone, and many other factors.

Earn more with the Referral Program.

Earn more with the Referral Program

You’re sadly mistaken if you think that the only way to earn through Mirelia Networks is via ad campaigns. Mirelia also has its native referral program that allows users to be rewarded for bringing in customers.

  • You can receive up to 2.5% of the budget of the advertiser you refer, and it goes without saying that the more referrals you make, the more extra money you can make.
  • You can create films, send newsletters, host webinars, publish blog posts about Mirelia Networks, and promote on social media and forums.
  • You have a better chance of receiving a payout rate increase if you successfully recommend at least 5 active advertisers.
  • The commission will be charged to the personal bank card or the remaining balance.

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Final Thoughts – Mirelia Networks Review 2023

Mirelia Networks is an effective data-driven DSP with a good selection of high-converting creatives to match your plan; there is no question about that. The platform attracts high-quality traffic and leads for dating affiliates because it is well-designed and uses cutting-edge ad tech solutions.

The sophisticated security and anti-fraud tools ensure that marketers are in good hands, and the clever targeting features are beneficial.

As an affiliate, you can access affordable prices and individualized live service through a cutting-edge DSP with excellent performance and value. A wide range of payment options are available for funding your account.

Although the platform may not be exactly what you’re used to, it’s simple to use, and most affiliates will be up and running in no time.

Definitely worth your time!

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