Firmao Review 2023: Is it Best New Age ERP and CRM Software?

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If you have been looking around for the best solution for managing your CRM and ERP requirements, then you are reading just the right post, as we will give you a comprehensive review of “Firmao”, a piece of software with a built-in, multi-level warehouse management system that gives you and your team total control over production and stock documents.

What is Firmao CRM?

online CRM Firmao Review

Firmao is an ERP and CRM software developed to allow users effortlessly manage all of their CRM needs and requirements. It includes VOIP, task project management, CRM integrated with ERP, and more. It enables you to connect with a specific customer to simply generate sales and register all data with ease.

In order to promote productivity and growth rate inside the company, this CRM software offers various unique functionalities. It offers customers a precise calendar application where they can schedule meetings and specify task due dates.

Firmao Software Features 

Firmao Review

Firmao includes a wide range of modules beyond only customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Also particularly impressive is Firmao’s fully functional cloud-based ERP system, which integrates flawlessly with the online CRM system at the enterprise level.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Centralized management of sales chances from different channels (mailing, live chat, Google Adwords, Facebook, callback). Download CRM applications. procedures in sales. software for integrating data. At each level of the sales funnel, conversion control.

Time and Project management

Keeping track of the hours that workers and contractors put in. determining, carrying out, and recording a project’s or task’s profitability. Gantt charts with kanban boards. Software for managing remote work as well as staff tracking. project costing.

Invoicing Program

With customer management software, you may send invoices to your clients with ease. You can alter the way invoices look as necessary. mailing invoices through email or printing them. Software for managing recurring billing and systems for billing subscriptions. Automation of invoice generation, invoice issuance, and invoice delivery.


acquiring leads from a variety of sources. Emailing campaigns. The top call center application. call-back campaigns (CRM phone VoIP services, cloud calling software, and calls tracking software). Website module for live chat and callback for your business. website visitors who are leads. integrated landing pages for the sales opportunities module.

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

Pricing lists for the goods and/or services offered by the company. orders for the assembly of goods from parts. The software facilitates inventory control, warehouse administration, stock paperwork, history and records of stock levels, and much more.


Designing the best possible jobs, projects, and sales processes. Document and invoice workflow. program for tracking a fleet. automation of business processes made possible by the straightforward specification of business rules.

CRM Solutions offered by Firmao

Firmao currently offers the following CRM services:

  • CRM for B2B
  • CRM for a large business
  • CRM for medium business
  • CRM for small business
  • CRM for a marketing agency
  • CRM for a manufacturing company
  • CRM for remote teams
  • CRM for an online shop
  • CRM for a training company

How does Firmao CRM work?

Firmao CRM allows users to quickly and securely gather emails, calls, meetings, and notes. With this software, you can efficiently manage every aspect of running a business from anywhere at any time.

With the help of this program, users may effectively schedule tasks and projects while totally supervising and monitoring the sales department. The platform provides comprehensive data protection, modern technical advancements, and a robust service network all in one location. The platform also provides simple connectors with all the other key platforms for improved cooperation.

You can contact your prospects by phone, SMS, and email. In order to increase productivity, it also offers invoicing features that can automate procedures like debt collection and invoice issuance. Many platforms can be integrated with Firmao. It works with eCommerce programs and websites, allowing you to generate leads from your landing pages.

Why is Firmao CRM better than others?

Firmao is a dependable software for warehouse management, sales CRM, and corporate administration systems for small businesses. It is also suitable for small enterprises that work online. Their support service for customers is also highly acclaimed, having garnered countless favorable reviews every year, often ranking higher than other competing software.

Furthermore, Firmao is also extremely easy to use and understand. Its modular design makes it simpler to adapt to specific demands.

Supported Integrations

Firmao Intergration

Firmao supports over 1000+ integrations, allowing users to connect Firmao with their favorite utility apps to enhance the functionality and efficiency of their work.


  • Allegro
  • PRESTA-Shop
  • Shoper
  • SALESmanago
  • WooCommerce

**And more!


  • Zoom
  • JustCall
  • CloudTalk
  • CloudTalkZapier
  • Nvoip SMS
  • Google Meet
  • Toky
  • Drift
  • CallHippo
  • CallRailr
  • Twilio
  • Microsoft Teams

**And more!


  • Sage
  • Stripe
  • Xero
  • Paycove
  • QuickBooks
  • Marketing automation
  • Woodpecker
  • Mailchimp
  • Gmail
  • Zapier

**And more!


  • Way2Send
  • Przelewy24
  • Transport
  • Globkurier
  • Furgonetka

**And more!


  • Kalendarz Google
  • Calendar Google

Visit the Firmao Integrations Page to check out all the software and app integrations supported by Firmao.

Firmao Pricing

firmao Pricing

Firmao currently offers three pricing tiers and two billing alternatives offered. Standard, Professional, and Enterprise are the available pricing options. Monthly or yearly billing cycles are available. The pricing details provided below apply to the annual billing cycle. 

  • The Standard Plan

Starts at $19 per user per month. The CRM system, email connectivity, an invoicing solution, some basic project management tools, reporting, and analysis with graphic charts are all included.

  • The Professional Plan

Priced at $29 per user per month. Everything included in the Standard package is also included in this plan, along with a few extra features and functionalities like customizable templates for invoices, offers, and agreements, VoIP integration, chat, live chat, and callback functionality.

  • The Enterprise Plan

Priced at $49 per user. All that Firmao has to offer, including the complete ERP system, is included.

For additional details or to sign up for a free trial, go to the Firmao Pricing section.

Who should use Firmao CRM?

Firmao is designed for small and medium-sized companies in production, services, and sales. It is used in businesses where getting in touch with leads or regular contractors is necessary.

The best CRM system for businesses looking to grow quickly and those in need of a remote teamwork tool to manage remote workers is Firmao software CRM online.

Why do we recommend Firmao?

Managing customer interactions, facilitating resource planning, and enhancing collaboration and productivity are the key advantages of Firmao.

Manages customer relationships

Firmao assists you in managing client interactions, from generating leads to securing payments. It provides a variety of channels for sales opportunities, including cold calling, live chat, and email campaigns. You can connect your eCommerce sites with it as well in order to collect leads from website users.

Firmao offers customizable email templates as well as an autoresponder to make sure you don’t miss contacts with potential customers. You may also manage goods shipments and create and update invoices.

Enables resource planning

You can monitor your goods and services using Firmao. It offers stock tracking and inventory control. It also enables you to finish resourcing planning procedures like procuring components and production. Tools for managing warehouses are provided by Firmao. You can also charge different prices for groups of people and individuals for your goods and services.

Improves collaboration and productivity

Firmao enables team collaboration so you may increase output and effectiveness. It enables you to monitor hours worked, active projects, and task advancement. Furthermore, Gantt and Kanban diagrams are provided for improved project management. Workflow generation and process automation are supported by Firmao.

Integration Options

Additionally, it provides connectivity with marketing automation programs like Woodpecker and MailChimp as well as payment platforms like Przelewy24 and Way2Send. Firmao produces useful analytics that can be used to improve your performance.

Great technical support

In addition, the provider offers phone and email help for any problems you might run across. Firmao is accessible on Android and iOS devices and may be set up either on-premises or in the cloud.

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Firmao is the ideal online CRM system for small and medium-sized manufacturing, service, and sales businesses that combines marketing and customer support. Since it is completely adaptable, virtually any business can modify the software, particularly the CRM and ERP systems to meet their specific needs at any given time.

The browser-based platform is accessible from anywhere and on any internet-connected device. While the licensing options are widely distributed in terms of features and capabilities to exactly suit the target business size and scale, the pricing is also reasonably inexpensive.

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