6 Best Canada Proxies Providers 2023: #1 Pick

Let us help you find the best Canadian proxies providers if you still have trouble finding them. Most of the proxies providers on our carefully chosen list are paid proxies, but we have included a few options that offer free Proxies in Canada.

In the confusing world of proxy buying, knowing where to put your money takes good judgment. So that you can make decisions faster, we’ve compiled a list of the best Canadian proxies in 2023.

Best Canadian Proxies (Our #1 Pick)

1) Oxylabs

Best Canadian Proxies - Oxylabs

Oxylabs proves itself to be a trustworthy option by offering many high-tech proxies. A symphony of features, such as geolocation targeting, session control, and rotating IPs.

This feature makes it possible to use proxies for jobs like web scraping, data extraction, and more. Customer service is open 24/7 and ready to answer questions and solve problems.

A dedicated team of professionals ensures that things go smoothly and are solved quickly. Also, you can buy proxies specific to a city, which helps you leave a smaller digital footprint by tailoring your proxy usage.

Oxylabs has another great feature: they offer a 7-day free trial, which isn’t offered by many other companies, and lets you try out their services in depth. Its speed is proven by the fact that 200 countries worldwide use it. This makes it an ideal proxy provider in Canada.


  • High Success Rate
  • 2 Million +Canada’s IPs
  • Try & Tested proxies
  • Reliability and speed are combined with proxies


  • Location Limitation

For more details, you can read our detailed Oxylabs Review.

2) SmartProxy

Best Canadian Proxies - smartproxy

It shows a remarkable world of residential proxies in Canada, where affordability and quality dance. As a competitor to the well-known Proxy provider in Canada, A quality provider in the market where prices are reasonable and the product is valuable.

A vast network includes 195 countries and 40 million IP addresses. One thing that stands out is a collection of 100,000 Canadian IP addresses, which makes it one of the best in the field.

With unmatched efficiency, Smartproxy unveiled a cutting-edge Search Engine Proxy technology redefining how people search the internet.

Their residential proxies are the best in the business and have raised the bar for online data scraping.

They have made a name for themselves as the proxy provider to turn to when looking for the best proxy solutions for reliably and accurately retrieving data.


  • More than 195 Locations Targeting
  • Actual IP address for Mobile and desktop device
  • The average response time is 0.6 seconds
  • Unlimited pool of proxies


  • Limited to 3 day Money back guarantee

For more details, you can read our comprehensive Smartproxy Review.

3) Proxy-Seller

best Canadian proxies - proxy-seller

Proxy-Seller offers fantastic datacenter proxies with a Canadian foundation, much like other proxy vendors on the market.

These IP addresses, which are located in Canada, provide good location coverage and ensure top-notch performance. They also have servers located elsewhere; however, it’s a plus that their datacenter proxies work with the PV4 as well.

You can access unlimited bandwidth, compatibility with other popular protocols, high levels of anonymity, low pricesΒ  & incredible speeds by using these IPV4 Canada proxies.

Long-term plans allow you to save money and benefit from a reliable connection with the choice to change the Proxy monthly.

You may manage social media accounts, collect data, monitor sneaker releases, and perform other tasks with IPV4 or datacenter proxies.


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Affordable pricing
  • Wide location coverage
  • compatible with any task
  • proxy replacement at no cost


  • No free trial

4) IPRoyal

IPRoyal - best Canadian proxies

At IPRoyal, you can access hundreds of thousands of Canadian residential proxies from trustworthy sources. This lets you browse the web like a real Canadian user.

IPRoyal’s Canadian residential proxies are from trusted users. They bypass geo-blocks and scrape publically available online data. Rotating proxies are helpful for data collection since they change IP addresses to avoid website detection. Banks distrust frequently shifting IP addresses, so Static Proxies are ideal for regional financial transactions.

When anonymity isn’t needed, datacenter proxies without online privacy are easy to discover. Large-file downloads, data caching, and Cloud activities are optimized. IPRoyal offers low pricing, cryptocurrencies, and a pay-as-you-go mechanism for rotating residential proxies.


  • crypto Payments option
  • Quality proxy use-case variety
  • TrustedΒ  Canadian IPs


  • No call support
  • No Canadian mobile IPs

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5) HighProxies

best Canadian proxies - HighProxies

HighProxies is a provider of Canadian proxies that is very similar to MPP in terms of what it offers. The Toronto server has the same number of Canadian Proxies, 1024. The only difference is that the number of proxies does not change.

HighProxies, having a server with a gigabit link ensures that the speed and the latency are the best they can be.

You can use a private, shared, or social media proxy and choose from several packages. The prices are competitive compared to other Canadian proxy services, giving you unlimited data. However, you can’t try out the proxies for free here. You can only buy a package and use the three-day money-back promise that comes with it.


  • Affordable
  • Great Gigabit speeds
  • No limit on the bandwidth


  • Call support unavailable


soax - best Canadian proxy

Soax offers cheap proxies if you need more. Soax is ideal. Getting them from their network of over 124,000 Canadian Proxies makes sense. Using the features, you can geotarget your Proxies to a specific region in Canada.

These traits are inexpensive. However, Soax is affordable and flexible because you may buy as many ports as you need. This company lets you buy proxies by the day, giving you even more customization options.

However, The bandwidth is limited, but the trial’s length is the more significant concern. Proxy testing is limited to one hour.


  • inexpensive proxy

  • flexible package


  • 1 Hour free trial

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Canadian proxies may seem easy to find, but finding a reliable proxy service provider to purchase them from is another story. You’re in luck since we’ve gathered the list of the best Canadian proxy providers in one place for you to choose from.

In terms of high-quality proxy services, Oxylabs is well-known worldwide, and with good reason: their Canadian proxies are top-notch.

FAQs: Best Canadian Proxy Providers

βœ…What type of proxies are best?

The most valuable proxies are residential proxies because they are IP addresses of actual, physically existing devices. Proxy users are virtually undetectable because they appear to all servers as regular users.

πŸ€”Is there a difference between using Canadian & US Proxies?

It is dependent upon the intended purpose. Despite these countries’ proximity, access limitations to the materials you seek may exist. When it comes to speed and latency, they should both perform about the same. The overall number of proxies is one area where Canadian Proxies lag behind their American counterparts. U.S. proxies currently outnumber those of any other nation.

❓Are Canadian proxies effective to avoid being tracked?

It’s challenging to use Canadian proxies without being discovered. Your internet service provider can inform you of the Proxy that you utilize. However, other third parties most likely won’t be able to, depending on the Proxy you use. Residential Proxies offer higher performance than datacenter proxies, and using them makes monitoring practically impossible. It hinges on the Proxies and the business that sold them to you. On the other hand, datacenter proxies can allow you to maintain your anonymity.

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