8 Best Shared Proxies In 2023: Top Shared Proxy (#1 Pick)

The typical internet user may find it pricey to purchase a dedicated proxy. However, many users might be hesitant to utilize proxies at all.

Do not worry if you have some thoughts running in your head. To assist readers in saving money, this post goes into great depth on the Best Shared Proxies.

Don’t have time to scroll down the entire list? Here are my top 3 picks for ensuring superior performance and dependability regarding the Best Shared Proxies.

  1. Smartproxy (#1 Pick)
  2. Oxylabs
  3. MyPrivateProxy

What Are Shared Proxies?

Best Shared Proxies

IP addresses shared among multiple users to gain access to the internet are known as shared proxies. This contrasts with dedicated Proxies, which only use one user at a time.

To put it another way, the needs of these consumers are satisfied by the fact that these proxy servers serve several clients.

Multiple users can access the same websites or online resources using a shared proxy, allowing them to share the same IP address with the Proxy. This functionality is helpful for individuals or businesses requiring several users to access the internet from a shared Proxy from various places or devices, as it enables those users to access the proxy anywhere in the world.

These proxies use multi-user shared IP addresses, which are obtained through middlemen. Although other kinds of Proxies can also be shared, the phrase “shared” most commonly refers to the proxies used in data centers, which can impact both the cost and the traffic.

Datacenter proxies are always the best option for internet users because of their competitive prices and the volume of traffic they can manage.


  • Get complete privacy when many users share a standard IP address.
  • Use data extraction software to scrape the web.
  • Many users believe shared proxies to be more cost-effective than dedicated proxies.


  • Free shared proxies are more vulnerable; target websites ban them.
  • Since many people use the same bandwidth, the transmission quality could not be as good as it would be with private proxies.

Top 8 Shared Proxies of 2023: Making Informed Decisions

To make educated choices, keeping a few things in mind is essential. Let’s get down to business and examine the 8 Best shared Proxies in 2023.

1) Smartproxy

Smartproxy-Top Shared Proxies

Smartproxy is distinguished by its sophisticated features and adaptable user interface, which enable organizations to manage their online presence and improve the effectiveness of their data collection procedures.

Users don’t have to worry about being kicked off websites if they utilize this trustworthy proxy provider’s services to collect data online. It allows for unlimited connection requests, making it possible to perform web scraping tasks without interruption or limitation.


  • Remarkable reputation and reliability
  • Service available in 195+  countries
  • Access to approximately 40 million IPs
  • Enhanced anonymity with no IP address or location leaks
  • Affordable pricing for most users


  • This service has limited geo-targeting capabilities.
  • No support for VPN services

For more details, you can check out my Detailed Smartproxy Review.

2) Oxylabs

Top Shared Proxies-Oxylabs


Oxylabs distinguishes itself with the extensive number of IP pools in its proxy server, boasting the world’s most comprehensive collection of IP addresses. Additionally, it provides shared data center proxies, granting access to both US and European locations.

What sets Oxylabs apart is the automatic rotation feature available for these proxies, making them highly reliable. This feature significantly reduces the time and cost of web scraping projects.


  • One of the fastest proxies on the market
  • Widely recognized and highly reputable
  • Outstanding uptime performance
  • IPs are available in around 200 countries
  • Excellent customer support


  • Comparatively higher pricing than other proxy servers

For more details, you can check out my Detailed Oxylabs Review.

3) MyPrivateProxy

MyPrivateProxy - Top Shared Proxies

MyPrivateProxy provides top-notch shared proxies, but due to the semi-dedicated nature of these proxies, they come at a fee of $1 per proxy. MyPrivateProxy is the optimal option if you are looking for a dependable shared proxy service.

This proxy service differentiates itself from BuyProxies by being exceptionally skilled in providing both private and fully shared proxies. In addition, MyPrivateProxy provides its users with unique features that guarantee the safety of shared proxies. These characteristics go beyond having multiple locations, including having various subnets, having a guaranteed quick setup, not having to pay any setup fees, and having monthly randomization.

MyPrivateProxy becomes a safe and reliable solution for getting around geo-restrictions when it adds support for several locations worldwide. However, remember that the speed may be compromised when numerous users simultaneously use the same IP address, which might lead to decreased performance.


  • Two different proxy authentication methods for convenient access, even while on the move
  • Multiple data centers in 8 European countries and 16 major US countries
  • Trusted and reputable company with excellent customer reviews worldwide
  • They offer a 3-day refund policy for their customers


  • Lack of support for the Socks5 protocol, which offers security for data transfers and enhances proxy speed

4) Webshare

Top Shared Proxies - Webshare

If you require shared proxies but are working with a limited budget, the Webshare proxy service is the perfect alternative for you to consider. It offers a good selection of options.

This service is generally considered an economical option because it gives users access to a free proxy plan. It is essential to remember that the level of service and effectiveness may not be on par with that of the other providers on the list.


  • There are several tiers available.
  • Offers excellent anonymity.
  • Over a thousand proxies are available for purchase, and users may get 5,000 proxies for unbelievably low costs.
  • There is a risk-free trial period.


  • It offers limited direct support.
  • Compared to other proxies, the number of proxy locations is low.
  • This proxy service provides a free trial of 10 Proxies with 1GB/month but no refunds.

5) Buy Proxies

Buy-proxies - Top Shared Proxies

BuyProxies is a well-known name that is considered to be among the best proxy service providers on the internet. In addition to their well-known private proxies, they also provide shared proxies, which they call semi-dedicated proxies. They call these shared proxies.

These proxies are considered semi-dedicated because a single IP address can only be shared by a maximum of three users. These shared proxies are relatively faster than shared Proxies that have no user limitations since the potential performance implications of having a significant user base are lessened. This is why shared proxies with user limits are preferred.

Because they are so inexpensive, acquiring many proxies for web scraping is possible. Proxy servers are recommended for scraping; however, the IP rotation needs to be handled manually. The service provides users with unrestricted access to the available bandwidth. A shared proxy costs $1 and varies depending on the number of Proxies purchased.


  • They offer both users/pass and IP whitelisting types of verification.
  • The prices are reasonable. This is perfect for SEO.
  • Buyproxies provide great quality proxies.


  • Within the initial 24 hours only, you can apply for a refund

6) Storm Proxies

Top Shared Proxies - Storm-ProxiesStorm Proxies introduces a pricing structure that distinguishes it from competitors. Instead of basing pricing on bandwidth, Storm Proxies bases pricing on the quantity of ports. This strategy permits users unlimited bandwidth, ensuring seamless browsing experiences.

While Storm Proxies excels at supplying basic features, it may not be the best option for those searching for more sophisticated capabilities. However, Storm Proxies is worth contemplating if you prioritize essential proxy features and require unlimited bandwidth.


  • Storm Proxies provides consumers with unlimited bandwidth.
  • They offer a 24-hour refund policy


  • Live messaging is unavailable on Storm Proxies, which hinders customer service.
  • SOCKS protocol is Not supported.

7) HighProxies

Top Shared Proxies - HighProxies

HighProxies offers exceptional service at a reasonable price. It provides support around the clock, a feature every user should consider.

HighProxies has data centers in approximately 33 locations. These are primarily situated in the United States.

As a result of running on a Gigabit network, their performance is unparalleled.


  • Highproxies offer unrestricted bandwidth.
  • They offer two forms of authentication, which improve security and add versatility.
  • Consider their usability as a positive aspect. The user-friendly website attracts first-time visitors.
  • Proxy services from HighProxies are offered at prices that consumers find affordable.
  • Their exceptional agility is an indisputable advantage. Compared to other data center proxy providers, these are among the quickest.
  • They have varied packaging options. This merely indicates that proxies can be used for a variety of purposes.


  • Only PayPal and BTC/Blockonomics are accepted as payment methods
  • It is impossible to test the proxies’ quality through a trial period.

8) Proxy-Cheap

Top Shared Proxies - Proxy-Cheap

The company’s name gives the impression that its primary objective is to provide inexpensive proxies. Unlike other providers, they do not need a minimum amount of bandwidth from their customers, although their Proxies are affordable. As a consequence of this, you may end up paying for more bandwidth than you actually use.

Proxy-Cheap allows customers to purchase as little as 1 gigabyte (GB) of data for $5. The price per GB decreases when customers buy more bandwidth, which can drop as low as $3 per GB.


  • Offer breakneck speeds.
  • A vast selection of IP addresses is available from Proxy-cheap.
  • They are simple to use and intuitive.
  • These proxies have adjustable pricing and are reasonably priced.


  • They have a restricted number of geotargeting options.
  • Strict guidelines for refunds

Top Shared Proxies Features

Private proxies are preferred over shared ones. They have several features and are suited for limited internet use.

Even with shared proxies, some service providers offer fast connections. Standard IP addresses do not cause slow speeds, limited Connections, or delayed replies.

Shared proxies render like high-end private proxies but cost far less.

1) Best Rendering Services

Even with shared proxies, some service providers offer fast connections. Standard IP addresses do not cause slow speeds, limited Connections, or delayed replies.

Shared proxies render like high-end private proxies but cost far less.

2) Bandwidth Uncapped

HighProxies may slow down heavy internet users. Best-shared proxies offer unlimited bandwidth despite slower speeds, which offsets their lower prices.

Improved Safety

Since these proxies provide adequate user protection, let’s not sweat the “shared” part. Preventing all dangerous and false information.

No matter who shares your IP address, your surfing experience is secure. IP authentication helps validate shared proxies.

Proxy Pool

Many shared proxy services offer many data center proxies. Services from trusted suppliers are professional and high-quality. The big pool also helps consumers trust shared proxies.

Quick Integrations:

Shared proxies integrate most services and features. For reliable web scraping services, this component allows proxy maintenance.

Quick Links:

FAQs: Top Shared Proxies

❓Are shared proxies safe?

Using shared proxies is risk-free if you obtain your IPs from a reliable proxy service. Free shared proxies are not something we encourage using, especially if you plan on doing so with personal information.

❓How can I choose a reliable shared proxy provider?

Before settling on a shared proxy provider, it is essential to consider several factors. These factors should include the terms of service. The service quality, the security, the performance, the price, the feedback of previous customers, and the company’s reputation in the industry.

❓Who uses residential proxies?

Residential proxies mask IPs for cybersecurity companies. Cybersecurity penetration tests simulate daily cybercriminal activities. Website scraping. Residential Proxies collect data and watch competitors.

❓What is the most used proxy service?

Oxylabs is the largest provider. It offers the most proxies in most nations and cities. You can choose a home, data center, or mobile IP.

Conclusion: Top 8 Shared Proxies 2023

Cost-effectiveness and convenience have helped make shared proxy servers popular among many users.

This article includes my recommended shared proxies for 2023 regarding availability, security, dependability, and anonymity.

Smartproxy and Oxylabs are where you should get your shared proxies for privacy, anonymity, and versatility.

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