9 Best Etsy Proxies 2023: Our #1 Pick

Are you a company owner on Etsy who is having trouble expanding your reach and gaining popularity on a global scale? Put your concerns out of your mind since I will take care of them for you. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to survive in the ever-changing world of Etsy proxy.

Proxy servers are a powerful tool that can help you improve your Etsy performance. Although the use of proxies in research may not be a very common practice, there is no denying that it is the most effective solution. In light of this, which parts of your investigation into Etsy call for the utilization of proxies?

This post serves as the most comprehensive resource for choosing the ideal Etsy proxy that is tailored to your exciting Etsy operations.

With the most suitable and Best Etsy proxies by your side, you can get ready to take your online presence to new heights and shine brighter than any of your rivals. Let’s just jump right in.

Why Etsy Proxy?

Best Etsy Proxies

Are you hoping to keep a low profile when using Etsy? Etsy proxies are the secret weapon that enables you to access the site anonymously and dodge annoying bans. They can be found all over the internet.

Don’t worry even though there aren’t any proxies that were developed specifically for Etsy! There are a lot of generic solutions available on the market, and many of them function wonderfully.

It’s possible that normal Etsy users don’t make use of proxies very often, and from a purely technical perspective, the platform does not support or encourage their usage. Proxies, on the other hand, have the potential to be a genuine game-changer for Etsy marketers like yourself when it comes to getting the job done.

Imagine the difficulty of managing multiple Etsy accounts from the same IP address; doing so is a certain way to raise flags and put you at risk of being banned from the platform. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.

You can guarantee the safety and security of each account by using proxies to ensure that each account has a different IP address. This will keep the accounts safe.

Proxy servers can also help you get around annoying geographical constraints, which is useful if you want to sell your products in new areas that are not close to where you are now located.

If Etsy has blocked access to the platform due to your actual IP address, proxies can provide you a clean slate and allow you to regain access to the platform.

9 Best Best Etsy Proxies 2023

1) Smartproxy

Smartproxy-Best Etsy Proxies

A professional and devoted business that has been providing proxies of a high standard for an extended period of time, Smartproxy is not your average provider of Etsy proxies.

They provide more than one variation of an Etsy proxy service! You are in very good hands thanks to the residential and datacenter proxies that they provide. Their residential proxies are dynamic, which means that their IP addresses are bound to fluctuate on a regular basis.

Let’s not forget their massive pool of IP addresses, which includes over 40 million unique addresses and is available in more than 195 places throughout the world. The sheer volume of available alternatives is mind-boggling!

Nevertheless, the adaptability of Smartproxy is what really separates it from the competition. They offer proxies for a wide range of applications, such as social media, site scraping, Craigslist, search engine optimization, and even more!

Are you hesitant to make a purchase until you determine the level of quality provided by their Etsy proxy? Don’t be concerned. They do not provide a trial period, but rather a money-back promise that is valid for three days after purchase.

Smartproxy has excellent customer support, complete with a ticketing system and a live chat function that is available around the clock.

Because they have such a large pool of IP addresses that have been verified, you won’t run across any authenticity-related prohibitions very often.


  • The total number of IPs exceeds 10 million.
  • Unlimited Concurrency Allowed
  • Starting at 5GB Bandwidth Allowed
  • Available in 195 locations around the world

🏷️Pricing Starts at $75 per month for 5 GB

2) Bright Data

bright data proxy - Best Etsy Proxies

Bright Data provides users with a choice between two unique choices for Etsy proxy,  access to either a comprehensive IP list or a dynamic pool that has 20,000 addresses.

The latter choice allows users to select IP addresses at random from Bright Data’s extensive network, which includes 80 different supported locations.

You will have more control over rotation, proxy filtering, and other sophisticated functions when you use the powerful proxy management provided by Bright Data.

There is also an option to pay for the service on a pay-per-use basis, the pricing options are presented on a monthly basis. In a nutshell, Bright Data is a provider of sophisticated and technologically advanced services that target the business community.

Those who fall into this category will find that it has an unusually strong effect on them. On the other hand, folks who are not experienced with sophisticated proxy solutions may find Bright Data to be daunting.


  • Supports HTTP(S) in addition to the SOCKS5 protocol
  • Make use of the comprehensive proxy manager and the live help that is available around the clock.
  • Choose between a rotating proxy pool that can be customized to your specifications or a shared IP list.
  • Over one hundred different locations across the world

🏷️Price is highly negotiable and is dependent on the extras that are purchased.

You have the option to pay as you go, starting at $0.110/GB+$0.80/IP, or you can subscribe for $500 ($0.094/GB+$0.68/IP).

Enjoy a 7-day trial period if you own a business, and a 3-day return period if you use it on your own.

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3) HighProxies

Best Etsy Proxies - HighProxies

Have you heard of HighProxies? They offer datacenter Etsy proxy and are a great solution for all your proxy needs. Wow, their network is really impressive! They have 100,000 proxies across 40 sites in North America and Europe, which gives you a lot of options and flexibility.

They’ve got lightning-fast speed and enhanced security that sets them apart, they cover the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, so you can count on our proxy service to be comprehensive and reliable.

HighProxies offer both private and shared Etsy proxy that are customized to fit your specific needs. Take your pick! I think shared proxies are a great option because they’re cost-effective, but they’re only available in certain locations in the US, their packages include unlimited bandwidth, and our servers have gigabit connections to make sure you have a smooth browsing experience.

If you want to improve your online marketing or online activities, HighProxies has many reliable and varied options that can meet your requirements.

Are you still unsure? They also offer a 3-day money-back guarantee for our Etsy proxy services.


  • HighProxies’ UI is straightforward and functional. HighProxies’ website contains a proxy server instruction.
  • HighProxies is one of the fastest data center proxies at 1000mbps.
  • Most US and European cities have HighProxies servers.
  • One monthly IP update prevents leaks and blockages from old IP Addresses.

🏷️Pricing starts at as low as $0.64 per month for shared proxies which go up to $2.60 per month

4) Webshare

Webshare - Best Etsy Proxies

Webshare is the best way to connect to a wide variety of shared datacenter VPNs. Webshare’s flexibility, speed, and reliability are unmatched because of its strong infrastructure and many features make it a good fit for Etsy Proxy.

The IPs are given in an easy-to-use list, so you can change them to fit your needs. Immerse yourself in a world of options as you manage the amount of traffic, choose IPs from different countries, and even set network settings in order of importance.

Webshare’s pricing is clear, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees for targeting particular countries. Also, use the built-in tool to take advantage of the power of IP switching for better security and privacy.

You have full control over your proxies because you can update them whenever you want, whether that’s every 5 minutes or once a month. This makes it possible to set up interesting things, like getting 20 IPs and changing them at a fast speed every 5 minutes.

But there is one small downside that you should be aware of, as Webshare adds new and interesting features, the price goes up, and you may end up spending more than you planned.


  • Full list of IP addresses with the gateway server
  • It works with both HTTPS and SOCKS5
  • You can choose from more than 40 places
  • Integration with an API and simple documentation are extras.

🏷️Price: Each IP starts at $1. There is also a free plan with 10 shared addresses which is very helpful.

Try out the power of Webshare and open up a whole new world of online opportunities.

5) Oxylabs

Oxylabs - Best Etsy Proxies

Want a huge network with more than 100 million IPs? Oxylabs is the best choice for an Etsy proxy server.

Oxylabs was started in Lithuania in 2015 and has quickly become known as the best place to get Etsy proxy. Even though their main goal is to help businesses, anyone can use their great services.

Their premium residential proxies are in high demand, and they offer a wide range of choices, such as datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and next-generation residential proxies.

Their most popular deal is the residential Etsy proxy, which is one of the things they sell. It gives you the freedom to gather information without worrying about your privacy or IP address being banned.

Also, Oxylabs offers fast mobile proxies that make sure your PC and mobile internet activities are routed through real devices and are safe.

Rest assured that Oxylabs uses secret IP addresses to keep your online activities private. With their trustworthy services, you can easily and safely scrape the web without worrying about being caught.


  • Session counts can grow without restriction
  • Worldwide coverage from a large pool of proxies
  • Availability of 99.9% with no IP filtering
  • Datacenter proxies with limitless bandwidth and target selection.

🏷️Pricing – Oxylabs’ monthly subscriptions start at 300 USD. 1GB costs $15, and you must buy at least 20GB.

6) Rayobyte

Best Etsy Proxies - Rayobyte

Rayobyte has three different kinds of shared servers. The first choice is to buy an IP list, where you can buy as few as five IPs from 11 different countries and share them with two other people.

The second choice lets you get a certain number of ports, each with 20 IPs that change every 20 seconds. The third choice is a pool of 60,000 rotating proxies that are only in the United States.

These IPs change with each connection request because they are based on volume. All three versions work exceptionally well.

It’s important to note that the pool-based choice is still in beta, so it doesn’t have all the targeting options, custom rotation features, or SOCKS5 support that the other options do.


  • Choose between an IP list, a proxy pool that changes every 10–120 minutes, or a proxy pool that changes every time a link is made.
  • Except for the traffic-based plan, it works with HTTP(S) and SOCKS5.
  • You can access 11 countries that are shared, 4 countries that change based on your IP address, or just the United States with rolling and traffic-based proxies.
  • Get email help 24/7 and use as much traffic as you want.

🏷️Prices start at $4 for five IPs ($0.8 per IP) or $0.65 per gigabyte (GB). There is also a free trial for 2 days.

7) ProxyEmpire

Best Etsy Proxies - ProxyEmpire

Etsy cares a lot about authenticity, which is why they go out of their way to get rid of any suspicious bot-like behavior.

If you want to make more than one account, you should be careful not to use the same IP address for all of them. This could cause problems. But don’t worry, because ProxyEmpire has your back with private Etsy proxy IPs that change all the time.

Even though ProxyEmpire is new, it has a large knowledge base that makes sure its users are in good hands. These proxies are like chameleons because they change their colors (or IP addresses) every hour. This lets you stay anonymous and avoid being found.

ProxyEmpire’s customer service is the best in the industry. They promise to respond quickly and keep your info safe. They put privacy first and offer mobile proxies at reasonable prices, which makes them a great choice for people who care about privacy.


  • Universal Online Access
  • Obtain current information from countries around the world.
  • In order to prevent being throttled again, you can take advantage of up to a thousand simultaneous connections at a GEO location.
  • Service providers that are legitimately online


Starter (3 GB): This will cost $45 per month or $15 per GB.

8) NetNut

NetNut - Best Etsy Proxies

NetNut has a large proxy network with more than 100,000 weekly IPs that give you full access.

The IPs change instantly, making the experience smooth. Even though NetNut’s performance wasn’t great at first, the provider was twice as slow and had a lot of request failures, it has the ability to become a good choice for enterprise customers once its infrastructure problems are fixed.


  • IP list, rotating proxy pool
  • HTTP(S) and SOCKS5
  • Locations are 11 – shared or 4 – rotating or only US
  • email help 24/7, no limits on traffic, a dedicated account manager, and an API.

🏷️Prices start at $100 for 100 GB ($1 per GB). Try it out for free for 7 days.

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9) IPRoyal

IPRoyal - Best Etsy Proxies

IPRoyal has a well-kept secret: they rent out subnets, which means that you are the only one who can use their server proxies. Rest assured that no one else will be able to use IPRoyal’s proxies at the same time as you.

But that’s not all! IPRoyal’s private proxies go above and beyond what was expected. Even though the website only shows two home proxy collections, there is a much bigger world hidden behind the scenes.

Imagine that the Premium Residential Proxies reservoir is so full of IP addresses that it spills. There are more than 50 million of them. It also gives you the chance to specifically target certain places.

And here’s the shocking part: it uses IP numbers from three different providers! Imagine having a whole army of powerful proxies at your disposal.

IPRoyal takes pride in the fact that its Royal proxies are known for being the best at what they do. But for those who want to go even faster, an upgrade to the high-end pool is available.

There is a hand-picked collection of IPs that have undergone extensive quality control testing. It’s the proxy network equivalent of a private lounge for celebrities!


  • Versatile proxy network
  • Browser proxy managers
  • Available 24/7/365 support
  • A selection of subscription options

🏷️Pricing: IPRoyal Starts as low as a 1-month plan at $1 per month

FAQs: 9 Best Etsy Proxies

❓What are Etsy Proxies?

Etsy Proxy are proxies that can be used with Etsy without any problems. They can avoid getting caught and gain unrestricted access to the site in this way. Although certain general-purpose proxies on the market may function, there are currently no Etsy-specific proxies available because so few users actually make use of them.

❓What is the best proxy for Etsy?

The most effective proxy for Etsy won’t be a residential proxy from a shady proxy company. You can get both residential and datacenter proxies from smartproxy, which is a recommended proxy provider. Access 40M+ high-quality IP addresses and 195+ proxy lists.

❓Is A VPN better than a proxy server?

When you connect to a web server through a browser instead of a public proxy server, the connection is more private. VPNs are safe because they encrypt data before sending it to the client. This keeps your name hidden from the web and your ISP.

❓Does Etsy Allow the Use of Proxies on Their Platforms?

The use of proxies on Etsy’s websites is not supported. They forbid the use of proxies because they believe that only someone who wants to break a rule or has malicious intent would do so. A stringent anti-spam mechanism is in place to scrutinize and prohibit requests that are routed through proxies.

Conclusion – 9 Best Best Etsy Proxies (#1 Pick)

No matter what kind of Etsy bot you use, it’s important to have enough proxies to back up your acts, as I’ve already said.

If you looking for an Etsy proxy, the services listed in this article should be a good place to start. However, it’s important to remember that you have other choices. Depending on your needs, you may want to look into other choices for proxy service providers on the market.

If you want your Etsy bot to work perfectly and consistently, you’ll need a lot of proxies. It lets you get around the IP rules and limits that Etsy has. By using a lot of proxies, you can make your bot’s actions look more normal and make it less likely that Etsy’s algorithms will catch it.

Remember that the key is to choose reliable proxies from reputable providers. Do your research, read some reviews, and compare the services and prices of a few different providers so you can make an informed choice.

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