7 Best Craigslist Proxies for Posting & Scraping

Need to skip the list? Here’s an overview. When it comes to performance and reliability, Smartproxy and Oxylabs are the finest Craigslist proxies.

In the realm of digital advertising, Craigslist is a name that has become extremely well-known. The newspaper’s classified section was moved to a website by this advertising firm. Because the majority of people rely on the internet, Craigslist gives users access to information about different online adverts.

Are you trying to find the best Craigslist proxies for your posting, scraping, or classified ad projects? Both residential and datacenter categories depend heavily on proxies, but not all proxies are made equal, I strongly advise using proxy services with special features to increase your chances of success.

The field of Internet marketing has rapidly expanded with the introduction of Craigslist and other classified advertisement websites, offering endless chances. Think of Craigslist as a bustling online marketplace that connects people looking to buy and sell products and services.

But here’s the problem, Users of Craigslist are mostly looking to connect with people in their area and the site functions on a city-by-city basis. The use of Craigslist proxies in this situation enables you, as a marketer, to hide your location and successfully target several cities.

It’s vital to keep in mind that not every proxy provider is appropriate for publishing classified advertisements on Craigslist. Be at ease! In this post, I have covered the best proxy options for effortless Craigslist ad insertion.

Proxies have the ability to get around any significant limitations that can prevent the expansion of your organization. By using proxies, you may get around restrictions and prevent account suspensions, guaranteeing that your entrepreneurial ventures can grow without boundaries.

Why Use Craigslist Proxies?

Target Craigslist in other nations and cities

Why Use Craigslist Proxies?

Craigslist serves 70 countries and 570 cities. It serves the neighborhood, requests from other countries and even cities are thus forbidden. As a result, if you live in, say, Australia, you won’t be able to post anything on the Washington DC board. Craigslist will blacklist your IP address if you try.

Scrape Craigslist

Craigslist lacks a data API. Thus, you must manually copy data from it. Luckily, a Craigslist scraper can provide you the info. Scrapy, Phantom Buster, and Python Craigslist Scraper can help.

Proxies are required regardless of the tool. Without them, Craigslist will quickly block your IP for making too many queries. You can scrape Craigslist at scale without getting blocked using strong residential proxies.

Craigslist users desire what data? Some Craigslist users monitor ticket sales. Others scrape for personal use. Businesses get website data from Craigslist proxies to generate leads. They usually scan postings for email addresses.

Multiple ads

Users are only allowed to post one advertisement in each category per 48 hours, per Craigslist’s terms of service. For breaching this regulation, you will be expelled from the neighborhood. Additionally, they won’t permit you to upload the same advertisement repeatedly. Use a proxy service offered by Craigslist if you must post the same ads on that platform more than once as part of your marketing plan.

Residential proxies are the most effective because they are difficult for businesses to identify as such. Take a look at these Best Craigslist proxies:

7 Best Craigslist Proxies

1) Oxylabs

Best Craigslist Proxies - Oxylabs


An elite proxy provider with a solid reputation for providing services that can’t be identified as coming from residential IP addresses is Oxylabs. They have a residential pool that has more than 100 million IP addresses. Oxylabs is a strong candidate to be listed on this Craigslist proxy list due to the fact that it has proxies located in more than 1,700 locations worldwide.

As is evident, Craigslist’s uniqueness as a platform helps Oxylabs succeed. The proxy services offered by Oxylabs are trustworthy, safe, extremely quick, and time-saving. Testing Craigslist’s proxies has shown that the results are satisfactory.

  • Presence in 130 Countries
  • More than 100 Million IP Pool Size
  • Unlimited Concurrency

2)  Smartproxy

Smartproxy-Best Craigslist Proxies

Smartproxy is bound to land on this list due to the outstanding capabilities it provides and its broad adoption.

These people easily rank among the top in the business for the size and quality of their proxy database, which is constantly expanding. And by always growing, I imply that they already have 195 nations on their roster!

The fact that you can yell at them if you can’t find what you need and they will work on adding it for you makes this even more great. What a great illustration of excellent customer service!

Their prices won’t be as taxing on your wallet as those of some of their high-end rivals. But just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s of lower quality; in fact, their services are of the finest quality and very easy to use.

If you want residential IPs for all of your Craigslist needs at a minimal cost, SmartProxy is the way to go. They might not have carrier or ASN targeting options, but if you want residential IPs, they are your best option.

  • 40 million residential IP addresses
  • Supports HTTPS and HTTP protocols
  • Presence in 195+ countries

For more information check out my Smartproxy Review.

3) Brightdata

bright data proxy - Best Craigslist Proxies

A huge database of 72 million static and rotating residential IPs makes Bright Data one of the biggest proxy providers on the market right now. It has a wide range of features and even more targeting options (such as carrier and ASN, for instance).

Bright Data offers a variety of useful tools that you can use to manage your proxies, such as its open-source proxy manager. If the less expensive datacenter IPs don’t work, you can switch to using residential proxies. One of the great tricks you can perform with it is this one.

Bright Data Provider focuses largely on enterprise users and requires that all of its clients go through a rigorous KYC process. Its level of complexity and expense may make it unsuitable for beginners.

  • 72 million peer-to-peer and static IP addresses for residential users
  • 24/7 customer support
  •  ASN, City & carrier targeting

4) BeeProxy

BeeProxy - best Craigslist proxy

 BeeProxy is at par with Bright Data, and other prominent suppliers of residential proxy services, although it is less expensive. With more than 2,000,000 residential IP addresses, it is a very potent proxy network. It has proxy servers spread across more than a hundred different nations.  However, only big cities like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston offer its city proxies. You can consider using any of the two strategies described above if you are interested in exploring other smaller cities.

  • without high costs, A Powerful proxy network
  • Over 2,000,000 residential IP addresses
  • With Over 100 countries’ proxy server’s presence

5) GeoSurf

best Craigslist proxies - goesurf

With more than ten years of experience providing proxies, GeoSurf is a true industry veteran. Despite the fact that the market for GeoSurf’s service has intensified over the past few years, the business has managed to stay strong and independent. You’ll discover that this proxy provider is a great choice whether you’re posting or scraping.

It offers support for more than a thousand cities, rapid residential IPs with configurable rotation, and browser plugins.

The number of residential IPs that GeoSurf offers could seem sparse when contrasted with that of other providers, including Smartproxy. Of these IPs, offers 2.5 million residential IPs.

It’s crucial to remember that the quantity of IP addresses that a company can provide directly relates to the possibility of acquiring one that has previously been misused.

Another drawback is that GeoSurf is among the most expensive providers of proxy services. If you choose to use GeoSurf, you should carefully assess whether proxies are truly necessary.

  • 2.5 million peer-to-peer & static residential IPs
  • 100+ locations & 1,000+ cities
  •  24/7 customer support

6) High Proxies

best Craigslist proxies - HighProxies

High Proxies is a company based in the US that offers datacenter proxy services that are perfect for fulfilling all of your needs for Craigslist.

Given that the majority of their datacenters are located in the United States of America and a small number of them are located in Europe, you can be sure that they have you covered no matter where you are.

Hold on though, there’s a lot more to it! Highproxies offers proxies that are not only appropriate for general usage but also proxies that are specifically designed to meet the needs of posting on classified websites.

The most thrilling part is that your funds won’t be impacted!

These specialized proxies are supplied in numerous cities across the United States and are less expensive than their Craigslist equivalents.

You can publish as much as you want on Craigslist by using the excellent proxies that Highproxies offers.

  • 3-day refund policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited concurrency


soax - best Craigslist proxies

The proxy provider SOAX is a relative newcomer to the market. It falls somewhere in the midst of more expensive, enterprise-focused carriers and less-priced, feature-limited competitors. As a result, you might like this service provider because they charge fair pricing while yet offering high-quality services.

Residential proxies are the company’s main product, & I was pleased with how many precise geographical targeting options it offers for posting on several municipal boards.

Very slow response times and a small number of port accesses offered by the plans were two of my main issues. The dashboard is fairly attractive, but there is a serious lack of documentation, and you have to whitelist your IP address. The user experience also needs to be enhanced. Overall, the performance is good with the exception of the speed.

  • 5 million residential proxies
  •  ASN & Targeting
  • 24/7 customer support

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The Craigslist website is a rather complex website. You should use caution when using a proxy for Craigslist, it would be beneficial. Your identification is possible thanks to their anti-spam software.

As I come to the end of my list of best Craigslist proxies, it’s time to attract more customers than ever before with an ad that truly stands out from the crowd.

But wait, don’t choose just any proxy. With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to find THE ONE that’s right for you.

Don’t waste any more time; instead, purchase some proxies for Craigslist and start posting so that your ads will quickly rise to the top. Now that you know how it works, the online classifieds world is your oyster.

Oxylabs & Smartproxy, which work with both HTTP and HTTPS, are the best proxies for Craigslist in my opinion.

FAQs about Craigslist Proxies

What Is a Craigslist Proxy?

Users can hide their real IP addresses, steal information from Craigslist, evade phone verification, post repeatedly, get around location restrictions, or simply remain anonymous by using a Craigslist proxy.

Does Craigslist Support the Use of Proxy Servers?

The answer is no. If you want to avoid getting caught, you should use anonymous Craigslist proxies. Using a proxy puts your accounts in danger of being locked out permanently.

Why Is Craigslist Blocking My IP Address?

This could happen for a number of reasons. It’s possible that you’re trying to exceed Craigslist’s maximum number of postings. When scraping a website, it’s possible that you make too many requests too quickly. The usage of proxies that can unblock your IP address on Craigslist is one solution to these problems.

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