7 Best Twitch Proxies for Viewer Bots in 2023

Don’t have time to scroll down the entire list? here is a quick guide – Smartproxy and Oxylabs are the best options for ensuring superior performance and dependability when it comes to Best Twitch Proxies.

With Twitch, you can have the most social and exciting game experience ever. Get into the world of famous gamers as they show off their skills and play exciting games.

You can not only watch the action on Twitch, but you can also join in by sharing your ideas and reactions in real-time. Joining the Twitch affiliate program or getting sponsored gigs, which gamers all over the world want, can open up amazing possibilities.

The platform’s financial rewards for gamers who cultivate the correct devotion come in the form of monetary donations from the stream’s favorite players. However, it will take a great deal of time and effort to monetize your channel.

This is why the Twitch viewer bot is so important, it allows you to save time and effort throughout the process. Using a Twitch proxy is essential for your bot’s success. But good proxies are required for operations and account security.

You can get away with using data centers for services like Twitter, but not for others, like YouTube. To guarantee that Twitch can successfully create user bots, proxies for the service may be recommended.

With Further ado, let’s get started with my list of Best Twitch Proxies.

9 Best Best Twitch Proxies 2023

1) Smartproxy

Smartproxy -Residential Proxies 

Smart Proxy, is the industry leader in providing residential proxies. It provides a cost-effective solution for your proxy needs with a metered connection based on consumable bandwidth. Smart Proxy establishes a small payment commitment that is both inexpensive and accessible.  Smart Proxy stands out as a more cost-effective choice. Their basic pricing package, which starts at just $75, is made to meet a variety of needs.

In addition to providing proxies in almost every nation, Smart Proxy also offers city-specific alternatives in a few of its most popular cities.

These proxies are carefully designed to avoid discovery, guaranteeing that your online activities are safe and private. Smart Proxy provides users with seamless IP switching and simple proxy choosing thanks to its enormous IP pool, which exceeds 10 million. Accessibility from any area on the planet is ensured by its operation in more than 195 locales.

With Smart Proxy, you have the freedom of limitless concurrent usage and a substantial 5GB bandwidth size that can be increased to suit your needs. This clever proxy enables users with greater data requirements to easily upgrade to larger data capacities, starting at a monthly charge of 5GB.

Also, new Twitch users can benefit from the business’s fantastic pricing for new customers, which offers a stress-free experience that suits their budget.

Make the smart choice today to have access to smooth proxy administration and secure browsing. Discover the impact that exceptional features, cost, and reliability can have in improving your online activity.

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2) High Proxies

premier proxy provider - HighProxies

High Proxies is an amazing proxy service that was launched in 2015, Stareted from Seychelles, An African island nation. You have access to over 68,000 IP addresses spread across Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States thanks to their remarkable selection of dedicated proxies that are both private and shared and that are known for their speed and security.

High-proxies is an industry leader in data center proxies, and the company provides an extensive range of services to its customers. These services include private proxies, shared proxies, social media proxies, classified Ads proxies, tickets, and more.

The social media proxies stand out among their impressive selection because they are designed to work extremely well with platforms such as Twitch.

Although they may be the more expensive alternative, there is no denying the value that they offer. High-proxies, which are well-known for their superior quality, make use of the most recent technological developments to produce proxies that not only guarantee your safety but also give an unrivaled performance.

These proxies can handle being blocked without slowing down or being disrupted in any way. The ubiquitous availability of this service, which enables simultaneous connections in a number of different locations, is the defining characteristic that sets it apart from similar offerings.

For just $2.60 per proxy per month, you can take advantage of all of the wonderful perks that come along with using this proxy service. Don’t pass up the chance to give your online presence a boost with High Proxies; do so at your own peril if you do.

3) Oxylabs

premier proxy provider-Oxylabs

Discover Oxylabs’ unmatched performance as the premier proxy provider that goes above and above. Oxylabs raises the bar for excellence with unlimited Bandwidth, minimal Latency, and private IPv4 proxies. We are unmatched in our dedication to providing high-quality deliveries at breakneck speeds and with a guarantee against subnet bans.

We ensure that your unique requirements are precisely addressed by providing a large selection of IPs at competitive pricing. With great uptime and wide geographic coverage, Oxylabs offers the best IP solution for both residential and mobile needs. You can have peace of mind knowing that Oxylabs offers a phenomenal 99% uptime.

With more than 100 million IPs generated from actual devices, their back-connect residential proxy pool is impressive.

Select Oxylabs, the reputable premium proxy service with a superb reputation that has been in business for a while. Integrate our services seamlessly, make use of our In-House Rotation feature, and encounter low failure rates.

They put uptime and support first, providing round-the-clock technical help to address any issues you might have. Count yourself among the pleased customers who use Oxylabs for their proxy needs.

4) Bright Data

bright data proxy - Best Twitch Proxies

Bright Data, the market-changing proxy service, unlocks data’s power. Bright Data’s Data Collection Infrastructure is unmatched and trusted by over 10,000 businesses worldwide. Discover Bright Data’s unmatched benefits.

Bright Data’s 770,000+ global IPs guarantee endless possibilities. Our unrivaled uptime guarantee ensures uninterrupted gaming. Bright Data is present in major EU countries like Italy, the UK, the US, Russia, and others.

Bright Data, a premium service, offers customizable pricing choices. Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG), Monthly, or Yearly memberships fit every budget and need. Depending on the plan, prices range from $500 to $3000 each month. Countless reviews rave about Bright Data’s remarkable effectiveness, making it a truly worthy investment.

5) Storm Proxies

Best Twitch Proxies - Storm-Proxies

With the help of Stormproxies, a top-notch Twitch proxies service, your Twitch viewer bot may reach its maximum potential.

Their unlimited bandwidth allows you to stream without interruption and keeps your connection strong all the time.

Boasting an impressive IP address pool of 40,000, Stormproxies proves its excellence in catering specifically to the United States and Europe.

There isn’t a more cost-effective alternative for Twitch viewer bots when it comes to residential proxies. If you’re skilled at using their influence, you can get impressive outcomes via their proxies.

6) My Private Proxy

MyPrivateProxy - Best Twitch Proxies

Want a remarkable Twitch proxy option and a premier proxy service overall? My Private Proxy is your one-stop shop.

As part of their dedication to excellence, they are pleased to provide knowledgeable and responsive customer service around the clock. Say farewell to the annoyance of unanswered questions; their streamlined ticketing system ensures seamless communication.

My Private Proxy employs only seasoned professionals who are readily accessible whenever you require their assistance.

Their remarkable speed and unbeatable reliability set them apart. After making a purchase, your private proxies will be delivered and activated without delay.

To keep you informed, they will send you an activation email containing all pertinent information. You have access to unlimited bandwidth, multiple locations, and a remarkable 99% network uptime for just $1.13 per proxy.

In addition, they provide a substantial three-day money-back guarantee. At My Private Proxy, customer satisfaction is their number one priority.

7) Instant Proxies

InstantProxies - Best Twitch Proxy

Instant Proxies will allow you to access Twitch’s full features. Leverage the speed of proxies to ensure consistent performance.

Constant network monitoring by our hardworking staff guarantees a whopping 99% uptime for uninterrupted service. Enjoy complete anonymity while conveniently mining Twitch for insights with our state-of-the-art proxy services.

But there’s more. Here at Instant Proxies, our priority is always our clients. If you have any questions or concerns, our live support staff is here 24/7 to help you out.

With their sophisticated control panel, you may enjoy unlimited bandwidth and complete command over your proxy settings. Choose Instant Proxies if you want the most dependable and hassle-free Twitch proxies available.

Best Twitch Proxies Features

Finding a proxy service provider that actually improves your Twitch experience from the many available options can be difficult. Despite widespread claims to the contrary, not all websites are equipped with the fundamental characteristics necessary for optimum functioning. As a platform that greatly benefits from the option to create many users, Twitch needs nothing less than the best proxy solution. To help you find the best Twitch proxy for your needs, I will discuss the most important criteria to look for in service of this kind.


Besides unblocking websites, proxies protect your privacy. A proxy hides your ISP-issued IP address so you can surf anonymously. However, browsing anonymously when your privacy is endangered is pointless. Before choosing a proxy provider, check their privacy policies. Choose a stringent no-log policy. Your browser history and connection time stamps are not saved.


Choose a Twitch proxy with a fast connection. Speed lets you create many bots and get limitless Twitch access.


A proxy connects you to one of their many global servers and makes it appear as if you were accessing the internet there. A good proxy supplier should have enough servers worldwide.

You may ask why this is a criterion since Twitch simply needs one strong server in the proper location to work well. As much as this is true, picking a proxy firm with multiple functional servers will give you more options and improve your website experience. Most essential, these servers should be in Twitch areas.


Good proxy firms don’t overcharge for their services. If you choose a pricey proxy service, be sure you get your money’s value.

FAQs: Best Twitch Proxies

What If I Don’t Use a Twitch Proxy?

It all depends on the situation. Without a Twitch proxy, you can’t use the service if it’s blocked in your country, business, or school.

If you use a Twitch bot, the service will observe that many requests are coming from your local IP address and block it.

✅What Are the Best Twitch Proxy Locations?

No restrictions apply. One thing to consider is that some countries have restricted Twitch access, so obtaining a proxy from these regions may not be a good option.

✅Is It Legal to Use Twitch Proxies?

Proxy use is prohibited on Twitch since it can be deceptive. Twitch is highly stringent, thus they have mechanisms to detect and prevent proxies.

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Conclusion: Top Twitch Proxies 2023

The popularity of Twitch proxies continues to increase. Users of the Twitch bot or those with restricted Internet access will need to connect using a Twitch proxy.

Proxy power unlocks Twitch channel potential. You may stream on Twitch without proxies, but monetization takes a lot of work. A Twitch viewer bot helps you advance faster. However, a Twitch proxy is necessary for bot performance.

A proxy can improve viewing, reviews, and revenue. Residential proxies work best on Twitch. They are unmatched in reliability and evasion. Data center proxies work well on many supported sites if you prefer.

Finally, proxies protect your local network and disguise your IP address.

I’ve compiled a list of proxies for use with Twitch. Pick a Twitch proxy and have fun.

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