The 10 Best Proxies for Amazon 2023

Many internet users use web scraping software to discover the different pricing information for Amazon, ranging from the tiniest brands to the most potent known brands worldwide. No matter your tools, you must also use a proxy to get the most out of web scraping.

Each browser and application has its own customized proxy settings, where you’ll enter the specifics of the proxy you’re using’s IP address. What makes proxies so great?

They allow you to access this Amazon data from many IP addresses, so you won’t have to worry about things like having your account suspended.

Let’s look at some of the top Amazon proxies currently available.

Best Proxies for Amazon 2023

1) Smartproxy

Smartproxy-Best Amazon Proxies

The residential IPs from Smartproxy work flawlessly with Amazon. They rotate, provide endless connections for quick scraping, and have practically universal location coverage.

Smartproxy lacks a free trial and isn’t the most affordable or powerful proxy service available. However, its sizable proxy network, which includes mobile proxies, a valuable collection of management apps, and round-the-clock chat support, should provide everything you require for most applications.

🏷️Price tiers for Smartproxy range from $12.50 to $50. There is also a free trial of Smartproxy available.


  • Dedicated Residential IPs
  • A large proxy pool with 195 locations
  • Mobile Proxies available with a simple setup
  • Unlimited connections


  • No savings for annual plans
  • Price based on traffic

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2) Oxylabs

Oxylabs - Best Amazon Proxies

The proxies from Oxylabs are some of the best on the market, and you will receive excellent support from them. The cost, however, is tailored to customers with more significant needs because it is a premium provider because Oxylabs is a premium service at a premium price.

It is overkill for most small-scale and freelancer projects due to its high beginning fees, bandwidth costs, and steeper-than-usual learning curve. You can choose from1 00 US datacenter IPs for dedicated datacenter proxies.


  • Residential proxy plans begin at $300 per month.
  • 100 GB of Residential proxy spectrum is available for $800 per month


  • Residential IPs
  • Worldwide geographic coverage
  • large selection of features
  • Rotating proxies
  • Excellent customer support


  • Expensive
  • No direct Phone support

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3) Storm Proxies

Best Amazon Proxies - Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies Offers reasonable performance and Unlimited bandwidth. It can offer you cheap Amazon proxies. The proxy pool is nevertheless minimal.

With Storm Proxies, you may start with an essential service capable of a small monthly fee and upgrade to more expensive ones as your demands change.

The service provider with over 7,200,000 proxies cannot compete with the millions you’ll receive from the top competition. Geotargeting is typically only used in vast regions.

🏷️Pricing: For $10 per month, the cheapest subscription provides 5 private proxies.


  • Residential IPs
  • Really quick proxies
  • Simple to use
  • Unrestricted capacity
  • Inexpensive


  • Fewer possibilities for rotation
  • No geotargeting
  • limited proxies

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4) Bright Data Proxies

bright data proxy - Best Amazon Proxies

With the most residential proxies available on the market, Bright Data is a top proxy service for businesses. However, the service is expensive and occasionally challenging to use.

Bright Data is an excellent alternative for companies and influencers wishing to make data-driven decisions and acquire a competitive edge in the market because it selects proxy networks and customizable options.

Mobile IPs are the most expensive, whereas data center IPs are moderately priced. Residential static IP addresses cost the same as residential dynamic IP addresses, plus an extra $0.50 for each static IP. These static residential IPs are legitimate because they are leased from ISPs.

🏷️Pricing is flexible, starting at $10.13/GB, with pay-as-you-go and custom options available.


  • Highly adaptable rotation
  • Cover Most Nations Globally
  • Residential IPs
  • Unlimited connections


  • Expensive
  • Uncertain pricing

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5) Live Proxies

best amazon proxy - Live Proxies

Live Proxies offers premium proxy solutions optimized for various platforms, including Amazon. Private residential proxies cater to individual users and businesses, ensuring smooth operations for tasks like price scraping, data collection, or managing multiple seller accounts.

Live Proxies is a robust option for Amazon-related tasks. Its reliability and diverse IP offerings are commendable, though potential users should evaluate their specific needs against the offered packages.

🏷️Pricing: Starting at an affordable $45 per month, Live Proxies provides a range of packages to fit varying needs and budgets. This initial pricing offers access to high-quality proxies with features tailored for Amazon-specific tasks.


  • Reliability: Live Proxies ensures consistent uptime, vital for uninterrupted Amazon operations.
  • Diverse IP Pool: Access to a wide range of premium IP addresses from different regions aids in bypassing geographical restrictions.
  • Flexibility: With rotating and static residential proxies and mobile IPs, users can choose the most suitable proxy type for their needs.
  • User-Friendly: Live Proxies offers an intuitive control panel, simplifying proxy management.


  • Price Point: While starting at $45 might be reasonable for businesses, individual users or small-scale operators might find it slightly expensive.
  • Limited Specialization: While optimized for various platforms, Live Proxies doesn’t seem to have a dedicated Amazon-specific package.

6) Zyte

Zyte - Best Amazon Proxies

Zyte uses datacenter IPs, and it excels at scraping Amazon. If you don’t want to manage things like headers and user agents yourself, it’s a convenient option.

Zyte Rotating Proxies, Millions of proxies from around the world make it simple to collect data with a site-wide average success rate of 98% or higher. Designed from the ground up to scale, you only pay for successful requests. Selecting and rotating only healthy IP addresses automatically

🏷️Pricing: Starting at $29 per month with 50K requests per month included.


  • High rates of success
  • 14 days Free Trial
  • The integration is excellent
  • Customer support is great


  • Low-cost plans have locked features

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7) NetNut

Best Amazon Proxies - NetNut Proxy

NetNut features in-house static residential IPs, which are different from other providers. They come straight from ISPs. But that didn’t make the proxies work any better. Residential Proxies of the Highest Quality: No IP bans or geo-restrictions, 52 million+ fast IPs from NetNut. Easily access data on a worldwide scale. A free trial is Available.

🏷️Pricing: The Basic plan for Residential IPs costs $300 per month and $15 per GB above the package size of 20GB.


  • Unlimited Connection
  • 7-day free trial
  • Static Residential IPs


  • Rotation is challenging to set up
  • only 50 nations

8) Infatica

Infatica - Best Amazon Proxies

Residential proxies from Infatica weren’t that quick and had average success rates with Amazon. On the other side, they can support numerous requests and have no connection constraints.

As a top-tier supplier, Infatica distinguishes out by supplying trustworthy proxies with a remarkable success rate and completely meeting technological requirements. Offering several pricing tiers with various features, available traffic, and IP address counts.

🏷️Pricing: Any Plan Gets a $3 Day Trial for $1.99!


  • Free 7-day trial
  • Residential IPs
  • 100 Location


  • Rigid Rotation
  • Mediocre performance

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9) PacketStream

PacketStream - Best Amazon Proxies

Residential proxies can be purchased from PacketStream for a reasonable price with no recurring fees. The only significant drawback was performance under load; otherwise, the proxy quality was outstanding.
Business automation software can access more reliable data and unblock geolocation-restricted material thanks to PacketStream’s multi-hop proxy tunnel.

PacketStream’s multi-hop proxy tunnel lets automation tools for businesses get to more reliable data and access material that is restricted by location. Access the network with the data-gathering tools you already have.

🏷️Pricing: Proxy servers sold by PacketStream are reasonable. The Pricing Plan is Simple: 1 GB of traffic costs $1.


  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Extremely affordable
  • Worldwide places
  • Residential IPs


  • It may or may not work
  • Poor support

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10) GeoSurf

GeoSurf - Best Amazon Proxies

In comparison to some rivals, Geosurf provides fewer residential proxies. Geosurf came close to surpassing the leading competitors despite having high pricing and less functionality. Businesses can access more than 3M IPs in +2000 locations worldwide thanks to GeoSurf’s unblockable residential proxy network, ISPs, and ASNs!

🏷️Pricing: The least expensive residential proxy service costs $300 monthly and includes 25GB of use.


  • Agent for dedicated support
  • Unlimited Connections
  • 130 locations
  • Residential IPs


  • Pricey
  • Setup takes time

Why is Amazon Proxies necessary?

By establishing an additional layer of security between the user’s device and the target web server, Amazon proxies enable users to safeguard their true identities.

Did you know? Amazon sold worth $514 billion in 2022. Established Companies, people planning to start an FBA business, and Amazon Seller benefit from Amazon from its price and product data. They scrape Amazon for prices, ratings, and more to better understand the market and your competition.

A single IP address can only do so much, and Amazon takes data security seriously. The site will be suspended for abuse. Amazon needs proxies to think several users are making requests.

Here are a few reasons why Amazon Proxies is necessary.

1) To compare the Price

Some Amazon vendors choose not to disclose the price of their goods. Their pricing is based on that of their competitors. You must pay close attention to the prices your rivals are asking to remain competitive. Proxy servers are required if the app sends several requests to the Amazon server in less than a minute.

2) To Monitor Rank

Amazon Sellers must monitor how they are evaluated to enhance and correct their listings. They lose money because when ratings drop, CTR drops as well.

Sellers must monitor their rivals’ performance to understand how Amazon’s search functions. These companies hide behind proxies after reaching a specific threshold of internet searches.

3) To Analyze Reviews

Amazon reviews provide a wealth of textual data about how customers feel about their purchases and how they utilize them, which is what businesses thrive on. Many buyers read the reviews to understand what other customers are thinking. You learn more from this analysis than from a star rating.

They can be completed without proxies if the average number of requests per minute is modest and the fair usage guideline is observed. Proxy servers are required to scale and exceed the allotted number of requests.

FAQs: Best Amazon Proxies

Which proxy for web scraping?

Smartproxy is the most Comprehensive proxy for mining the most popular search engines and more. The Smartproxy SERP Scraping API integrates a sizable proxy network, web scraper, and parser into a single package. Simply make a request, and their API will respond with the highest quality data in a format that suits your needs.

What are the advantages of Proxy servers?

Proxy servers optimize performance and bandwidth. They improve networking. Famous websites are cached. Proxy blocks unauthorized internet access. Proxy Services enable parents and organizations to monitor children’s internet use. Proxies block websites. Cyberloafing time is reported. Use proxy servers to unblock websites. Surf anonymously. Use a proxy server if you do many online banking transactions. Proxy and VPN enable remote access for large enterprises.

Why should you use proxies for Amazon?

If you use a proxy to shop on Amazon, you can rest assured that your items will be higher quality. Your private details are safe from prying eyes. Your internet habits cannot be used to reveal any of your personal data stored on the computer. Hackers may be able to glean a lot of information from Amazon due to the site’s widespread usage.

Conclusion: 10 Best Amazon Proxies (2023)

As you can see, selecting the ideal Amazon proxy for your web scraping requires careful consideration of several factors.

This is the reason we conducted extensive studies and proxy provider comparisons. The more you should learn about the proxy provider you’re using, is better.

You need access to Amazon’s data to assess the market and grow your business, but you also don’t want to get suspended or blacklisted for scraping data.

With our selection of the Best Amazon proxies, you can mine data safely while remaining unnoticed for an extended period.

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