8 Best Instagram Proxies for Social Media Marketers

Don’t have time to scroll down the entire list? My top 2 picks are Bright Data & SmartProxy for ensuring superior performance and dependability regarding the Best Instagram Proxies.

The impact of the digital age is quite widespread, as evidenced by the fact that Instagram is one of the most visited websites worldwide.

A wide range of tools and services created to make Instagram more beneficial for its users have now been designed due to its great success and global adoption. Two of the various solutions to this issue are Instagram bots & scrapers made expressly for Instagram use.

Proxy servers are becoming increasingly practical resources for both businesses & individuals who wish to manage many Instagram accounts, run effective marketing campaigns, and gather essential data for thorough market research.

Users can get around Instagram’s limits on how many accounts they can manage through proxy servers.

This article will explore the murky world of Instagram proxies, including what they are, how to use them, and vital background data.

In addition, we shall decide how to use these proxies morally and advantageously. An extensive list of the several Instagram proxy services will be given to you, allowing you to carefully weigh all your alternatives and choose the one that best fits your needs.

What is an Instagram proxy?

Manage several Instagram profiles with the help of a proxy server, also known as an Instagram proxy. The functionality of Instagram proxies is identical to that of standard proxy servers. To protect their privacy, they play the role of a go-between between the client’s computer and Instagram’s servers.

Why Do You Need Instagram Proxies?

Best Instagram proxies

When managing several client accounts, Instagram proxies can be a lifesaver for social media managers, businesses, and  influencers,

By hiding their actual IP addresses, they make it possible for users to manage many Instagram identities without breaching Instagram’s terms of service or setting off spam filters.

Instagram bots can significantly help business owners, social media influencers, and marketers. Here are a few reasons why we need Instagram proxies

1) For Increased Security

Instagram proxies hide your IP address, protecting your privacy. It saves all your accounts.

2) For Social Media Automation

Managing several Instagram accounts manually is time-consuming. It also reduces reach. Instagram proxies can automate your account & increase your audience.

3) For Scraping Purposes

Instagram does not fall short when providing users with information that can be used for various purposes.

You could help your company get closer to accomplishing its technological and monetary objectives by scraping information from sources like profiles, followers, and hashtags, among others.

To the best of our knowledge, Instagram, on the other hand, disapproves of this conduct, and if you are discovered engaged in it, Instagram has the authority to take severe action against you.

Proxy servers can be used to scrape Instagram privately and safely.

4) For Using Multiple Accounts

Instagram proxies open up countless opportunities. Imagine being able to simply manage many accounts, increase your reach, and safeguard your online identity. Make use of these cutting-edge Instagram features to expand your horizons.

In today’s networked world, Instagram proxies are necessary. Now, switching between five accounts is simple. This enables access to information, involvement, and continuous connectivity.

Proxy servers for Instagram can shield you. Imagine your proxy IP establishing your online identity, covering your location, and preventing account bans. Instagram turns exciting and secure.

Without further ado, Here are the top Instagram proxies for your needs. Each of the proxy services offers dependability, & performance. 

Best Instagram Proxies 2023

1) Bright Data

Best Instagram Proxy

Bright Data is an online data-collecting platform that offers Individuals and businesses a great pool of proxy services for their social media marketing needs.

Mobile proxies, data center proxies, and residential proxies are all part of their offering; these proxies allow users to remain anonymous on social media sites. Sending many queries quickly may be necessary when managing social media accounts or scraping web pages. This makes Instagram bots easier to detect, and if found, the target server will quickly block them.

Sites are less likely to restrict your connection if you employ a technique called “IP rotation,” which includes using a new IP address or a set number of requests after each request. Offers users the option to select the best proxy with their apps from a list that includes residential proxies, mobile proxies, ISP proxies, and data center proxies.

Thanks to Bright Data’s API, the proxy service’s functionalities, including updating the user’s IP address and selecting the city they wish to target, can be automated and interacted with by the user.

Facilitates user management and monitoring of proxy server usage. The user may manage their proxy pool by adding and removing IP addresses, and they can monitor their bandwidth and request volume.

Bright data proxies Prices for residential proxies begin at $12.75/GB/month, and a free 7-day trial is included.

2) Smartproxy

Smartproxy - best instagram proxies

Users can avoid Instagram’s restrictions and keep their accounts safe using SmartProxy’s high-quality and efficient IPs. It works with all Instagram bots & has a reliable automated system for handling several Instagram profiles simultaneously.

Because it is so simple to implement, inexperienced users won’t have trouble getting started. More than 40 million IP addresses are available to SmartProxy users from 195+ locations throughout the globe.

In addition, Smartproxy ensures that no user’s privacy or anonymity will ever be compromised by a cyberattack.

SmartProxy offers residential proxies that give the impression of being ordinary computers because they do not communicate with one another over a shared subnet. This means Instagram can’t block all of them simultaneously because it has no reason to suspect anything is wrong.

Its numerous benefits include sticky sessions, unlimited connections and threads, 24/7 support, analytics on bandwidth usage, and much more.

SmartProxy offers residential proxy plans starting at $80/month. A “Pay As You Go” plan is available for those who prefer to pay as they go, and costs $12.5 per GB of data consumed.

For more details, check out my comprehensive Smartproxy Review.

3) Oxylabs

Best Instagram Proxies - Oxylabs

Oxylabs proxy services are great for scraping Instagram while avoiding bans and boosting your interaction with people. By providing high-quality proxies obtained ethically, Oxylabs can protect your Instagram account.

Instagram won’t mistakenly think you are a phony account and stop you from gathering public data because you are using actual IP addresses. Thanks to its excellent uptime, web scraping projects will go without a hitch.

A few of the helpful features that Oxylabs offers are unlimited concurrent sessions, city- & state-level targeting, more than 100 million stable IP addresses, and global coverage.

You will also get specialized account managers, proxy management tools, Lloyd’s Insurance, and the proxies themselves for added convenience. Despite Oxylabs only offering one back-connect entry, you can use a constantly rotating proxy pool. Doing this lets you stay in charge of your sessions, avoid pitfalls, and attain a 99.95% success rate overall.

The prices of Oxylabs’ packages currently start at $300 per month.

For more information, read my detailed Oxylabs Review.

4) IPRoyal

IPRoyal - best instagram proxies

When it comes to 100% legitimately created proxies, IPRoyal is routinely ranked among the best. IPv4 addresses that are genuinely in use by people are made available. This ensures that no user is ever blocked or marked for inappropriate behavior.

Now, IPRoyal offers proxies from over 195 countries, focusing on city-level targeting for increased efficiency in its services.

Unless doing so would be against the law, proxy servers make it possible to access any website. The list of capabilities included in IPRoyal is extensive and includes things like a fast IP change, auto-rotate, persistent proxy sessions, and dedicated residential proxies.

Additionally, it provides users with additional flexibility by permitting an unbounded number of simultaneous sessions. According to IPRoyal’s website, IPRoyal’s success rate is 99.67%, as claimed on their site, at delivering permanent visitors. That means you can rest assured that IPRoyal can supply all you need for social media promotion.

Starting at $7 for the initial 1 GB of storage, IPRoyal now offers discounts as storage capacity increases.

5) Infatica

Infatica - best instagram proxies

The proxy provider Infatica offers a wide range of proxy services that can be used for web scraping. They offer Instagram proxies, which include residential IPs.

Infatica helps users manage and keep track of the proxies they are using. The user’s IP address is added to a whitelist when the IP authentication method is used, and the proxy server only answers to requests from IP addresses on the whitelist.

Customers must use the Login:Pass method, which calls for them to enter a valid login and password to connect to the proxy server and benefit from the proxy rotation that Infatica also offers.

Infatica’s monthly subscription is $9.6 per GB, and the company offers a three-day free trial.

6) Proxy Seller

proxyseller - best instagram proxies

Proxy Seller is a new service that does what it says on the tin; it sells proxies, both public and private HTTPS and Socks5. Proxy Seller has proven its worth and will likely continue to do well in the industry.

They provide Two-factor authentication, which lets users view banned websites without losing data.

Proxy Seller offers subnets, over 300 networks, and 15+ nations of city-targeted proxies. It also provides a chat window and 24/7 customer assistance to rapidly fix concerns.

Proxy Seller’s Instagram IPv4 proxies have several functions. A steady high-speed connection, proxy replacement, or refund in the first 24 hours of receiving personal proxy data, private proxy services, etc.

If you can’t configure the proxy, Proxy Seller’s customer service team can use TeamViewer to help.

IPv4 proxy packages from Proxy Seller vary in price based on proxy location & number.

7) IPBurger

IPBurger - best instagram proxy

IPBurger offers more than five million rotating residential proxies for automating and controlling Instagram accounts.

It allows customers to control and adjust the proxy settings for their Instagram accounts and install proxies on their web browsers.

The automation program for Instagram assists users in managing and automating various actions, including posting and liking content.

Nevertheless, using it with several Instagram accounts without appearing to engage in questionable activities and risk being banned is complex. By cycling their IP addresses with each request, Instagram proxies allow users to lower the likelihood of accidentally setting off the social media platform’s security measures.

Offers static residential IPs for a period of up to thirty minutes.

Make it possible for users to filter and target proxies based on the associated ASNs that they have with those proxies.

Authentication with User Name and Password

Pricing begins at $69 a month for 5 GB. However, they do not provide a free trial.

8) ProxyEmpire

proxy empire - best instagram proxy

ProxyEmpire gives its customers access to 9.75 million plus unique IP addresses originating from more than 170 countries worldwide.

With its rotating residential proxies, you can filter out Internet service providers, cities, geographical regions, etc.

ProxyEmpire provides proxies compatible with all the most common software stacks, and the service supports all the most common proxy protocols.

In addition, it offers users ISP proxies or residential proxies that do not rotate over time, enabling them to maintain their IP address for as long as they like.

ProxyEmpire comes with many helpful add-ons, such as specialized mobile proxies, data rollover, an unlimited number of concurrent connections, & more. ProxyEmpire requires a minimum payment of $45 each month to use its residential proxy service.

Instagram proxies for ethical web scraping

Instagram data scraping could be helpful for businesses in many contexts, such as influencer marketing, research of customer involvement, and brand monitoring.

  • Instagram’s terms of service require that data scraping be conducted ethically and legally. Guidelines for ethical Instagram scraping using proxies:
  • Rotate Instagram proxies to lessen the chance of a single proxy server being blacklisted.
  • Instagram’s robots.txt file should be inspected. A robots.txt file is a text file used to direct web crawlers, most commonly used by search engines, to navigate a website.
  • Avoid using proxies that were obtained illegally by using those that were obtained legitimately. You must pick a trustworthy Instagram proxy service.
  • Data security: Scrape only what you need. Data from Instagram should be encrypted in transit and at rest. Scraped data is illegible without the encryption key. It will reduce the risk that the target website will block your Instagram bot.

Conclusion: Best Instagram Proxies 2023

Using Instagram proxies allows you to bypass geographically restricted content, automate social media platforms, manage several accounts simultaneously, and run multiple marketing campaigns without effort.

We have compiled a list of the best Instagram proxies for promotion and advertising in this article. Choosing the best option for your needs could propel your business’s account to heights no one could have predicted.

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