7 Best Proxies that Accept Bitcoin (Best Bitcoin Proxies)

Need proxies but only have Bitcoins? Check out my top recommendation for Bitcoin-accepting proxy providers to help you make a wise purchase.

Bitcoin has come a long way, from its origins as a whitepaper to its current status as a currency worth over $10,000. Bitcoin is being accepted by an increasing number of online retailers, and in some instances, a discount is offered to customers who pay with Bitcoin.

Proxy services are one type of business willing to accept Bitcoin and similar digital currencies as payment. Even though Bitcoin payments are anonymous, you should be aware of two issues arising from this anonymity.

Bitcoin transactions are not covered by a refund policy. There is no automatic renewal of proxies, so you’ll have to remember to renew them yourself. However, only a tiny fraction of them take Bitcoin; thus, this post aims to help you narrow down your options to those that do. I’ll give you suggestions from the residential and datacenter use cases for proxies.

If you need to use proxies on a website with a sophisticated anti-spam system that keeps an eye out for this kind of thing, I recommend using residential proxies.

This is because most proxies used nowadays are residential IPs, which cannot be tracked back to their original users. However, its high cost could put off potential customers. Those accepting Bitcoin as a payment formĀ are surprisingly cheaper than comparable options.

Proxies that Accept Bitcoin: Best Providers to Buy Proxies with Bitcoin

1) SmartProxy

Smartproxy- Best Bitcoin Proxies

If you need a residential proxy service that also accepts Bitcoin, your best bet is Smartproxy, which tops my list of recommendations. In addition to having proxies in 8 prominent locations worldwide, Smartproxy has Proxies in over 195 countries.

The reasonable cost of Smartproxy is one of its best features. They have over 10 million residential proxy pools available for just $75. The bandwidth available to you is limited because their proxies are priced per megabit.

Monthly pricing for 5GB begins at $75.

  • Size of IP Pool: More than 10 Million
  • Location: 195 Countries

For more information, check out my unbiased Smartproxy Review.

2) Infactica

Infatica - Best Bitcoin Proxies

Infactica has an unusual pricing model for global proxy networks. It follows Microleaves’ (Shifter) bandwidth-based pricing model. However, the maximum number of concurrent threads is spelled out. They claimed to have proxies worldwide, but you didn’t provide a list of those proxies.

Their proxies are rather inexpensive, but the high starting price puts them out of reach for many online business owners. You can develop while enjoying more security and anonymity, thanks to their proxies.

Monthly pricing begins at $199 for 3,000 IPs.

  • Size of IP Pool: Unknown
  • Location: 195 All around the world

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3) Highproxies

Best Bitcoin Proxies - HighProxies

Highproxies is another datacenter Proxy provider offering specialized proxies at various price points. They offer proxies that can be used to automate and manage social media accounts. They offer ticket scalping proxies and classified ad proxies as well. They provide both a public Proxy and a private VPN to their customers. As datacenter proxies provider, their prices are around average. You can pay with Bitcoin but don’t expect a refund or subscription options.

The price per month per proxy is $1.60.

  • Concurrency Accepted: No Restrictions
  • Location Only in the United States

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4) Proxyrack

Best Bitcoin Proxies - Proxyrack

Proxyrack is not a provider to be scoffed at, as evidenced by their 3000+ satisfied clients. They currently have more than 2 million residential proxies, and these proxies are spread over roughly 140 different places.

Proxyrack’s static proxies, for example, can keep a session going for up to 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get what you need done. This makes it ideal for online automation tasks requiring a persistent session, such as those involving social networking. If you’re looking for high-rotation proxies, they have those, too. Bitcoin is accepted, which is an exciting addition.

Prices begin at $15/month.

  • Size of IP Pool: More than 2 Million
  • Location: 140 different nations

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5) Shifter.io

Best Bitcoin Proxy - Shifter.io

Microleaves is now known as Shifter.io and operates as a proxy service. With more than 31 million residential proxies, Shifter offers one of the largest proxy networks available. Only one-time payments for memberships are accepted in Bitcoin.

You must use alternate payment methods if you want your proxies renewed automatically. Payments made with Bitcoin are not refundable, either. Their proxies are efficient, quick, and discrete; they never leave any evidence of having been there.

Pricing begins at $125/month for a minimum of 10 ports.

  • Size of IP Pool: 26 million
  • Location: 130 different countries

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6) Proxy-cheap proxies

Best Bitcoin Proxy - Proxy-Cheap

Proxy-cheap is still one of the most cost-effective options for residential proxies with consumable bandwidth caps. If you buy enough, you may get the price per gigabyte as low as $3.

Proxy-cheap now offers access to more than 6 million private IP addresses. Their mobile proxies, among other hacks on the market, are an option if you’re keen. They offer IPv6 datacenter proxies for sale as well. You should know there is no refund policy even though they accept Bitcoin.

The monthly price is $5 per GB.

  • Size of IP Pool: 6 million+
  • Locations: All over the Globe

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7) Buyproxies.org

Buy-proxies - Best Bitcoin Proxy

Buyproxies.org is a datacenter Proxy service that allows payment with Bitcoin. This service has access to a large pool of specialized proxies. They have stand-ins for making rare sneaker releases.

They also provide ticket scalping proxies. If nothing of these options fits your needs, consider purchasing one of their dedicated proxies. Their semi-dedicated proxies are the most cost-effective option. Their proxies offer unrestricted data transfer and can accommodate several simultaneous connections.

Monthly fees for proxies are $2.00

  • Location: Only the United States and the European Union

FAQs: Best Bitcoin Proxies that Accept Bitcoin

What Proxy accepts crypto?

If you’re looking for a Bitcoin-accepting proxy that promises to assist you in getting the information your project requires, Smartproxy and Proxyrack are excellent options. This identifies them as a data-gathering and web-scraping proxy service.

Why Buy Proxies with Bitcoin?

It is a safe option to use Bitcoin to buy proxies that can help you protect your online anonymity, which is slowly eroding. Purchasing Proxies with a card or other payment option can encrypt your bank data and safeguard your online privacy. Bitcoin now offers similar anonymity capabilities for transactions like these, and the significant part is that proxies and Bitcoin complement each other, so you can use them interchangeably.

Conclusion: 7 Best Proxies that Accept Bitcoin

It’s a wrap of the list of Best Bitcoin Proxies; I’ve provided a few recommendations for trusted proxy services.

Bitcoins allow you to remain anonymous during a financial transaction, but a significant risk is involved if you use them to purchase a proxy.

This applies if you decide to buy a public proxy. You should exercise caution while using a public Proxy since your activity can be tracked, and no privacy protections are built into the Proxy.

Remember that using a public proxy exposes your activities to the scrutiny of everyone who uses that proxy simultaneously. Getting your dedicated IP and bandwidth through a private Proxy is a far better alternative. Security against hackers is another significant benefit of using a private Proxy.

It’s abundantly evident that the combination of Bitcoin and proxies opens up a world of possibilities, provided the user is careful when selecting a Proxy.

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