Best Shopify Proxies for Auto Checkout Bots in 2023

Enhance the functionality of your Shopify bot.  All you need to know about the finest Shopify proxies for residential and data centers are included in my article. Despite Shopify’s success, the online retail industry is highly competitive. Take advantage of instant purchasing made possible by bots.

The use of robots alone is not guaranteed to succeed. Proxy servers are useful for Shopify. Use these proxies to give your bots an advantage in the marketplace. Their use is vital to the success of any given release.

Here, we share the most reliable Shopify proxies, both residential and from data centers, that may be easily integrated with your Shopify bot. Maximize your bot’s potential and you’ll rule Shopify.

Best Shopify Proxies for Auto Checkout Bots

1) Smartproxy

Best Shopify Proxies - Smartproxy

I chose to start my list with Smartproxy because you can’t go wrong with our 40M+ residential IPs, in order to hide your Shopify bot, you surely need good proxies. 

To succeed on Shopify sites, you need speed. An IP address near your destination is needed for speed. Smartproxy enables you to target any country, so you may pick the ideal one for your site. Make your Shopify bot appear human-like to make purchases more rapidly.

within Eight Cities geo-targeting feature is limited to, more than half of those located in the USA. Additionally, you have the option of a rotating or sticky session, but a sticky session can only last for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time.

The Shopify proxies’ pricing options are presented in a clear and understandable way. The cost will vary depending on the amount of included bandwidth, however, each plan includes the same number of available proxies. The only way to test the proxies, because there is no free trial option, is through the three-day return period that is offered.

For more information check out my Comprehensive Smartproxy Review.


  • Enough global proxies
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure identity protection


  • All packages limit bandwidth
  • No free trial
  • Limited city geo-targeting

2) IPRoyal

IPRoyal - Best Shopify Proxies

IPRoyal isn’t the biggest proxy service provider, but it does give a high-quality service at a reasonable price. It contains more than two million rotating residential proxies in 195 different locations worldwide, allowing enabling city-level targeting in the vast majority of countries.

These proxies have been collected in an open and honest way from real users, and they work wonderfully with Shopify bots to boost the user’s overall satisfaction with the service.

Products of excellent quality are often purchased by another client almost quickly after being listed on Shopify, making it difficult to make a transaction. When used in conjunction with a Shopify bot, the proxies provided by IPRoyal will expedite the purchasing process by automating it. They also offer sufficient privacy to keep prying eyes away from your Shopify account.

This provider meets the needs of both businesses and individuals with reasonable rates and a wide range of features. Large corporations have more negotiating power when it comes to securing favorable pricing for their operations. Additionally, IPRoyal offers customizable templates that can be used in a variety of contexts.


  • Business- and personal-use optimized
  • Priced competitively
  • 24/7 support


  • No free trial
  • Few IP addresses

3) Bright Data

bright data proxy - Bright Data

The residential network of Bright Data, a legitimate provider of residential IP proxies, has a total of more than 72 Mn IP addresses. They scrape and gather every bit of information that can be obtained online, and they never turn off their proxy network.

One of the most trustworthy companies offering residential proxy services is Bright Customers can choose from millions of residential IP addresses thanks to the company’s expertise in residential proxy networks. Additionally, in addition to mobile IP proxies, Bright Data also provides datacenter IP proxies.

Customers can check and evaluate the speed of their proxies for free for a week during a trial period provided by Bright Data. The trial term for datacenter proxies is open to both people and registered organizations, whereas the trial period for residential proxies is only accessible to registered firms.

Despite the fact that it is a month-to-month payment plan, you will get access to more than 72 million IP addresses and their residential proxy network, which has no restrictions and is invisible to websites. It is a paid service, though.

Despite costing a lot less, datacenter IPs have static addresses that are much easier to identify than proxy addresses. Please allow me to give you the proxy information for both their datacenter IP proxies and their residential IP proxies.

The Bright Data proxy network can be set up in practically every nation and city on the planet because of its extensive geographic reach. Bright Data can operate more quickly than other proxy providers since load-balancing servers are always available.


  • Smooth and effective
  • Exceptional SaaS Solution
  • Limitless Rotation
  • Adaptable pricing


  • Not at all beginner friendly
  • Manual account activation

4) Stormproxies

Best Shopify Proxies - Storm-Proxies

Stormproxies is a dependable provider of premium Shopify proxies. Stormproxies may not offer as many features as its competitors, but its prices are hard to beat. One major drawback of this service is the very small pool of proxies available from this provider. It has been a long time since we last saw a pool of IP addresses with fewer than 40,000 addresses.

The lack of details about the proxies’ physical whereabouts is also a major source of frustration for most users. Only that they come from the US and a few European countries are known about them at this time. The automatic rotation feature is a nice touch, and the dashboard’s well-organized parts make it a great option for newcomers.

If you’re looking for a Shopify proxy service, go no further than this one. Most consumers are drawn to the service because of the low prices and wide variety of bundles. There is no difference in price between the plans other than the number of proxies you need, as all of them come with unlimited bandwidth as standard.

There is no option to buy a trial version due to the low price. Within the next day, your offer of a full refund will expire.


  • cheapest among competitors
  • Unlimited bandwidth on all packages


  • Small proxy pool
  • Limited locations


soax - Best Shopify Proxies

SOAX is an inexpensive and trustworthy rotating residential and mobile proxy service.

Over 8.5 Mn residential & mobile IPs from all geo locations are available for targeting using SOAX. Each SOAX plan includes all capabilities and IP addresses.

Mobile and residential IP addresses from reputable ISPs throughout the world are available through SOAX.

The system keeps a constant connection and switches between proxy servers on the fly so that you never lose your IP.

SOAX is great for professionals because of its wide IP address pool and the difficulties in identifying and blocking residential proxies.

Among the tasks that may be delegated to residential proxies are tracking prices and competition, validating ads, ensuring website availability, creating several accounts across multiple platforms, collecting data from a wide variety of sources, and testing network speeds.

SOAX charges different rates for different proxy types (mobile or residential), proxy locations, proxy ports, and traffic volumes. Every one of these plans has several payment options including weekly, monthly & yearly.

With access to a vast global pool of IPs, you can carry out any operation necessitating secrecy and avoidance of restrictions.

In SOAX, the number of IP addresses is arbitrary. You may have to deal with thousands of IPs if you use geo-targeting and a rotational system for account registration.


  • fast and reasonable.
  • great support
  • easy and straightforward interface to use


  • high compared to some other suppliers
  • some geos are unavailable

6) BuyProxies

Best Shopify Proxies - Buy-proxies

Although BuyProxies may not sound spectacular at first glance, the company is actually one of the oldest and most established datacenter Shopify proxy providers. With over 50,000 satisfied customers, it’s clear that BuyProxies is a great option.

The fact that they have proxies in both the US and Europe is cause for some concern, albeit details regarding the actual locations of these proxies and the total number of IP addresses they have available are still sketchy at best.

A positive element of this circumstance is that all of their servers have gigabyte connections, which suggests that speed and latency difficulties will not be an issue. Their price structure gives clients a wide range of options, with numerous different proxy kinds offered in a wide range of bundles.

Each of the Shopify proxies you purchase comes with unlimited data transfer at no extra cost. There is no risk because of the unconditional refund policy, but there is no free trial. The one catch is that it expires after 24 hours.


  • Different types of proxies and price plans
  • Unlimited bandwidth.


  • No Specific Locations
  • No SOCKS Proxies

7) MyPrivateProxy

MyPrivateProxy - Best Shopify Proxies

When it comes to private proxies, MyPrivateProxy is your one-stop shop. The dedicated proxies it offers are trustworthy and guaranteed to serve their intended function.

Users from all over the world can use Craigslist to post ads. Use one of the many Twitter or Facebook advertising tools to coordinate your social media strategy. Emails can be sent via the web, however the SMTP protocol is not supported.

Their proxies limit their access to illegal sites and services including Xrumer, torrents, fraud, spam, and pornographic material. There are more activities for which these rules are in effect.

MPP’s Help Desk uses a ticketing system to handle customer inquiries. Do your best to assist people in need. You may quickly submit a ticket or send an email to notify them of a problem. My previous experiences have taught me that the typical response time for support is between two and six hours.

Live chat was another service that MPP used to provide, however, it was unfortunately discontinued in 2016. I urge you not to have unduly utopian expectations of the companies who provide proxies, and one possible explanation for this is the scale of the proxy industry.


  • Proxy API
  • Fast proxies without limits on traffic
  • HTTPS protocols


  • No easy way to manage locations
  • Customer service must be improved

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What do you need for a bot to work with Shopify proxies?

In a strict sense, there is just one, and that is to equip the bot with proxy support. If your bot has proxy functionality, you can use any proxy service that works with Shopify.

Are there any free Shopify proxies?

Although there are other free Shopify proxies alternatives available online, we do not advise using free ones. The chance of a data breach increases if you choose the free option due to the transmission of sensitive data through an unreliable node.

Which Shopify proxies are better – residential or datacenter?

Residential proxies are superior to other types since they provide a far higher level of privacy and represent a lower risk of being recognized. The disadvantage of residential Shopify proxies is that they are more expensive than those purchased from datacenters. If you don’t have enough cash to purchase enough residential Shopify proxies for your bot, you can purchase enough proxies from a datacenter. Datacenter proxies have faster speeds than residential ones, which is another benefit.


My own experience has shown that the best way to use a Shopify bot is via proxies. This is valid irrespective of the Shopify bot I use.

The most successful way to use a Shopify bot is in conjunction with proxies, regardless of which one you use. We have a variety of service providers on our list of residential and datacenter Shopify proxies, with varying costs and levels of efficiency. Shopify is compatible with these proxies.

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