4 Best Korea Proxy Providers 2023

A proxy service allows you to access restricted content in your country or region.

Without a proxy, you may only be able to access a website if your IP address is permanent. You can quickly find this IP address.

A proxy server has changed Your IP address to one from another country.

You can access sites restricted to users in those regions using an American or European proxy server.

Do you wish to see the web through the eyes of a Korean? It’s doable and more accessible than you might think, thanks to Korean IP proxy services. Online users will falsely appear to be based in Korea when using a Korean IP address.

Using a Korean proxy server, you can unblock your IP address, access South Korean websites, and scrape local content. It will make it appear you are accessing the Internet from Korea. These Providers are now the Best Korean proxies in 2023.

Best Korean Proxy Providers

1) Oxylabs

Best Korea Proxy Provider - oxylabs

Oxylabs is our go-to solution because of the high-performing proxies, enhanced targeting choices, and dedicated account managers they provide.

The proxies provided by Oxylabs are among the best we’ve tested. For business clients with more demanding criteria, it works best.

Over 1.3 million residential IPs are available worldwide. This aids city-level targeting. Web scraping is easy with all Korean proxies’ 99.95% success rate and legitimate sources.


  • Unlimited Connection
  • ASN & City Targeting
  • Top Notch Performance
  • Legitimate Residential IP


  • Free Trial not Available for Individuals
  • Pricey for Personal Use

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2. Smartproxy

Best Korean Proxy - smartproxy

You may find the desired protocol and proxy type with Smartproxy, one of the best Korean proxies on the market. With over 58,000 proxy servers, Smartproxy makes finding the proxy you need easy.

Beginners should consider Smartproxy because of its low cost and simple UI. Although expensive, its proxies perform effectively and have all the necessary functions.

Smartproxy is an excellent Korean proxy because its prices are equal to those of its competitors.


  • Browser Extention Available
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Legitimate Residential IPs
  • Unlimited connection
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Doesn’t offer a free trial
  • Limited ASN & City Targeting

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3. Bright Data

Best korean Proxies - Brightdata

Bright Data is an all-in-one Korean proxy provider. The service provider has over 70 million residential IP addresses worldwide and 140 thousand for Korea in its proxy pool. The advanced geo-targeting feature might help narrow your internet usage to a city.

Bright Data has the most extraordinary functionality and proxy administration tools. It competes with Oxylabs and suits corporates and experienced users.

Bright Data proxies are expensive due to their many functionalities. Bright Data offers multiple payment methods and package selection options to build your membership plan.


  • Mobile and Residential IPs
  • Excellent Proxy Speed
  • Great proxy controls
  • ASN & City targeting
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing plans


  • Pricey
  • Not beginners friendly


Top Korean Proxies - SOAX

The Russian proxy provider offers residential proxies worldwide, including Korea.

SOAX is new to the proxy industry but has succeeded substantially since 2019. They provide outstanding connectivity and customized IP rotation after a predetermined time.

SOAX only provides residential proxies. Choose from Wi-Fi proxies with IP addresses associated with a local Wi-Fi network or mobile Proxies with 4G network providers.

For now, SOAX only provides monthly plans. SOAX only has 72 thousand IP addresses in Korea.


  • ISP-level targeting
  • Affordable packages


  • Limited bandwidth
  • The free trial lasts one hour

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Why Should I Use a Korean Proxy?

Apart from hiding your IP address for privacy. A Korean proxy IP has several benefits, especially for online shopping. Korea has several internet stores. A local IP address lets you scrape for info or buy things at cheaper local pricing.

Korean proxies let advertisers manage several social media IPs without being blacklisted.

Proxy servers enable home users to overcome regional constraints. You can watch local Korean material as if you’re in Korea.

How To Access Proxies In Korea

Any Korean resident who needs or wants to utilize a proxy server should sign up for a service that is both user-friendly and fully functional. Although proxy use is illegal in Korea for various reasons, it is nonetheless widely practiced.

Korean mobile proxies are a service that certain proxy companies offer. For a mobile proxy in Korea, try searching SOAX or Bright Data. It is not against the law to utilize a Korean proxy if you are located outside of South Korea. There are no regulations prohibiting the usage of proxy servers in most nations.


How did Bloggrand Choose Best Korean Proxies?

Our best Korea proxy service providers were selected after multiple evaluations. First, we assess how reliable and robust the proxies were in accessing Korean websites.

We constantly ping the proxy network for new IP addresses to test server reliability. We then tested their response time and ability to load popular websites.

Finally, we assessed Korean proxy providers’ ability to handle large loads using more than 250 parallel connections.

Can I use a Free Korean Proxy?

Given the prohibitive costs of some professional proxy services, a free Korean proxy server may appear to be a decent choice.

Because so many people use them, free proxies are frequently overloaded and blocked by the services they attempt to access.

Proxy servers their service provider uses can expose you to malicious ads and information theft.

A trustworthy proxy service will never risk your privacy.

Final Thoughts

The search for a trustworthy Korean proxy server might be arduous. You can access several critical services while trusting the proxy provider.

Internet anonymity should be a top concern for users who need proxies for web scraping or other complex tasks. If you must use a Proxy to access blocked content, do it securely.

We have only included reliable proxy providers on our list; Oxylabs offers refined targeting, Bright Data provides a free seven-day trial, and Smartproxy can precisely target users based on location.

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