ConvertBox vs OptinMonster Compared: Which is Best?

It’s time to put an end to the ConvertBox vs OptinMonster dispute that has raged for a long. Which one ought to employ in your lead generation strategy?

ConvertBox may be used to employ opt-in forms, strong CTAs, and behavior-based retargeting to convert website visitors into customers. While visitors are on your website, OptinMonster, on the other hand, employs tailored pop-ups and messaging to persuade them to become clients.

ConvertBox and OptinMonster, two of the most popular lead generation tools available, will be discussed in this post. You have a lot of options here because both tools use various lead-generation strategies. We’ll go over the specifications and costs of each tool so you can choose which one you want to utilize for your company.

ConvertBox vs OptinMonster

Bottom Line Upfront: How different is Convertbox from others?

ConvertBox treats visitors differently than most of its competitors. Interruptions are less effective than involvement. ConvertBox intelligently boosts website conversions. It knows visitors’ origins, sales stages, and website activity.

Email Marketing Integration – Linking email and lead collection software is easy. All that matters is teamwork. ConvertBox’s extensive behavior customization, which integrates with your email marketing platform, will help.

Segmenting leads – If you want a high-quality, relevant email list, ConvertBox dominates here. This one feature will boost email sign-ups. We understand that your first goal when launching a new website is to generate traffic. After enticing visitors, you need to get them to return, download your lead magnet, join your email list, or buy. To achieve this, segment your audience.

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ConvertBox vs OptinMonster: Overview

What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox vs OptinMonster: Overview

ConvertBox is a versatile platform for creating and administering online opt-in forms and CTAs. The software is entirely web-based and accessible from any page. A WordPress plugin simplifies the setup process for those who use WordPress.

Unlike competing solutions, it gives you complete control over the presentation of your lead capture form and makes the construction of specialized funnels a breeze. Superior testing and reporting features are included.

This tool, known as ConvertBox, is quite helpful. Its adaptability, user-friendliness, and excellent conversion rates make it a strong contender for replacing a significant number of the other plug-ins on your website. This is due to the fact that it is more than just a tool for opting in.

It is a behavior-based and dynamic tool for generating lists as well as retargeting existing customers. ConvertBox makes it simple to design any kind of pop-up or opt-in window, which can be used to gather email addresses or drive site visitors to specific offers.

What is OptinMonster?

What is OptinMonster - ConvertBox vs OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the best lead-generating software for marketers, bloggers, eCommerce sites, and small enterprises. OptinMonster helps you grow your email list, boost conversions, and reduce cart abandonment. Lead-generating software works with all major websites and eCommerce platforms out of the box. They also have the most email marketing integrations.

We like OptinMonster’s simplicity on any website. It works on WordPress and non-WordPress sites. Use the WordPress plug-in or code to add it to your campaigns. You can also choose from many conversion-optimized templates.

Back in 2013, when it first made its debut on the market as an email opt-in form plug-in, OptinMonster caused quite a stir. OptinMonster is immediately distinguishable from its competitors due to the fact that it provides a user-focused experience in addition to a wide variety of design options for its opt-in forms.

Many companies and marketers have taken notice of OptinMonster due to the fact that it has an intuitive user interface, is effective, and gives the user full control over their experience by providing a large number of features and a wide variety of possibilities for personalization.

ConvertBox vs OptinMonster: Features

ConvertBox Features

ConvertBox vs OptinMonster: Features

Intelligent Targeting

Targeting anything or everyone that visits your website will make it harder to reach your goal. Targeting the right visitor at the right moment increases leads.

ConvertBox lets you do that. Thanks to robust capabilities like the dynamic text substitution function, you can target the relevant visitors with customized content based on visitor behavior on-site, referring site, CRM data, and more. This tool lets you address recipients by name, personalizing the message.

Lead Capture Forms

Field forms will help you collect all visitor info. ConvertBox’s form automation can connect your ESP and CRM. Use unique promo codes, video message pop-ups, discounts, and timed specials. These capabilities let you use templates or start from scratch, simplifying the process.


ConvertBox’s active tracking lets you leverage lead generation analytics to follow website visitors in real-time. This study will reveal your site’s visitors’ interactions, views, leads, and more.

This analytics tool lets you rapidly detect underperforming website components.

Countdown Timers

This functionality may create urgency-inducing drop-down lists to notify visitors of limited-time specials. Custom countdown clocks in other CTA components on your website can also leverage FOMO.

Segmentation Funnel

This tool lets you create multiple-choice funnels and segment visitors. Tags let you offer customized discounts and deals to your visitors.

Visitor Targeting

Instead of generic, unchanging messages, ConvertBox sends highly tailored ones that motivate visitors. It uses ESP and CRM data to tailor the experience.

Multi-Custom Form Fields

Custom form fields allow litter selection. After configuring your email collecting forms with pre-designed templates, the application may transfer emails to your CRM and ESP databases.

A/B Testing

A/B split testing lets you test many variations to see what works. Use real-time data to evaluate different lead generation forms created in the visual editor.

On-site Messages

ConvertBox offerings can be anything. Make a last-minute offer to shoppers who have abandoned their carts.

Targeting previous clients with promotions or specials can boost sales. You can utilize these capabilities to get creative and keep visitors engaged by advertising new specials.

Integrated Dashboard

The nicest thing about ConvertBox is that you can adjust and tweak different tools and features from a single interface.

Opt-in Sliders

Many websites offer downloadable content like e-books using the slide-in form, the most prevalent sort of form. Slide-ins are usually placed around a webpage’s content. Color and enticing images may help them stick out.

Relevance to the page’s main content determines its success. If it matches the visitor’s interests, they’ll click on it.

Exit-Intent Page

An exit-intent page overlay from ConvertBox lets you make one last offer to visitors leaving your site. Choose from ConvertBox’s dark full-screen or lightbox overlay. Full-screen takeovers are cleaner, but most websites say they convert better. Exit-intent pages retain users on websites and advertise to increase conversions.

Clickable Links

Picture and text link triggers are ConvertBox’s most popular conversion tools. When activated, the opt-in form will allow downloads and registration. ConvertBox’s full message control boosts opt-in rates. These links can advertise training courses or limited-time offers.

Buy Transforming Opt-in CTAs

ConvertBox’s flexibility is useful when altering CTAs and when. A traditional opt-in form might greet new visitors and ensure they don’t get frustrated by repeated messages. Smart marketers convert opt-ins into sales.

Returning visitors will receive a personalized greeting and offer based on their online activities and interests. It segments website visitors by frequency and past behavior to move them along the sales funnel.

Personalized Welcome

Personalized messages can convert visitors into buyers. Welcome new visitors with lessons and videos using ConvertBox. ConvertBox’s targeting makes this easy. Despite its simplicity, it builds trust and brand identification among first-time visitors.

Optinmonster Features


New Features

OptinMonster’s best feature is that it’s no longer a WordPress plug-in. Instead, it’s a hosted service that can be used to add a variety of email sign-up forms to any website, regardless of WordPress.

Since it’s hosted, OptinMonster’s interface lets you create and manage forms and other content. This adds a clutter-free user interface, allows you to handle many forms and other material from one place, and removes one enormous plug-in from your website.

The current version of OptinMonster, which links to your WordPress website via a plug-in, is smaller and lighter.

OptinMonster has done more than hosting. To encourage early users and keep the plug-in competitive, the creators added several great new features:

  • Insert form shortcodes into posts and pages.
  • Loading sound effects or animations
  • Success templates after a successful form interaction
  • Mobile forms
  • Optimized codes
  • More form kinds (blank, sidebar, in-content/after post, full-screen entrance, and exit gateways)
  • More form appearance themes
  • Control where each pop-up appears on the website
  • An AdBlock detection pop-up trigger.
  • A yes/no form to ask visitors a question
  • A testing mode for evaluating forms
  • A manual opt-in trigger (to launch forms on mouse clicks) A canvas tool for designing small window and full-screen bespoke pop-ups and welcome mat-style opt-ins

OptinMonster started with three opt-in forms but now has seven.

The in-content form is a welcome feature. Fullscreen mode is intriguing. This fills the screen with the form, encouraging visitors to join up or close the page. Full-screen forms can welcome visitors or serve as website gateway messages.

OptinMonster’s new CSS3 animation effects can be engaged when a form is displayed to grab visitors’ attention. Forms can now include loading sounds.

Since OptinMonster became a hosted service, generating and maintaining forms is easier than ever. In a more user-friendly environment, the same clean layout and well-labeled options-and-settings pages remain.

Canvas Form

Unlike OptinMonster’s many themes, the new add-on form lets you build from scratch. This option lets you change the lightbox’s width and height and insert your content using HTML and CSS.

OptinMonster can no longer develop and display sign-up forms. You may now add anything to the pop-up window, including social media buttons, links to other parts of your site, or anything else that will interest visitors.

Before saving the custom-designed opt-in pop-up form, you may choose from slide, flash, wobble, bounce, and flip animation effects and several sound effects to make your pop-ups stand out. Any lightbox can employ these effects.

Hosted OptinMonster

Now that OptinMonster is fully hosted, you may build and manage pop-ups and forms from the account area instead of the dashboard.

Hosted Email Sign-Up

If you’re on the Plus, Pro, or Agency plans and use OptinMonster on multiple sites (maybe client sites), you can log in, change your opt-in pop-ups, and view your conversion rate stats in one place. This indicates that pop-ups and email opt-in forms are now created and deployed differently. Now that everything is done through a dedicated user interface, adding pop-ups and opt-in forms to any website page is easy.

Email Marketing Integration

OptinMonster works with AWeber, ConvertKit, MailChimp, and Infusionsoft, and each update adds more.

Integrating your new form with your desired email list service is as simple as choosing an option from a drop-down list and authenticating. Each service runs differently, however, the screen provides a handy link to the proper internet content to assist you sort things out. After saving your form, upload it to your website.

OptinMonster Forms

If your pop-up campaign looks and works well, you can publish it. OptinMonster now supports several website kinds outside WordPress. OptinMonster’s WordPress plug-in links your site to your account. From the OptinMonster dashboard, you can select visibility settings and who may see the campaigns.

Google Tag Manager and WordPress

OptinMonster integrates with blogs in two ways. The WordPress plug-in or Google Tag Manager can install it globally. We feel that fewer WordPress plug-ins run better. Thus, we install OptinMonster with Google Tag Manager.

OptinMonster’s WordPress plug-in simplifies their service for non-techies. Simply install the plug-in and connect your account. After connecting, you may access your campaigns. Unlike other providers, OptinMonster is not WordPress-specific.

OptinMonster Integrations

The opt-in program works with Zapier and others. As expected, email integration allows specialist email marketing providers. OptinMonster has one of the most extensive email provider lists. We’ve identified no exception.

ConvertBox vs OptinMonster: Pricing

ConverBox Pricing

Convertbox Pricing

The program is still in its infancy, but for $495 you can receive a lifetime subscription. ConvertBox’s ten-site plan comes with free platform updates, over 25,000 monthly pageviews, and stellar assistance from the company’s friendly customer support.

Optimonster Pricing


Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth are OptinMonster packages. All four options offer something different.

Basic ($9.00/month)

The Basic Plan includes Unlimited Campaigns, Page Level Targeting, Subscriber Recognition, List Segmentation, Success Messages, Simple Reporting, Basic Integrations, OptinMonster University, 2,500 Pageviews, and 1 Site.

Plus ($19/mo)

This plan includes Integrated A/B Testing, Attention Activation, Full Reporting, Content Locking, Inactivity Sensor, Advanced Integrations, MonsterEffects, Yes/No Forms, MonsterSounds, 10,000 Pageviews, 2 Sites, and all Basic Plan features.

Pro ($29/month)

The Pro Plan includes the Plus Plan, Exit Intent Technology, Pro Integrations, Zapier Integration, Mobile-Specific Campaigns, MonsterLinks, Countdown Timers, Campaign Scheduling, Device Targeting, UTM Targeting, Referrer Detection, Cart & Form Abandonment, Smart Tags, 2 Sub-Accounts, Remove Branding, Priority Support, 25,000 Pageviews, and 3 Sites.

Growth ($49/month)

The Pro plan plus OnSite Retargeting, Real-Time Personalization, Follow-up Campaigns, Coupon Wheel Campaigns, Success Scripts, ManyChat Integration, Geolocation Targeting, Adblock Detection, Behavior Automation, Custom Branding, Advanced Reporting, Activity Logging, Unlimited Sub-Accounts, 100,000 Pageviews, and 5 Sites.

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Conclusion – ConvertBox vs OptinMonster: Which is Best?

If used appropriately, both of these lead-generation tools are top-notch and can substantially increase conversion rates.

ConvertBox is the one I like to use the most.

Besides its obvious efficacy, I attribute this to how simple it is to implement.

I’m not the type of person who enjoys putting in a lot of time to master a new piece of software.

ConvertBox is my favorite because of its intuitive interface, industry-leading drag-and-drop editor, and robust functionality right out of the box.

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