MailerLite vs Flodesk: Which is a Better Platform in 2023?

In recent years, the user bases of MailerLite and Flodesk have both experienced tremendous growth. Both of these email marketing tools have received praise for their intuitive user interfaces and straightforward functionality, which have helped them become important tools for thousands of internet marketers and bloggers.

However, these tools have a few traits that set them apart from one another. Depending on your marketing goals, you might find that one of these tools is more beneficial to you than the other. It is essential that you pay attention to the various pricing structures that are provided by these platforms if you are a small business owner with a tight budget.

I will discuss the features of each platform, their costs, and the kind of users who would benefit most from using each tool in my comparison of MailerLite vs Flodesk.

MailerLite vs Flodesk: Overview

MailerLite Overview

MailerLite Overview - MailerLite vs Flodesk

A popular email marketing platform used by bloggers and small business owners, MailerLite is hosted in the cloud. In the sector of email marketing, where there are dozens of services that are highly complex and not very user-friendly, MailerLite stands out. Because of how straightforward its user interface is, MailerLite succeeds in this regard.

Despite having all the features needed for complex email marketing campaigns, MailerLite makes getting in touch with your subscribers quite easy. Some of the capabilities MailerLite provides, which are also provided by a number of its competitors, include the following:

  • Automated email (drip campaigns)
  • Email list subscribers can be divided into groups.
  • Subscriber management, which is at the core of CRM
  • Reporting and Data Analysis
  • Web form, landing page, and popup builder drag and drop, Integration with a variety of other marketing tools.

MailerLite Stands out as the most affordable option on the market. Despite having many of the same features as many of its competitors, this email marketing platform has a far lower price.

Flodesk Overview

Flodesk Overview - MailerLite vs Flodesk

Although Flodesk has only been in existence since 2019, despite the fact that it is still a relatively young business, it has amassed a tremendous amount of popularity. Judging by the distinctive layouts that Flodesk offers and the large number of well-known female bloggers who support Flodesk, this platform seems to be ideal for female business owners.

The ease of use of Flodesk is something that it takes great pride in, just like MailerLite. The well-designed templates that this organization offers are pretty convenient for its users and can save a large amount of time if you are used to making your own templates from scratch.

Some of Flodesk’s features include the following:

  • Automation Workflow

  • Form Creator for Sign up
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Variety of templates
  • The email builder

Flodesk gives consumers a range of alternative payment methods, in contrast to the pricing structure of MailerLite. You will only be charged one fixed rate regardless of how many subscribers you have.

MailerLite vs Flodesk: Pricing

In the end, MailerLite clearly has an advantage when it comes to the flexibility of its price. The cost of MailerLite is determined by how many subscribers your company markets to. Having said that, you can begin by marketing to fewer than 1,000 subscribers for just $10 per month if you wish to use MailerLite’s subscription tool for its premium features.

MailerLite Pricing

MailerLite Pricing - MailerLite vs Flodesk

MailerLite is available in a free edition, which allows you to create marketing campaigns without having to pay a dime. There isn’t one like that in Flodesk. A 30-day free trial of Flodesk is available, however, after that, a monthly charge must be paid in order to continue using the application.

Flodesk Pricing

Flodesk Pricing - MailerLite vs Flodesk

On the other hand, Flodesk charges a set monthly fee of $38 for their services. But if you sign up for Flodesk via any of the links on this page that take you to, you’ll be able to continue using the service for half off ($19 per month) after the free trial has ended. No matter how many members you have, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $19. However, if you do not have many subscribers, the cost of $19 may be too high for small businesses that are operating on a tight budget.

MailerLite vs Flodesk: Features & Functionality

Users are given the core tools required to put into practice a successful email marketing strategy by both MailerLite and Flodesk. However, there are clearly a number of significant differences between them.

Automated workflows


Automated workflows - MailerLite - Features

By using MailterLite, complex automation sequences may be created quickly and easily. You have the choice of starting your automation series using a number of triggers, such as the anniversary of a date, The exact date match, the Updated field, When a subscriber clicks a link, completes a form, and joins a group

Following that, you’ll have the choice to include a new action, such as an email, a delay, or a condition. As you build your workflow, either add previously written emails or start writing new emails to determine which emails will be delivered by your automated. Your workflows will then be shown in a way that is both highly apparent and aesthetically pleasing.


Automated workflows - flodesk - Features

With Flodesk, you can create workflows in a similar way, but there is only one trigger available, which is triggered anytime a subscriber is added to segments. Having said that, you have the choice to add the following email, delay, condition, or other action after selecting your segment, just as you would with MailerLite.

In contrast to Flodesk, MailerLite does not offer its users the predefined workflows that are offered in Flodesk. These procedures use pre-written email message sequences. A welcome sequence, a sales sequence, as well as additional sequences, are available for selection.

Newsletter Editor


You have the option of selecting one of MailerLite’s ready-made templates or building an email from scratch when you create a new email campaign using the MailerLite UI. Any templates you’ve made in the past are welcome to be used. Naturally, MailerLite gives you a wide range of options for the appearance of your emails.

Whether you prefer to start with one of the templates or construct an email from scratch, you can simply customize email designs using the drag-and-drop builder. The custom HTML editor, the rich-text editor, or the conventional rich-text editor are all other options.


You’ll have a little less artistic license if you design your emails using Flodesk. Before being taken to an editor where you can customize the template when using Flodesk, you will first be asked to select an email template. Despite not using a drag-and-drop user interface like MailerLite, I find that this editor is just as easy to use. By selecting the addition symbols at the end of each current block in the visual editor, you can quickly add additional blocks (images, text, etc.) and fields.

Form Builder


Users can create a number of forms using the built-in form builder in MailerLite, including popups and embedded forms, among others. You have the option to create landing pages in addition to whole websites under the “sites” category. You can effectively create these forms using a drag-and-drop user interface in the same way that you would create emails using the email editor. You can also utilize any of the several templates that are offered for these forms.


The form builder on Flodesk has a few more restrictions. With the aid of Flodesk, you can create popups, inline forms, and full-page forms (which are essentially landing sites). The only templates that can be used for these forms, however, are those marked “with image” and “without image.” Following your selection of a template, you may customize your form using the same style editor as the email builder.

Conclusion – MailerLite Vs Flodesk: Which is a better choice in 2023?

Without a question, MailerLite is the best choice to take into account if you’re seeking an email marketing platform that provides more flexibility and power than its rivals. You do not have the same level of customization as Flodesk when it comes to the way you design your emails and workflow automation.

On the other hand, if you want an email marketing platform that is simpler and more understandable than other choices, Flodesk is the best alternative for you. You might discover that Flodesk is more appealing to you than it would be to someone who does not fit that demographic if you are a female small company owner or blogger and you belong to that category.

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