10 Best Email List Cleaning & Scrubbing Software for 2023

You may improve engagement with your audience by using an email cleaning service to have your messages sent to their inboxes. Your bounce rate will go down, and your sender’s reputation will go up as a result. This will lead to improved open and click-through rates, ultimately resulting in more income.

Let’s have a look at some of the most effective email list cleansing services now available on the market. We will discuss the cost, features, and more of the product.

An email scrubbing service’s accuracy can be measured by how well it can identify accept-all, role-based, disposable, invalid, and phony email addresses. They frequently cause the ball to bounce with a lot of force.

Nowadays, the vast majority of email list cleaning services are reasonably accurate when it comes to identifying role-based emails.

Following this, we will discuss the reliability of the services. Because you will have to entrust these platforms with your client database, they must have adequate safety precautions in place. Because of this, the programs on this list adhere to very stringent standards regarding the protection of user data.

But aside from reliability and safety, what else should you search for in an email list cleaning service you use? The following is a summary of some of the most significant qualities that the tools you use to clean your email list should have:

Verification of Emails Received in Bulk is an essential tool for businesses that send out large numbers of emails. It can determine whether or not the list is legitimate. It performs checks on all of the addresses in the bulk file.

The Toxic Domain Check identifies domains that have been generated by bots, are spammy, or are abusive.

Identifying and getting rid of spam traps is a vital step in keeping your email inbox clutter-free and simple to navigate.

Checks the syntax of the email address to ensure that it is formatted appropriately.

10 of the Finest Services for Cleaning and Scrubbing Email Lists (Free & Paid)

Services for Cleaning and Scrubbing Email Lists

Let’s review the benefits and drawbacks of the top email list cleaning services, including their pricing structures, features, and advantages. To provide a more comprehensive picture, we also checked reviews left by customers on various sites.


1) Bouncer

Bouncer-Best Email List Cleaning & Scrubbing Service

Bouncer is a service that cleans email mailing lists that were established in 2017. It helps you clean up your email lists, verifies that the addresses you have on file are correct, and protects you as the sender.

It has an accuracy rate of 99.5% and is simple to use. The Bouncer team takes the protection of user data seriously, as seen by their compliance with GDPR. They operate data centers within the European Union.

They anonymize the contents of emails before sending them to their servers for verification purposes. The very greatest thing is that you have complete control over whether or not your verification results are displayed. If not, after sixty days they will do it on their own automatically.

In addition, we really enjoy how entertaining it is, especially with the sights of Winston the silverback gorilla. Email cleaning is no longer a monotonous task thanks to this feature.

This one-of-a-kind function helps save both time and money by providing free samples of email verification. Bouncer examines a selection of your list’s email addresses at random to determine whether or not it needs a comprehensive cleaning.

The Bouncer Email Verification API is an effective tool for integrating email verification into the sign-up forms on your website or within your SaaS application. This ensures that the health of your email list is maintained continuously for you.

You are responsible for validating email addresses as they are received. Consider the scenario in which a user wishes to register with a temporary email address. You can use the API provided by Bouncer to refuse them in real-time and then request that they send you an appropriate business email.

Pricing for Bouncers

When you sign up for Bouncer, we’ll verify your email address 100 times for free. The pay-as-you-go pricing for the Bouncer begins at $7 for a thousand credits. The starting price for a monthly subscription is $40 for 10 thousand email validations.

2) Pabbly Email Verification

Pabbly Email-Verification-Best Email List Cleaning & Scrubbing Services

You can use Pabbly Email Verification software to automatically check the accuracy and validity of email addresses.

By lowering the quantity of bounced or undeliverable emails and maintaining email lists, Pabbly email verification can help improve email deliverability and sender score.

Email verification tools for confirming emails Verify if the email address is linked to a legitimate mailbox, check for spelling and syntax mistakes, and compare the email address to a list of known domains.

To decrease the amount of fraudulent or invalid email addresses in a list, certain Email Verification Service providers also look for catch-all email servers, role-based email addresses, and disposable email addresses.

The cheapest package has a cap of 1000 emails at $5.

Pabbly Email Verification has verified 1.9 billion emails with a 98% success rate.

The services are of unquestionable quality, and the costs are reasonable as well.

3) Email List Verify

EmailListVerify - Best Email List Cleaning & Scrubbing Services

Validation of the domain and syntax are included in this email verification service, as well as the removal of spam-trap emails (that are unable to receive incoming messages), warnings about dangerous emails, validation of MTA (which is sophisticated Mail Transfer Agent technology), and validation of MX records (mail exchange servers check).

The user interface of Email List Verify is straightforward. You can obtain real-time statistics regarding email bounces.

You can do the following by utilizing this email list cleaning service:

  • Obtain specific information regarding each and every contact, lead, and customer.
  • Converting site visitors into paying clients is a great way to boost both your traffic and your conversion rate.
  • Improve the efficiency with which you carry out your marketing activities.


Prices range from as low as $4 per month for 1,000 emails to as much as $3,290 per month for 10,000,000 emails.

4) ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is a well-known and reliable email verification service that offers a high level of precision. It is a highly effective email cleaning program that includes verification for bulk email, detection for abuse email and spam traps, verification for disposable email, gender identification, and a monitoring service for blacklists.

They give a lot of importance to both privacy and safety. GDPR, SOC 2, CCPA, and PCI compliance are all met with ZeroBounce. They assert that they have a verification accuracy of 98%. You can put it to the test with one thousand free email verifications per month.

For email marketing initiatives to be successful, segmentation is absolutely necessary. If you don’t have engagement statistics in your email marketing program, you can receive acceptable engagement data through Zerobounce.

They refer to it as activity data, and it shows you whether or not a subscriber engaged in any email activity in the preceding 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days. Even with outdated lists, this method is effective for carrying out targeted advertising.

Pricing for Zero Bounce

Get started with Zerobounce risk-free with 100 free email verifications each month on the house. The initial purchase of 2000 email verification credits will set you back $16. The starting price for a monthly plan is $15 for 2000 credits.

5) Hubuco

provides a service for verifying email addresses in addition to several other helpful services. They provide six different programs for validating mass email.

When weighed against the other available services, this one comes out to have a little higher price tag.

Despite this, it has a straightforward navigational structure. You will find that working with Hubuco is a fairly quick process. The processing time is anywhere from half an hour to an hour on average.

You don’t need to install the software. Additionally, they offer a money-back guarantee if the bounce rate will be higher than 1% even with cleaned email lists, role-based detection, and EU VAT number verification. This guarantee is offered if the bounce rate would be higher than 1%.

You can do the following by using this email list cleaning service:

  • Get 99% verification accuracy
  • Check your bulk emails
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Detect Spam-trap
  • Safeguard your information
  • Receive customer support
  • API available in real-time
  • Check the domain, the syntax, and the mailbox.
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Detect Spam-trap
  • Make grey-listing


hubuco Beginning at $29.00; Price model: One-Time License, Free, Subscription; Available for a Free Trial.

6) Email Marker

A service for the verification and cleaning of email lists and email markers.

Using EmailMarker, it is possible to upload email lists online on their web application, and the process is simple and straightforward inside that environment.

Through the use of their web application, Email Market gives you the ability to upload your email list online.

Also, it is quite simple to use. In addition, they state that they would provide a complete refund if the bounce rate of your marketing campaign is greater than 5%. Also, it can process 100,000 emails in approximately two hours. It is compatible with MailChimp and may integrate with it. You can upload a variety of file formats, including .csv,.xls,.xlsx, and .txt files.

You will receive two separate files, one clean list that contains only legitimate emails, and the original file that has been updated to include a new status column for each email record. This is another interesting aspect, and it is arguably the most exciting element. This solution for cleaning email lists gives precisely what you’re looking for.

You can do the following by using this email list cleaning service:

  • Achieving a verification accuracy of 97%
  • Check your bulk emails
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Detect Spam-trap
  • Safeguard your information
  • Receive customer support
  • API available in real-time
  • Check the domain, the syntax, and the mailbox.
  • Eliminate duplication


Free for up to 150 email messages. The cheapest paid package starts at $21 per month and includes 10,000 emails.

7) Snov.io

Snov.io is a platform for sales and CRM that also includes a service for cleansing email lists. They claim to have authenticated more than 90 million emails throughout the previous year. The platform includes a technology checker, drip campaigns, email warm-up, and email finding as well as customer relationship management (CRM).

The email verifier can examine individual emails, verify emails in bulk, or validate accounts at the time of sign-up. It eliminates from your lists any emails that are invalid, suspicious, or duplicates. They claim that this provides users with a delivery rate of 98%.

Snov.io Pricing

When you sign up for Snov.io’s free service, you’ll receive 100 email verifications, 100 recipients for your drip campaign, 50 email searches, and a free CRM. The base price per month begins at $39 for 2000 email verifications.

8) Kickbox

Kickbox is a service that validates email lists and cleans emails in real time. It is an email list cleaning service. It cleans your email lists by deleting emails that have invalid domains, invalid and unavailable SMTP addresses, accept-alls, role emails, and emails of low quality.

Emails are organized into one of three categories by Kickbox: dangerous, undeliverable, and deliverable emails. Throughout the sign-up process, you can use it to perform real-time email verification.

Moreover, Kickbox offers deliverability tools and advisory services. The tools consist of a blocklist monitor, an inbox placement checker, DMARC monitoring, and email testing. The signup and verification processes at Kickbox are renowned for their lightning-fast quickness. Users can upload XLSX and CSV files.

Kickbox Pricing

Kickbox allows you to test the site by providing you with 100 free verification credits. The price begins at $5 for every 500 verifications purchased. They do not levy any fees on unsolicited emails.

9) JangoMail

With services for both transactional and marketing emails, JangoMail is the industry leader in permission-based email marketing. To communicate with their users, more than 200,000 enterprises across six continents use JangoMail and its transactional email service JangoSMTP.

The best users of our email marketing service are business owners and entrepreneurs of all sizes and sectors.

Email can be sent programmatically using the web service known as the JangoMail API. It makes use of third-party software programs. JangoMail enables the API to obtain data into and out of your JangoMail account to send emails using it. Without having to log in to the JangoMail website, the API allows users to carry out actions like sending out bulk emails or adding members to a list window.

With no credit card needed and the same functionality as a premium account, JangoMail offers a 30-day free trial. The cost for up to 1,000 emails starts at $15 per month.

10) Debounce

Debounce claims that its email verification service is 97% accurate. It provides tools for validating emails that may check for spam traps, catch-all domains, hard bounces, syntax mistakes, duplicate email addresses, and disposable or invalid emails.

With the email verification API, incorrect emails can be detected upon signup. For cold outreach, find legitimate emails based on names and domains. Debounce can also help you if you have a list of emails but are missing first and last names or images.

They assert that they can locate the identities and images of 40–70% of an email list.

More than 15 email marketing technologies, including MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Moosend, AWeber, and Klaviyo, can be directly connected to Debounce. Also, the Zapier connector makes 5000+ additional apps accessible.

Debounce is quite kind. Without registering, you can check 10 emails for free each day. You will also receive 100 complimentary credits if you opt to sign up. The starting fee for 5000 verifications under pay-as-you-go is $10. There are no monthly plans available.

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Wrapping up

In this article, we will go over the top 10 email cleaning services. Let’s simply rehash. Bouncer offers competitive prices in addition to impressive accuracy and a wonderful user experience.

The accuracy of Bouncer and Pabbly is approximately the same, coming in at 98%. Debounce is the most effective solution for real-time validation during the sign-up process because it requires no code integrations.

Even if your email list is spotless, it won’t do you much good if you don’t have email marketing software to help you design and deliver professional-looking emails automatically.

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