10 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools for 2023

Whether you work in marketing, sales, hiring, entrepreneurship, etc. in any capacity, LinkedIn is the place to be. And no, it’s not merely a forum where you can exchange business ideas with more than 900 million others in the same profession. Also, it is a fantastic tool that can help you reach the objectives you have set for your business or career.

On the other hand, you must make sure that you are consistently engaged on the site if you want to get the most out of LinkedIn. Making time in your calendar for tasks like growing your network, creating content, and trading messages are necessary for engaging with other people.

What are LinkedIn automation tools?

LinkedIn automation tools are pieces of software created to manage duties on your account in a manner similar to that of a human. Using LinkedIn automation tools has the following advantages in addition to saving you time,

  • assisting in the carrying out of customized campaigns.
  • You should be gathering information to aid you in creating improved iterations of your campaigns.
  • building successful multichannel marketing campaigns by integrating with your current marketing tools.

LinkedIn’s automation features make it easier for you to use the platform to achieve your professional and business goals.

10 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

10 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

Let’s take a quick look at the 10 tools that are regarded as the best on the market for LinkedIn automation now that you are familiar with what are LinkedIn Automation Tools.

1) Expandi


If you’re looking for a secure LinkedIn automation solution with robust capabilities that are really easy to use, Expandi is the tool for you.

Although being one of the more recent entries on the market, Expandi is one of the most efficient LinkedIn automation systems currently available. You can anticipate having access to a sizable number of tools that streamline the automation process given that the platform is cloud-based. The tool can be used, for instance, to find information on LinkedIn accounts that is pertinent to Twitter and Facebook pages.

One of Expandi’s most notable features is the random pause it inserts between tasks. This gives the impression of human conduct on LinkedIn and helps you stay within the law. The sophisticated dynamic customizing feature that was created by the firm in partnership with Hyperise is another aspect of Expandi that contributes to its broad appeal. You now have the option to extract pictures from your prospect’s profile and use them in the messages you send them.

The Advantages of Expandi

  • connects to a wide range of additional marketing tools.
  • Several accounts can be managed and controlled from a single dashboard.
  • The intelligent limits that have been set only allow you to send a maximum of 100 connection requests or messages every day.
  • A feature that automatically starts to warm up and boosts daily restrictions over time.
  • unique images and GIFs that you create.
  • IP address that is nation-specific.

The disadvantages of Expandi

  • In comparison to some of the other tools on our list, it is a little bit more pricey.


For Expandi, there is only one pricing option, and it costs $99 per month. If you’re not sure whether to buy the product, you can test it out for seven days during the free trial period to see how well it suits your needs.


PhantomBuster-LinkedIn automation tool

Phantombuster is a piece of technology that helps businesses automate any online task they might need to complete, including LinkedIn Automation.

One of the main characteristics of Phantombuster is its capacity to scrape data, which gives you important information you can use to implement successful campaigns. Your life is made easier by the LinkedIn automation tool that operates in the cloud by automating a number of actions, such as sending connection requests, liking and commenting on posts, sending personalized messages, and many more.

Phantombuster must be used in conjunction with a stronger personalization tool, though, to get the most out of your personalization strategy. The possibilities of your strategy won’t be apparent to you until then. You can, for example, quadruple the number of individuals that click on your call to action by integrating Hyperise.

The Advantages of  Phantombuster

  • enables the quick growth of your network.
  • Scraping is a method used to retrieve data from LinkedIn and other social media profiles.
  • simple integration with different tools.
  • By implicitly validating the qualities of your connections, you can increase involvement.
  • No cost perpetual plan.

The Disadvantages of Phantombuster

  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) for Phantombuster might be challenging to work with.
  • The quality of the technical support is poor.


Phantombuster provides five options with monthly costs ranging from $0 to $900.



Dux-Soup is one of the most well-liked LinkedIn automation chrome extensions for a variety of factors, some of which are very commendable.

One of the key aspects of Dux-tremendous Soup’s appeal is unquestionably the fact that it is so user-friendly. Even novice users of LinkedIn marketing can automate profile visits and outreach, LinkedIn messaging, recommending connections, and much more.

On LinkedIn, you can create drip campaigns that finish when a prospect responds to one of your messages. Unfortunately, since it’s a Chrome extension, it will only work correctly when you log in.

Advantages of Dux-Soup

  • great customer service.
  • simple management of potential clients.
  • numerous types of integrations.

Disadvantages of Dux-Soup

  • Support is not active 24/7


For use with Dux-Soup, there are three different price options available:

  • Free
  • Professional costs $11.25 per month.
  • Turbo has a monthly fee of $41.25

4) We-Connect


We-Connect is a LinkedIn automation tool that, as its name suggests, could help you develop your professional network there.

We-Connect has benefits beyond just growing your network. Additionally, it aids in prospecting, nurturing, and concluding new contracts. Features like a strong campaign manager, intelligent reply management, and simple user administration make this possible.

It will provide you with the data required to create more effective campaign iterations when combined with the comprehensive reporting tool.

Advantages of We-Connect

  • Finding the intended audience is simple.
  • You have the power to revoke pending invitations.
  • a carefully thought-out user interface.
  • Contacts are easy to group together.

Disadvantages of WeConnect

  • Unsatisfactory client service.
  • Understanding how the tool works involve a slight learning curve.


We-connect charges $49 per user every month under a simple pricing structure.

5) Growthleads

Growthleads-LinkedIn automation tool

Growthleads is an automated tool for producing B2B leads on LinkedIn, as the name would imply. It runs entirely on its own.

GrwothLeads is a top-notch automation tool that enables you to find your perfect audience on LinkedIn with the aid of a number of smart filters. To disseminate the material, you may also set up a number of outreach programs that are targeted at specific groups on your contact list.

Advantages of Growthleads

  • Use the dashboard to manage many LinkedIn accounts from one place.
  • compatible with the platforms of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter.
  • Good lead development and lead sequences.

Disadvantages of GrowthLead

  • The fact that GrowthLead Customizing is less efficient than rival products like Expandi.


According to the needs of the user, a variety of plans are offered by GrowthLeads. An illustration of their typical pricing structure is as follows:

  • The entry-level package has a monthly user fee of $67.35 USD.
  • $101.61 per user per month is the price for the Pro plan.
  • Each user pays $147.30 USD per month for the advanced plan.
  • The cost of Done-For-You (Dedicated Campaign Manager) is $489.85 per user per month.

6) Onlypult

Onlypult-com-LinkedIn automation tool

By providing you with access to a single control panel for all of the social media sites listed below in one convenient location, Onlypult saves you time.

These sites include Facebook, Medium, Pinterest, Telegram, WordPress, Tumblr, TikTok, YouTube, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. It really is a one-stop shop for social media marketing. The ability to manage all of your accounts from a single window eliminates the need to switch between users.

One of the numerous features that are smoothly integrated into Onlypult is posting, in addition to the editing of photographs and videos.

Whenever you create a new post, Onlypult automatically adds it to the auto-schedule queue and schedules it for one of your preferred slots. This allows you to utilize Onlypult to auto-schedule posts across all of your channels.

Although it is not necessary, you have the choice to manually schedule your articles whenever you choose. Also, you can make posts that automatically disappear after a given period of time or at a particular date and time. This function is beneficial for passing-through specials and coupons.


Onlypult Pricing starts at $17.50.

7) Zopto

Zopto- LinkedIn automation tool

With the aid of Zopto, a LinkedIn automatic solution that you can use, you may generate fresh business prospects. Also, it enables you to manage multiple profiles at once. Due to its compatibility with both Recruiter and Sales Navigator accounts, you have some options depending on the structure of your business.

Also, you can reply to discussions in your Inbox from within the programme itself. If you utilise Zopto, you won’t ever have your LinkedIn account suspended because their algorithm is made to look like human behaviour.

Many CRM and marketing automation programmes, as well as thousands of connections made possible by Zapier and webhooks, are all compatible with Zopto. For example, you could use it to build a sophisticated list of prospects and filter them using thousands of different criteria.

With the aid of Zopto, you may search for, locate, and expand your network. If you interact with the individuals that make up your ideal audience, you may boost sales and distribute content. You can choose from a wide range of customised advanced filters based on hundreds of different characteristics.


The “start” plan for Zopto costs $25 per month, and the “Pro” plan can cost up to $99 per month.

8) Cleverly

Cleverly-LinkedIn automation tool

In contrast to some of the other automation solutions that work with the main social media networks, cleverly is an automation tool that exclusively focuses on LinkedIn. It can actually put the entire process of acquiring new leads via LinkedIn on autopilot and is actually better referred to as a lead-generating agency rather than an automation technology.

Your LinkedIn profile will routinely and promptly connect with those who are most likely to become clients or customers with the help of Cleverly.

Their team has conducted thousands of campaigns, giving them access to a plethora of data that they utilize to choose which prospects to target.

Also, because each message is personalized, there is a greater chance that you will get a response. You will then receive a message when a lead responds, enabling you to speed up both your first and future reaction times.

Whether you decide to share your content on your profile or inside your posts, Cleverly can help you make the most of it in addition to supporting you in the generation of leads.


The starting monthly fee for Cleverly is $397 for the silver plan, which includes LinkedIn outreach, and it rises to $1,197 for outreach + content.

9) LeadConnect

LeadConnect - LinkedIn automation tool

While using LeadConnect, you can set your target audience and create up to 100 personalized invitation messages.

In order to connect with new people you have messaged but who have not replied to your initial message, you can also send follow-up messages to them. You can also integrate your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles with a customer relationship management system (CRM) like Hubspot for a more effective lead-nurturing campaign.

Also, you may integrate this tool with another prospecting tool you use to create more powerful message sequences.

Advantages of Lead Connect

  • Outreach message formats that you can customize to meet your needs.
  • A feature of the team blacklist that, by limiting their contact information, prohibits other team members from getting in touch with the same prospect.
  • Forever-free package

Disadvantages of Lead Connect

  • Lead Connect’s inability to connect with other CRM systems, a third-party app named Zapier must be used.
  • uploading any photos is another inability.


You have three alternatives when considering an upgrade once you have outgrown the forever-free plan:

  • Professional, $22.95 is the cost.
  • Grow – $40.95.
  • Ultimate cost – $79.95.

10) Demand

Demand-LinkedIn automation tool

For generating sales leads, the website for professional networking, LinkedIn, is useful. And a LinkedIn automation tool called Demand can help you achieve this.

Demand is a particularly excellent tool for LinkedIn sales outreach because it was created with personalization at its core

You will find the email finding and verification option to be a useful tool in your capacity as a marketer or salesperson. This increases the likelihood that the people you communicate with are actual people and not computer programs.

Advantages of  Demand

  • Choices for more sophisticated automation.
  • Campaign features that allow for email and LinkedIn integration.
  • Enriching the data to produce outreach initiatives with a higher level of personalization.
  • Free weeklong trial period.

The disadvantages of Demand

  • Pricing can occasionally become very perplexing.


Each month’s starting price is $49 per user. Depending on the type of add-on acquired, costs for individual add-ons vary.

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FAQ Related to LinkedIn Automation

Are LinkedIn automation tools allowed?

To ensure the security of our members’ information and the integrity of our platform, LinkedIn prohibits the use of any “crawlers,” bots, browser plug-ins, or browser extensions that collect data from, alter the look of, or automate activities on LinkedIn.

How do I automate connections on LinkedIn?

  • Use LinkedIn’s automated messaging features to send a message to a connection without lifting a finger.
  • Add a touch of personalization and make the message relevant to your contact.
  • Prior to sending, you can set a condition (like a follow-up, for instance).
  • If you set this to happen automatically, a new dialogue will start each day.

Can you get banned from LinkedIn for scraping?

Automation for LinkedIn To function, Chrome add-ons must scrape users’ LinkedIn profiles for information. Inadequate for GDPR compliance. LinkedIn’s misfortune is that it gets the blame for such actions. It’s no surprise that anyone using a data-gathering Chrome extension will be permanently banned.

What is the best LinkedIn automation software?

Here is the list of the Best LinkedIn automation software:

1) Expandi
4) We-Connect
5) Growthleads
6) Onlypult
7) Zopto
8) Cleverly
9) LeadConnect
10) Demand

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