10 Best Pinterest Chrome Extensions in 2023

Are you looking for an Unbiased list of the Best Pinterest Chrome Extention, Don’t worry, I got you covered.

When you’re perusing the web and come across something that’s worth sharing or saving for later, using an app like Pinterest isn’t always the most convenient option.

If you use Google Chrome, the Chrome Web Store has a wide variety of Pinterest plugins (sometimes referred to as browser extensions). If you don’t use Chrome, you may also find many of these extensions in the Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari extension shops.

How to Install Chrome Extensions? 

How to Install Chrome Extensions - Best Pinterest Chrome Extension

The Chrome Web Store is where you can find each of the Pinterest Chrome extensions we’re presenting below. You may either search for each extension from the marketplace or use the direct link we’ve supplied.

To add an extension to your browser, you must be signed into your Google account on both the browser and the web store. The extension will be added to your browser when you click the Add to Chrome button.

Since not every extension is turned on by default, you might need to go to Settings > Extensions to enable it.

10 Best Pinterest Chrome Extensions for 2023

Best Pinterest Chrome Extensions for 2023

There are many other Pinterest Chrome extensions available. But are they all worthwhile endeavors? To give you the very best options available, we’ve put together this list. These are the extensions that we discovered to have the most adaptable, practical, and actually useful features.

1) Image Downloader

Best Pinterest Chrome Extensions

Pinterest is a popular website where users may find and save interesting photographs that have been collected by other users; however, downloading these images or obtaining the highest quality version they are hosted in is not a simple process.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are just some of the sites that can benefit from the Image Downloader plugin. This add-on will reveal thumbnails for all images on the website, including those that are hidden. Choose which photographs to save or save them all at once in a group. It’s a lot quicker than right-clicking on each image to save it.

The pricing is free of charge, yes, you heard it right, the Pinterest Chrome extension and image downloader come with no cost.

2) Pinterest Save Button

Pinterest Save Button - Pinterest extension chrome

The Pinterest Save Button is a Pinterest-approved add-on. You may click the icon at any moment while using Chrome to save ideas, pin images, and cut pertinent text to Pinterest.

The Save Button’s strength is that it laser-focuses on one item, thus there isn’t much to dislike about it. Anyone who uses Pinterest to produce and share content rather than just browses it has to install this extension.

The Chrome extension for the Pinterest Save Button is totally free.

3) Tailwind Publisher

Tailwind Publisher - Pinterest extension chrome

The most effective Pinterest Chrome addon overall is Tailwind.

Internet users can save images to their Pinterest boards.

Additionally, it is simple to find images online that are comparable to those on your Pinterest boards.

Tailwind makes it simple to schedule and post content on Pinterest.

The cost of Tailwind might vary significantly depending on how frequently you use it. They provide a free plan that lasts indefinitely, while their paid plans start at $12.99 and go up to $39.99.

4) Pinterest Enhanced

Pinterest Enhanced - Pinterest extension chrome

Although Pinterest is a great platform to explore inspiration, there are undoubtedly a few aspects of the way it looks and functions that might be improved. Exactly that is what Pinterest Enhances accomplishes. It slightly redesigns the Pinterest homepage to make it easier to use and less disorganized.

After installing this extension, Pinterest Enhanced will show all photos with a fixed height, resulting in a neatly arranged grid of images. Only when you move your mouse over each image will you see the pin information, Additionally, it makes it simple to download photographs in their entirety and look up their online sources.

Pinterest Enhanced is a free extension forever.

5) Pinterest Tag Helper

Pinterest Tag Helper - Pinterest extension chrome

The Pinterest Tag Helper assists users in testing their tags to ensure they function.

Labelling every image on a website, it avoids future mistakes.

Best for making sure Pinterest tags function properly.

Error Messages on Invalid Tags: The Pinterest Tag Helper is a great tool since it lets you see error codes on broken tags. It enables users to quickly and simply repair mistakes.

Automatic tagging helps users save time and effort.

Pinterest Tag Helper is a free addon available.

6) No Pinterest Results

No Pinterest Results - Pinterest extension chrome

Whether you like Pinterest or not, it has a bothersome propensity to clog Google results with crappy photos and web page excerpts rather than displaying the genuine content those pins are based on.

When activated, the straightforward addition No Pinterest Results stops Google from displaying any results that come from the website. The same search criteria might be entered manually into the Google search field to do this, but using a toggle button is far more straightforward.

It is free to use the No Pinterest Results addon.

7) Shareaholic

Shareaholic - Pinterest extension chrome

Users can share material from their favorite websites with friends and followers on social media using Shareaholic.

You can bookmark your favorite websites and articles with Shareaholic for later.

Quickest for sharing on social networking.

Social Media Integration: This feature enables users to share content with their followers and friends both offline and online.

Bookmarking Functionality: Users can save their favorite websites for later use with this feature.

Shareaholic offers four plans to its customers, starting from $8 and $31 per month, other two plan includes a free plan and an enterprise plan where you need to get in touch with a sales representative.

8) Promoted Pin Hider

Promoted Pin Hider - Pinterest extension chrome

Like the majority of websites that are accessible for free, Pinterest generates revenue through advertising. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but occasionally it could seem like promoted pins are obscuring the information you’re trying to find.

Because of this, Promoted Pin Hider is a very useful plugin. The pins are not truly blocked; rather, they are blanked out so that you can see only genuine pins and not ones that have been propelled to the top by a payment scheme.

9) Pinterest Love: Pinterest Screenshot Saver++

Pinterest Love: Pinterest Screenshot Saver++ Pinterest extension chrome

Over the years, there have been a few excellent Pinterest screenshot extensions, but like other extensions, they come and go. The good news is that Pinterest Screenshot Saver++ appears to be the greatest one yet and won’t be going away very soon.

  • A list of every image that can be pinned to a page.
  • Excluding Pinterest from the Google Image search results.
  • Upload photographs to Pinterest from any website.
  • Pinterest’s night mode.
  • Annotating and modifying screenshots.

This Pinterest Chrome extension is free to use and provides you the ability to edit and annotate screenshots as well as other photos before you save a pin.

10) Mobile Pinterest for PC/MAC

Pinterest Chrome Extension - Mobile Pinterest for PC/MAC

Pinterest was never actually designed to be used in a desktop browser, the experience of using Pinterest on a personal computer (PC) or a Macintosh computer (Mac) can feel significantly less refined than using the Pinterest app for an iOS or Android device.

There are methods by which mobile applications can be launched on a personal computer or a Macintosh computer; however, this add-on accomplishes a similar goal by making use of a straightforward window in the shape of a mobile device that reflows the website into the chosen configuration of the app.

The mobile experience to the desktop version of Pinterest, You can surf Pinterest using this little window exactly like you would on a mobile device.

If you like to use Pinterest in this fashion and don’t want to bother with desktop system mobile app-emulation, then this uncomplicated addition is a winner.

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What Is a Pinterest Chrome Extension?

Images found on the Pinterest Platform can be easily saved to Pinterest boards with the help of a Pinterest Chrome extension. In addition, it facilitates the process of locating web photographs that are comparable to those found on your Pinterest boards.

How do I add Pinterest extensions to Chrome?

Pin images to your browser bookmark with the Pinterest button, Click the Get our Browser button on the Chrome online store page and then continue with the installation as directed.

Is there a Chrome extension for Pinterest?

Use the Chrome Web Store to get a wide variety of Pinterest add-ons, if you’re a Google Chrome user. Many of these extensions are also available in Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox if Chrome isn’t your browser of choice.

Why Is a Pinterest Chrome Extension Important?

The ability to swiftly and easily save photographs from the web to one’s Pinterest boards makes a Pinterest Chrome plugin relevant & necessary.

How do I enable extensions in Chrome?

In the browser toolbar’s upper right corner, click the Chrome puzzle symbol. You can choose which extensions to enable or disable from this menu.

Conclusion – 10 Best Pinterest Chrome Extention 2023

Your pinning experience will be a lot more pleasurable and effective thanks to these enhancements.

These goods address a need for equipment that makes pinning simpler, quicker, and more effective.

We advise making an investment in one of these items if you are prepared to use Pinterest for marketing or business objectives.

It’s possible that depending on when you read this, clicking will result in the dreaded 404 error. Don’t be too disheartened, as there are generally numerous more options available that accomplish the same goal. You can quickly locate something suitable by conducting a search in the Chrome Web Store using similar keywords.

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