Convertbox Review: Is it the Best Popup Builder in 2023?

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Conversion rate optimization is crucial to your success if you own an online business. How many people who visit your website actually convert into paying clients depends on your conversion rate. While a lower conversion rate results in lesser earnings, there are several solutions available to increase your conversion rate.

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The Problem?

The majority of a marketer’s work is spent attracting traffic to their website, but most visitors leave without ever completing a single action, making all of their efforts useless. You are losing a lot of leads and sales every day if you are not making an effort to engage your website users. Yet, the variety of conversion optimization tools can often make it quite challenging to select the best one for your company.

The Solution?

You will need to target and re-target your existing audience with personalized offers in order to sustain your online business over the long term. To do this, you will need trustworthy software and tools to streamline the process. “ConvertBox” is one such tool that we would suggest for this task. a single solution for behavior-based on-site retargeting, list growth, and opt-in. Its adaptability and astounding conversion rates imply that it could replace several pieces of software you now have in your toolbox.

Let us discuss more ConvertBox, explore what you can do with it, and whether we recommend trying it or not!

ConvertBox Review: A Quick Overview

Convertbox Review

As you enumerate all of the potential uses for this opt-in technology, its adaptability becomes obvious. It covers everything, from growing your email list to guiding visitors through the sales funnel to making site-wide announcements.

  • Create a little chat box that will show up in the bottom left or right corner of your page.
  • Access to a variety of templates for complicated forms, video messages, limited-time offers, etc., or if you’d rather, start from scratch.
  • Simple editing is made possible by a user-friendly interface that enables you to alter or remove any element with a single click.
  • supports additional modal, such as sticky bars that are permanently present at the top of your website pages.
  • offers for full-page dominance, which will entirely take over your website to display your unique offer to users.
  • Connectivity with well-known CRM extensions, such as Hubspot, enables you to link each form field with a field in your preferred CRM and ensure that the data is automatically saved there.
  • Test various lead generation modal by creating A/B tests for all of your modal.
  • The tool offers previews of what you are doing for the web and mobile devices.

About ConvertBox

Convertbox Review - Overview

ConvertBox is an email capture tool developed to help businesses in establishing connections with their target market. You can develop personalized landing pages, email capture forms, and sales funnels with ConvertBox that greatly increase the rate at which visitors become paying customers.

By using highly clever on-site messages and attractive lead capture forms, an online form builder created to assure the success of your campaigns gives your visitors a far more personalized opt-in experience.

Convertbox Salient features

Convertbox is loaded with powerful features and functions and has been significantly expanding its feature set, making it now able to create quite intricate quizzes for lead generation. Here are all features you can utilize with ConverBox.

Segmentation Funnels

Convertbox Review - Feature - Segmentation Funnels

You can segment your audience to deliver highly personalized offers to the right website visitors. The multiple-choice funnels you can use to categorize and tag your visitors before providing them with offers depending on their objectives and interests are among its most praised features.

Engage On-Site Messages 

Target shoppers who are leaving their shopping carts with a fresh offer, boost sales by sending discount coupons to past clients or even running time-limited promotions to encourage shoppers to make a last-minute purchase.

A/B Split Testing

With the help of the tool’s A/B split testing capability, create numerous test versions to determine what functions and what don’t. With the visual editor, create and test several iterations of your lead collection forms and use the real-time data to anticipate which will convert better even before you publish.

Embedded forms

convertbox feature - Embed all your favourite marketing tools

Display both large and tiny embedded forms within the content of your page. It works best with opt-in offers that fit with the theme of your post. The forms can fit in the widget regions of your page, especially the sidebar, depending on your preferences. 


Get all the data you require to maximize your opt-ins. Data on views, interactions, and leads are provided. Additionally, it enables you to compare the results by monitoring the performance of each of your models, a specific set of models, or the ConvertBoxes you made for split testing.

Convertbox User Interface

Convertbox - User Interface

The second thing you notice about any software after installing it is its design, specifically its user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). ConvertBox’s dashboard has a fantastic design. It will appeal to you if user-friendliness is important to you.

You’ll receive a bird’s eye perspective of your users’ actions after logging in. You don’t need to worry about your dashboard becoming cluttered when you add new ConvertBoxes or groups because you can eliminate any unwanted groups by simply dragging them to the bottom. The groups and ConvertBoxes you need to use will always be at the top in this fashion.

For the actual process of creating groups and forms, ConvertBox offers a simple interface as well. It makes the entire form-building process simple and enjoyable in a way so that you won’t get bored doing these necessary but boring jobs.

Lead Generation Modal

Convertbox Lead Generation Modal

With their form builder, you may generate leads directly from your pop-ups, or you can just ask your visitors questions and provide numerous buttons for responses. The fact that ConvertBox makes lead creation incredibly simple is possibly the finest thing about this.

You must first choose which groups your lead generation mode belongs to and give it a name. Every modal must be a member of a group. These are now more easily arranged, making it simpler to find what you’re looking for. Also, you can easily observe how a specific lead magnet is doing all in all, which is helpful for reporting.

Imagine asking individuals if they are more interested in traffic or conversion while using this function, which is incredibly intriguing and distinctive because it allows you to design very intricate funnels. Make a new funnel with a different offer or lead magnet at the end depending on what they clicked. Your funnel can include as many steps as you like, and you can essentially use it as a quiz builder.

Valuable Statistics & Insights

Get a report on views, interactions (such as when a user clicks on the modal), and leads. Also, you may obtain statistics for a certain set of modal, and if you’re conducting split tests, you’ll be able to view a breakdown of each trial to learn how it’s doing. If you are using a multi-step modal, you will be able to view a breakdown of the conversion rate and click-through rate for each stage of your funnel.

Integrate with Third-Party apps

Depending on the third-party services you link ConvertBox to, it may become even more powerful. They consist of autoresponders, page builders, shopping carts, email marketing tools, CRM suites, and more. Once connected, you can use their data to build your funnels and ConvertBoxes or ConvertBox can write its own data to them so you can use it however you choose.

How much does ConvertBox cost?

Convertbox Pricing

ConvertBox is currently offering a discounted lifetime deal that will allow you to gain access to all its premium features and functions at just $495. This is a one-time fee only and there will be no monthly or annual fees involved whatsoever.

Since the product is still in beta testing and will soon be released, there is currently no monthly or annual plan. But, based on the lifetime cost, it doesn’t appear like the monthly or annual plans will be that expensive when it is released.

The key features of the plan include:

  • One-time payment
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Support up to 10 websites
  • 250,000 views per month
  • No Branding
  • Quality Technical Support
  • Unlimited ConvertBox’s
  • Free platform updates

Why do we recommend ConvertBox?

Convertbox Reviews by users

ConvertBox is a truly fantastic tool, in fact. It’s a tremendously effective tool for online marketers and businesses because of how simple it is to use and because of the sophisticated lead generation tools it offers. Another major advantage and something that sets it apart from all its rivals is the close connectivity with Hubspot and other CRMs.

Easy to Use

Drag and drop operations allow you to design everything in the visual editor (and test it). This covers the look and feel of your website, the customized messages, and everything in between. If everything wasn’t organized well in one dashboard, it would be difficult to stay on top of ConvertBox’s functionality.

Targets Visitors Intelligently

ConvertBox uses highly tailored messages that encourage your visitors to take action rather than static, generic ones. It makes use of CRM and ESP data, takes into account site activity, and refers the visitor to a specific offer, creating a highly customized experience.

Numerous Custom Form Fields

When it comes to custom form fields, you have a lot of options. You may use a variety of layouts to customize your email collection forms, including full-page and modal forms (we’ll go into detail about these), and then use the tool to transmit the emails you gather to your CRM and ESP databases. That’s how simple it is.

Track everything effortlessly

ConvertBox’s real-time statistics and insights on each component of your campaigns are another factor making it such a powerful opt-in tool for marketers. This allows you to experiment with each step of your lead collection campaign until you identify the one that offers the best return on your investment.

Seamless integration with third-party tools

Take advantage of seamless interaction with all the key marketing tools, such as page builders, autoresponders, and cart systems. ConvertBox will be soon providing support to all marketing tactics regardless of the technologies they depend on because the integrations are being developed on a daily basis.

Conclusion – ConvertBox Review 2023

We must really compliment the ConvertBox team on a job well done. With this application, you can easily build any type of pop-up on your website, collect visitors’ email addresses, and direct them to exclusive offers. It offers excellent integrations with your preferred CRM and is incredibly easy yet effective, which are just two of its many intriguing features.¬†

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