ConvertBox Pricing 2023: Lifetime Deal on Standard & Pro Plan!

Do you want to know ConvertBox Pricing without having to give your email address? Don’t worry, I got you covered. My detailed article about their early access special price will give you all the information you need to decide whether or not to buy.

It is quickly becoming known as a powerful opt-in forms software that can be used to find and keep leads. Even though there are other tools on the market that do similar things, Convertbox stands out because it has so many features and choices.

ConvertBox in comparison to its competitors, which only lets you build opt-in forms, Convertbox gives you the tools to make unique experiences, which lets you increase your conversion rates.

In this article, l will share details about the Convertbox Pricing and Plans, so you can decide if it’s the right opt-in tool for your needs.

Quick Cost Summary – Here’s a quick breakdown of the several lifetime Convertbox Pricing Plans:

  • Convertbox Standard Lifetime Plan fee is $495.
  • Convertbox Pro Lifetime Plan fee is $590 (for only $95 more)

ConvertBox Pricing and Plans

What’s included in the $495 Convertbox Standard Lifetime Plan?

Convertbox Standard Lifetime Plan - Convertbox Pricing

Let’s be clear about the lifelong deal for Convertbox: “Lifetime Price” really means “for life.” Once you pay $495 for the lifetime deal on Convertbox, there are no more monthly or annual fees for the software’s features.

Software with similar abilities usually costs about $100 a month which exceeds over $1000 yearly. Convertbox also gives you 30 days to change your mind and get your money back if you do.

What’s included in the $590 Convertbox Pro Lifetime Plan?

Convertbox Pro Lifetime Plan - Convertbox Pricing

For an extra $95 you can get the ConvertBox Pro Lifetime Plan, which includes:

With the Pro Lifetime deal, you can get 500,000 Convertbox views per month for an extra $95 on top of the price of the Standard plan. This brings the total cost to $590. OptinMonster’s most expensive plan, which costs $50 per month, only lets you get 100,000 visits.

By itself, this upgrade doubles the highest number of views that the Standard Plan (250,000) can offer. The value of this upgrade is easy to see since it guarantees 500,000 monthly views for life.

Also, you can now use Convertbox on 50 websites instead of just 10. This update helps marketing agencies with a lot of clients the most.

Also, the Pro account lets five different people log in instead of just one. This is a very useful tool if you want your employees to be able to make changes without being able to add websites or integrations. The main account holder has full access and power over the account.

What’s the difference between the Standard Plan and the Pro Plan?

It’s important to know that the Standard Plan includes all of the software’s key features. The main difference between the two plans is how much they can do.

For example, with the Standard plan, you can get up to 250,000 views per month, but with the Pro plan, you can get up to 500,000 views per month. When compared to Optinmonster’s top tier, which costs $80 per month and only allows 100,000 views per month, this is a big difference. There is a big difference between the opt-in software

Also, you can add Convertboxes to 10 websites with the Standard plan, but you can add them to 50 websites with the Pro plan. This feature is not relevant for you unless they run an agency.

Now, let’s look at the main features of ConvertBox and how they can help your business:

With Convertbox’s poll and quiz features and multi-step funnels, you can quickly divide your visitors into groups by asking conditional questions. This segmentation lets you send texts or offers that are very specific to each person.

You can make personalization even better with dynamic text replacement, which lets you address visitors by their name, business, or other important information.

Conditional Action and Quiz Scoring in Convertbox let you show focused offers based on how people answer these multiple-choice questions. The guest is then shown an analysis screen that gives the impression of a customized result.

Personalization increases conversions and purchases.

Multi-step opt-in forms let you gradually collect lead data instead of asking for everything at once, which might weary leads and reduce conversions.

A/B tests these messaging, offers, and funnels to find what performs best in real time. Instead of guessing, split testing provides lead-generating data.

The customized opt-in form fields work well with email marketing tools like MailChimp, Active Campaign, and more to collect visitor data. These platforms can be linked in minutes, and the data will automatically go to your marketing platform.

Countdown timers can be added to offers and texts. When there aren’t many things to see and do, visitors act differently. This drive to buy plays on our fear of missing out, which can make us more likely to buy.

You can keep track of your website, online business messages, and lead capture forms with real-time data. When you can see everything in one place, it’s easy to find the parts of your funnel that drive conversions and the parts that make people leave.

With just a few clicks, the mobile designer makes convertBoxes that work well on mobile devices.

FAQs: ConvertBox Pricing

❓Is ConvertBox really a one-time price?

Yes, for a short time only, they are currently offering ConvertBox for a one-time fee. This means that you will only pay for the service once, and there will be no additional charges after that.

❓Will I get Regular ConvertBox Updates?

Yes, without a doubt! In fact, since launching early access, They’ve already released over 100 upgrades with significant new features, with many more on the way.

❓Will there be an additional fee for the lifetime membership?

After purchasing the Lifetime plan from Convertbox, you will never be subject to additional fees.

Summing Up

From the very moment, I discovered ConvertBox, it captured my heart and became an integral part of my online journey. Throughout the years, my loyalty to this incredible platform has only grown stronger, as I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable benefits it brings to my business.

ConvertBox has been my faithful companion, guiding me through the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. Its intuitive interface and powerful features have empowered me to connect with the audience in ways I never thought possible. With each interaction, I am reminded of the profound impact this tool has on my success.

This remarkable tool, beyond compare, holds a value that is simply unparalleled. And what’s more, the current deal that awaits your consideration is nothing short of exceptional which is for a short period of time ConvertBox is making its software available for a one-time purchase price. It is a rare opportunity, deserving of your precious investment.

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