ThriveCart Vs Kajabi 2023: Which is Best?

Finding the best software for your needs is of the greatest importance, as choosing the best shopping cart and landing page builder for your business is a very important choice.

ThriveCart and Kajabi are two software that lets you sell goods and services to your customers. You can use either of these tools.

People often ask me why I like ThriveCart better than Kajabi when it comes to my shopping cart.

Since I have my own reasons, I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about how they are different.

With carts, there’s no room for negotiation. You absolutely must make sure they look good and are optimized for sales.

In many ways, I think Kajabi’s shopping cart feature isn’t as good as it could be. Let me walk you through each of them one by one.

Let’s get started as soon as possible.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Bottom Line Upfront

ThriveCart wins when it comes to selling digital products online. It is better than Kajabi in terms of being easy to use, storing content, and marketing tools like email.

In effect, ThriveCart has all the features you need to create and market online courses, and you only have to pay a one-time membership fee to use it for life.

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart Vs Kajabi

Josh Bartlett created a feature-rich shopping cart system called ThriveCart at the start of 2016. Its main application is in the development of highly effective sales pages and order forms.

A page development software called ThriveCart assists businesses in building cart sites and funnels, maintains the pricing model, and monitors and records sales made through those pages.

Additionally, ThriveCart oversees the tracking and reporting of sales generated by those pages. It also includes a wide range of capabilities for the creation of courses and affiliate marketing. With the help of their preferred payment processor, this platform was created for companies that sell their goods or services online in order to save them time and help them close more orders.

What is Kajabi?

thrivecart vs kajabi - What is Kajabi

With Kajabi’s all-in-one marketing platform, you can create membership sites, sell goods or services, and get assistance with lead follow-up. Kajabi was developed to enable the sale of goods and services, the creation of membership websites, and assistance with lead follow-up.

Aiming to help businesses create websites and landing pages, streamline payments and marketing automation, and do much more besides, Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform. A chat help system, sophisticated automation, marketing emails, ready-to-use templates, chat assistance, a code editor, webinars, and events are among the most crucial features.

What is the Main difference between ThriveCart Vs Kajabi?

Before choosing between the two software platforms, it is crucial to keep in mind that ThriveCart and Kajabi offer different functions.

While Kajabi is designed to help you with lead generation, product or service sales, and the building of fantastic membership sites, ThriveCart is focused on supporting you in the creation of high-converting purchase forms and sales pages.

This means that it will depend on what you need for your business.

More differences between the two to be Considered.

1) Cart Type

In Kajabi, there is only one kind of cart available.

We can see that Thrivecart offers us a variety of shopping cart options when we take a closer look at it. standard, pop-up, embeddable, and sales carts, among others. As a result, Thrivecart becomes substantially more versatile than Kajabi in this way.

2) Payment Methods

For Kajabi transactions, the only accepted payment methods are PayPal and Stripe. That there isn’t a third way to make a payment is quite annoying.

In addition to Stripe and PayPal, Thrivecart also supports a wide range of payment options, including Google Pay,, and Apple Pay. It is easier for clients to make purchases from your company when you provide a wider range of payment options.

3) A/B Testing

Kajabi does not make use of the A/B testing facilities in any way.

A/B testing is a crucial tool for you to employ when you want to increase your conversion rate. Testing is essential to figuring out what isn’t working and putting more effort into what is.

One of the things Thrivecart offers is the opportunity to run a split test. By analyzing several components of your company, such as price, design, and others, you may find out what makes customers buy from you.

Which one has more appealing Features?

The Best ThriveCart features

I’ve compiled a list of the top ThriveCart features it offers below:

  • Templates for Shopping Carts with a High Conversion Rate
  • A/B Testing option
  • Embedded Cart
  • One-Click Upsell & Downsells & Order Bump
  • Automated follow-up emails and webhooks
  • Integrations in the Affiliate Management Center for Affiliate Membership
  • Autoresponders Integration
  • The Sales Tax Calculator

And More…

The Best Features of Kajabi

I’ve compiled a list of the top Kajabi features it offers below:

  • An all-encompassing online presence

  • Unlimited hosting option
  • Powerful tools for email marketing automation
  • Create some amazing sales funnels and landing sites.
  • Create impactful Membership sites
  • Downsells and Upsells
  • Checkout Pages That Are Flexible
  • Payment plans, free trials, and coupons are all available.
  • The integrated checkout system

And More…

Which is more expensive, ThriveCart or Kajabi?

ThriveCart and Kajabi currently have quite distinct pricing models from one another.

While Kajabi only offers monthly and annual payment choices, ThriveCart does provide a lifetime deal.

You must pay $495 for a lifetime membership to ThriveCart and an additional $195 to upgrade to their pro plan if you want to use their pro features. I can’t emphasize how crucial it is to do this enough because it allows you to manage affiliates.

Buying a lifetime membership is a clear choice because it is projected that the annual cost will exceed $1,950 or that the monthly subscription would be $95 each month.

Click Here to Read my detailed Guide on How to get started with ThriveCart Free Trial.

thrivecart vs kajabi - Thrivecart pricing

Kajabi, on the other hand, charges customers on a monthly basis. Additionally, if you pay for the entire year at once, you’ll save a cool 20%!

Depending on the precise services you need, the monthly costs for the various plans range from $149 to $199 to $399.

thrivecart vs kajabi - kajabi pricing

In light of the substantial price differential between ThriveCart Vs Kajabi, if I were in your shoes, I would unquestionably choose ThriveCart.

Final thought

Both of these platforms are quite well-liked and loaded with a wide range of features.

Nevertheless, they are used for a number of things.

Choose ThriveCart if…

If you’re interested in selling products online, whether they are digital or physical, pick up ThriveCart.

It is used in particular to make customized order forms and checkout pages, which should lead to a considerably higher conversion rate.

If I were you, I would sign up for ThriveCart’s lifetime subscription and never look back.

Choose Kajabi if…

Kajabi is a great option if you want to buy software that deals with all facets of digital marketing.

Despite the fact that Kajabi is less efficient than ThriveCart in collecting payments, you may use it to run your entire business.

Additionally, investing in a shopping cart application like ThriveCart is not a terrible idea in the slightest if you plan to use Kajabi.

It’s critical to remember that the power to completely customize what a customer sees on the sales page and order form can have a significant impact on their overall experience.

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