ThriveCart vs WooCommerce: Which is Best in 2023?

Are you planning to set up an online store & trying to decide which checkout software to use? Are you at the point where you need to decide between ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce, two of the best shopping carts available? Let’s help you find the option as per your need.

Both offer a wide range of features and advantages that can help you grow your online store. Which of these alternatives, nevertheless, is ideal for your online business?

In order to assist you to make an informed decision about which checkout software would work best for your online business, I’ll share a detailed analysis of both ThriveCart and WooCommerce in this

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce: What is the Difference?

ThriveCart vs WooCommerce

Bottom Line upfront: ThriveCart is the way to go if you want a checkout cart or a shopping cart & landing page platofrm that comes with full optimized and perfectly tuned features. It is equipped to work with sales funnels right out of the box.  If you want to develop a classic online store with lots of different SKUs & a complicated inventory management system, WooCommerce is the ideal option for you.

Both ThriveCart and WooCommerce are capable shopping carts, but if you want to offer digital products like online courses or memberships, ThriveCart is your best bet.

In order to safeguard the personal information of their users, ThriveCart and WooCommerce both provide encrypted data storage and secure checkout procedures. Additionally, they both offer automatic backups & anti-fraud protection.

ThriveCart was developed to make it simple to integrate with a variety of third-party services, including email marketing software, CRM tools, and payment gateways, on the other hand, WooCommerce allows customers to create product variations and bulk discounts and integrates with most email marketing software, CRM tool including all major Payment gateways.

ThriveCart offers a variety of customer support alternatives, including a knowledge base, phone help, and live chat. Users of WooCommerce have access to email and live chat support, as well as forums where they may ask and answer many customer questions.

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart Vs wocommerce - thrivecart overview

ThriveCart is a shopping cart software that enables online businesses to create sales funnels, cart pages, manage prices,  & analyze sales data. Create your own courses and affiliate programs.

ThriveCart helps businesses sell digital goods, receive payments, & manage client accounts. It simplifies online goods sales. ThriveCart offers 2 plans: Basic and Pro.

The Basic package includes limitless products, downloads & customers. The Pro Plan enables one-click upsells, refunds, and extensive analytics. The ThriveCart API lets you link it with other software.

Add-ons enhance ThriveCart’s capability. These add-ons enable ThriveCart integration with WooCommerce, automated marketing campaigns, & more. Add-ons also enhance your checkout experience and boost conversions.

For more detail check out my unbiased ThriveCart Review.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce-ThriveCart vs WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular shopping cart. Its extensive usage is due to its open-source, WordPress-specific plugin that requires no license fees and may be customized. It works with a large number of plugins and plugin extensions to build whatever you can think of, you can also check the WooCommerce plugin library for detailed information.

WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin, lets you sell physical things, digital downloads, and services. Due to the number of free and professional design templates, your online shop’s style is virtually endless.

WooCommerce lets you customize your store’s language and currency for international customers. ‘Customer feedback’ reviews on product sites might demonstrate customer satisfaction. Social proof and credibility boost purchases.

With WooCommerce, you can give your customers a pleasant and trouble-free buying experience. Customers may quickly find what they’re looking for by browsing and sorting products according to category, popularity, price, rating, and/or date added. So that buyers know exactly what they’re getting, you can upload an infinite number of product photographs and galleries.

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce: Functionality

Both ThriveCart and WooCommerce offer a variety of features for managing your online business. ThriveCart provides Numerous payment gateways, customizable checkout pages, solid integrations, and marketing opportunities like upsells and downsells. Analytics and affiliate management are included in ThriveCart Pro.

WooCommerce has a wide range of store-building options. You may add products, arrange for delivery, and accept payments using Stripe and PayPal, and using WooCommerce. Numerous paid and free add-ons are available to customize stores.

Both platforms provide flexible store configuration and administration. In terms of cutting-edge functionality like affiliate management, ThriveCart surpasses WooCommerce. WooCommerce provides additional store management and customization options.

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce: Security

Secure online transactions are necessary. Multiple security features are used to protect customer data in ThriveCart and WooCommerce. An SSL-secured payment gateway is offered by ThriveCart.

Plugins for fraud protection and SSL-secured payment gateways are supported by WooCommerce. Both services use two-factor authentication and protect user data. Although ThriveCart and WooCommerce both provide high levels of security, you should conduct your homework to pick the platform that is most appropriate for your company.

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce: Ease of Use

You can entice potential clients to sign up for your membership website or subscription services by providing a free trial period. Subscriptions can be set up on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis, allowing you to automatically bill the consumer and collect payment from them every time you sell your product or service.

ThriveCart doesn’t require any special training or knowledge of technology to operate. Creating a gorgeous shopping cart page that converts well and accepting payments through your preferred method takes only a few minutes.

WooCommerce provides its users with a variety of capabilities, including inventory management, payment gateways, automated tax computations, and individualized delivery options. However, features such as ongoing payments and subscriptions can be enabled by downloading additional plugins; however, doing so will incur an extra fee.

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce: Customer Support

Both ThriveCart and WooCommerce take a unique approach to customer service and support. The ThriveCart support team maintains a knowledge base that is able to deliver information on demand. If you are unable to locate the answers you are looking for, please submit a ticket so that a person can contact you. They also have a robust user community that is available to answer any questions that may arise. Customers that upgrade to ThriveCart Pro also receive priority access to the company’s customer support team.

WooCommerce has a significant support network, as evidenced by the abundance of official and unofficial help materials that can be found on the internet.

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce: Customer Support

Additionally, they offer useful official support forums, documentation, and tutorials to their customers. Finally, if assistance is required, a huge ecosystem of 3rd party developers is available to help you resolve your issues.

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce: Pricing

ThriveCart is now running a promotion for a one-time license purchase. The software typically has a monthly fee of $95 or more, however, there is a special offer that provides a lifetime license. For ThriveCart Standard or ThriveCart Pro, the promotional price is $495 or $690, respectively.

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce - Thrivecart pricing

Access to additional features not available in ThriveCart Standard, such as the ability to use custom domain names, an affiliate management platform center, smart business projections, JV Contracts, advanced user management, client usage rights, and automatic sales tax calculation, is included with ThriveCart Pro.

On the other hand, WooCommerce is totally open-source and free to use, so anyone can use it whether it’s for personal or professional usage, and it can be completely modified. However, you must keep in mind that there are other expenses, such as paying for hosting, themes, and optional extras like extensions.

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How to Integrate ThriveCart with Wocommerce?

WooCommerce integrates with ThriveCart. It allows more payment methods, product selections, and upsells and downsells than the WooCommerce checkout procedure. Online stores that aim to maximize sales should use it.

ThriveCart integrates with WooCommerce in numerous ways. Set WooCommerce checkout as an external product. Zapier can set up affiliates, create WooCommerce customers from ThriveCart, etc.

What can you sell on ThriveCart?

With ThriveCart, you can provide numerous checkout pricing options: Offer courses, coaching, ebooks, and workshops for one-time payment. Repeated payments.

Does ThriveCart work with WordPress?

Fast Member lets you effortlessly integrate ThriveCart products with your WordPress membership site and add new customers. ThriveCart adds customers to WordPress and your Fast Member items immediately.


I am sure this article will help you select ThriveCart or WooCommerce for your e-commerce needs,  Your business strategy and product lineup should guide your software selection.

ThriveCart as a platform is limited to selling digital goods online, but WooCommerce allows you to sell physical goods too in addition to digital goods. ThriveCart simplifies selling digital, membership, and one-time products.

ThriveCart is a top-notch shopping cart and landing page solution, from the moment you Install it, you can create your sales funnels. It works well for large and small online retailers, including digital goods membership sites. WooCommerce is suitable for a traditional online store with hundreds of products and complex inventory management.

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