Write App Reviews Review 2023: Scam or Legit? Truth Revealed!

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Are you feeling burdened by your regular 9 to 5 job and are looking for reliable platforms to earn more money?

Having more money would allow you to have more time and freedom, but you are also aware of how expensive everything is becoming as expenses and debt continue to mount. Numerous methods exist for making money online. You can make money by working as a freelancer, establishing your own business, participating in paid surveys, or marketing other people’s items online.

One such way that you may across while searching the internet for “Best online app review portals to earn money” is WriteAppReviews.

About WriteAppReviews!


WriteAppReviews is a new online app review platform that enables people to review mobile apps online and earn money doing so. It is a product found on ClickBank and is considered an easy way to earn money from anywhere by just posting app reviews online.

Your major responsibility is to select an app, download it to your phone, use it, and then write a review of it. The writeappreviews.com website reports that the site is accepting new members from all over the world to test and review new apps for your phone and tablet.

How can you earn with WriteAppReviews?

WriteAppReviews initially seemed like a simple method to earn between $25 and $35 per hour online. Simply choose an app, download it, use it, and then write a review. You may create a free WordPress website with 30 reviews at freshappreviews.com thanks to WriteAppReviews.

There are three quick and simple ways that you can make money.

1) Setup App Review website

You can write reviews on a “done for you” (DFY) app review website and get money from adverts, signups, and downloads. There is no need for you to do any coding, designing, or hosting for the website because it is fully complete. Simply sign up for the affiliate markets JVZoo and ClickBank to get started.

2) Test apps and post reviews

Simply sign up for an account on the WriteAppReviews website to begin browsing the many apps that are listed there. Select an app you’re interested in reviewing when you find it. You may leave comments and give the app a rating from 1 to 5 on the review page.

Remember that having reviews that are 500 words or longer can help you rank for relevant search terms and attract free organic visitors. Once you’re done, click the publish button to post your review on the WriteAppReviews website.

3) Start getting paid!

You may make money with WriteAppReviews in three different ways: by having banners clicked, emails subscribed to, or apps downloaded. You must register for affiliate accounts with JVZOO and ClickBank in order to use the platform.

Your ID with both services will show up on each email list, banner ad, and app download button on your website once your accounts are set up. You will get money when a visitor to your website clicks on a banner, joins your email list, or installs an app. You will also get a commission if someone buys something using one of your website’s links.

Is WriteAppReviews free to use?

WriteAppReviews Pricing

Although WriteAppReviews initially gives the impression that it is free, inputting your email address to “get started” shows that you must pay $27 to gain access to the program. You might be tempted to give it a try.

However, the true cost of the program is not $27. After paying the $27 to get started, you are immediately offered a $97 extra upsell that claims to grant you access to the “Express Pass VIP Area.”

You’re told that if you don’t buy this upsell, your earnings will be 10 times lower. They emphasize that you must purchase it even if they say it is “optional” if you want to have any chance of success. This indicates that the $27 starting cost has now swiftly increased to $124.

60-Day ClickBank Refund Policy

You can visit Clickbank support and talk online if you want your money back for writing app reviews. The order number from the email they sent you is what you need. The folks who sold it can try to entice you with other goods or services. Decide then if you want those items or merely a refund of your money.

WriteAppReviews Training Modules

A low-priced program called WriteAppReviews tries to introduce you to online marketing techniques including keyword research, content optimization for search engines, and social media usage. The program gives a bird’s-eye view of the procedure and is organized like a blog entry.

Having said that, acquiring each of these talents takes time, and there are alternative programs that offer more in-depth information. As a result, it might not be enough to completely comprehend and earn money from evaluating apps. You are given several choices when logging in, including

1) Beginner Training

The fundamentals of app reviews are covered in this beginner-friendly guide. It is a concise and simple-to-read piece that offers advice from seasoned reviewers from various nations, along with step-by-step directions.

2) Intermediate Training

Intended to instruct you on how to craft powerful reviews and earn money while doing so. You will learn everything in this course, from fundamentals of system access to cutting-edge ideas. The module on product choice will go through things like different kinds of apps, testing techniques, evaluation standards, and more.

3) Advanced Training

provides an overview of issues like social media marketing and SEO but no in-depth training in these areas. Expecting a comprehensive instruction would be unreasonable given the program’s $27 price tag. However, the program does offer a fundamental comprehension of these ideas.

4) Bonus Training

Once you’ve finished the Advanced course, you can choose from further training modules. The generation of various types of material, including resumes, articles, and search engine audits, will be the emphasis of this module. The module also covers a number of other subjects.

Is WriteAppReviews legit?

WriteAppReviews does seem to be a legitimate platform. Instead of points or prizes, which may or may not be realized in the end, it pays affiliates with actual money. Having stated that, make sure that platform affiliate members can earn money from leaving comments.

Additionally, the website encourages the establishment of trustworthy reviews for its actual workers—the members. As a result, no professionalism is necessary because it appears as though you are getting paid to promote the company.

What are the best alternatives to WriteAppReviews?

There are some very great programs among them, ones that might actually assist you in making money. And out of all the legitimate programs I’ve seen, Commission Academy is the one I would most strongly advise to anyone trying to start their business online. That’s the greatest place to start, in my opinion.

At Commission Academy, you’ll get everything you need (training and equipment included) to start making money online by marketing goods and services for businesses like Amazon. The best aspect is that there is essentially no cap on how much you can make with it, and the procedure is quite simple, making it ideal for those with little to no experience.

Another and one of the most reputable platforms to try is Wealthy Affiliate. It is an all-in-one platform for starting from scratch and growing your affiliate marketing business. It provides you with a free account (along with a free website) and in-depth training on SEO (free traffic strategies), allowing you to begin affiliate marketing right immediately and without spending a dime.

Are there any Red Flags?

WriteAppReviews may seem quite promising on paper. However, we did some research and dug through some reviews, both genuine and fake. This is what we discovered.

  • No information about the creators

The one major drawback however that we feel is the lack of information about the creators of the platform. There are no details about the owners or creators of the platform.

  • No Testimonials or Results From Real Users

While we were writing some reviews on the platform, we didn’t notice a single user review or testimonial online. Why?

Is it because people aren’t getting results as easily as the platform claims one can get? The fact we realized here is that There are no testimonials and actual people are not seeing the effects of this program.

  • Reviews of Scam

Numerous customers have given WriteAppReviews one-star ratings. The majority of those who tried to think it was a fraud. A little over 52% of reviews accuse it of being a scam. There would have been more favorable reviews available if the website had been legitimate.

Final Thoughts

An excellent approach to making money with affiliate marketing is by writing reviews. To get money, you can launch a website similar to this one and begin reviewing several physical and digital goods.  The best place for its developers, who have chosen to maintain their anonymity because their product is not entirely authentic, is WriteAppReviews.

However, I have some concerns that make me hesitant to recommend it.

The platform lacked transparency in my opinion. I didn’t know exactly what I was agreeing to or what to anticipate.

Overall, although WriteAppReviews can seem like a simple way to earn money online, I think there are better options out there.

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