‘Can’t Log Out of Facebook’: How to Fix Facebook Log Out Issue?

One of the most popular and effective social networks in use today is Facebook. Since its introduction, it has experienced tremendous expansion, enabling billions of people worldwide to connect online. Reaching out with creative ideas, tutorials, educational content, news and so much more is made easier than ever. Everyone can stay connected either from a web browser or from dedicated apps for mobile devices.

But with great power comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility comes issues that need to be tackled. Facebook since its creation has faced numerous technical glitches that have annoyed users. While the developers have been quick to rectify most of those, some of those issues keep popping back in every once in a while. One such recurring issue with the platform is users being unable to logout from Facebook.

Why can’t people log out of Facebook?

Facebook Logout Not Working, How To Fix Facebook Log Out Not Working Issue

There have been several instances where Facebook users have shared the problem with logging out. And what’s funny is that many of them post about this issue on the rival platform Twitter. Many users have expressed their frustration that even if the screen refreshes when they tap the logout button, they are not logged out. A “content is no longer available” error notice could also appear occasionally.

Even more aggravating is the fact that this problem does not only affect the Facebook App. The same issues were reported to be present on the desktop website as well, according to numerous complaints. Any efforts to log out take users to the social platform’s home page. 

How to fix this issue?

Such a problem typically arises when you have used your Facebook account to log in to another website, service, or plugin. Even though this may not be the main cause, this is how it has been seen most frequently. Let’s now talk about some of the easiest and most effective solutions to this problem.

**Note: Some of these tricks are specific to Android devices only.

    1. Log Out from third-party sites.

Log your Facebook account out from any other websites or services where you may have previously logged in with it. Right now, try logging out of your Facebook account. All is well if this resolves your problem. If that doesn’t fix the issue, we should try our next solution.

    1. End previous sessions on other devices.

If you accidentally logged into your Facebook account on another device and couldn’t log out, Facebook lets you terminate your sessions for that device. All you have to do is adhere to the instructions below:

  • On the Facebook homepage’s right top corner, click the downward-pointing arrow.
  • This opens the drop-down menu. No go to “Settings & Privacy”.
  • Access Settings.
  • In the Settings menu on the left, select “Security & Login”.
  • You may get a list of all the devices from which you have previously logged in under the “Where You’re Logged In” section.
  • Decide the device you want to conclude the session on. Log out can be accessed by clicking on the three dots next to the device name.

It is also generally a good practice to log out your Facebook account from other devices as it may also pose a threat to your account if by chance the last logged in device is accessed by someone else.

    1. Remove Facebook Sign-Ins from Third-Party Websites and Apps

Have you lately used your Facebook account to join up for a third-party website or app and then started having this problem as a result? If so, the reason could be this sign-in. You must unlink any current apps and websites from your device to rule out this option.

    1. Clear Website data and cookies

Cookies are a contemporary method of tracking user information that aids a website in identifying you. Cookies are used by the majority of social media websites, including Facebook, to recognize user login information and enable password-free access to your accounts.

But when you try to log out, things can get complicated because these cookies will make your account log in again. Therefore, if you are unable to log out of Facebook, these cookies may be the cause.

    1. Update Facebook app

Make sure to periodically check for app updates while you wait. Even though app auto-update is typically enabled by default, you should check for Facebook updates on the Play Store or the App Store just in case.

    1. Force Stop Facebook (Android)

You could also try deleting the Facebook app from your recent apps list. To make sure Facebook is entirely shut off, you may also want to visit App details and Force stop it. Users of Android devices only should utilize this technique. Such a method is not accessible on iOS devices.

    1. Clear Facebook app Cache (Android)

App cache saves data that makes it possible to access previously viewed pages more quickly, but it also means that if you haven’t emptied Facebook’s app cache in a while, earlier issues may recur. By pressing on Storage & cache and choosing Clear cache, you may accomplish this from the same App Info screen (shown above).

    1. Wait for Facebook to fix the issue.

As was already noted, Facebook actually performs a good job of correcting problems that users report, and they quickly release a new update to fix the problem. So, if none of the aforementioned methods work for you, the most ethical course of action would be to simply wait for Facebook to provide an update that fixes the issue. You might need to keep logged in till then.

Are you able to log out of Facebook?

Problems with Facebook log-out are rather common among users. Facebook keeps you from logging out of your account after you have finished using it. This problem is quite annoying and persistent at the same time. We hope that this guide would help you tackle this issue, and you would be able to smoothly log out and back into your Facebook App. Keep following us for more such technical tricks and hacks! 

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