Best Crypto Wallets 2023: Top Picks to Keep Your Crypto Currency Safe

You may find many different kinds of cryptocurrency wallets, but they all serve the same basic purpose: to keep your private keys safe so that you can manage your digital assets. You shouldn’t leave this to chance, as losing your “private keys” could mean permanently losing access to your cryptocurrencies.

Many crypto fans prefer non-custodial wallets, which allow you to retain full control over your cryptocurrency and private information. Instead of putting your trust in a third party to protect your private keys while they are stored on a cryptocurrency exchange, you can do so yourself with a non-custodial wallet.

Consider these nine enticing Biticoin Wallets:

best bitcoin wallet

A large number of cryptocurrencies can be stored in hot wallets, and the most of these wallets support hundreds or even thousands of coins. In addition, the vast majority of them connect directly to exchanges where cryptocurrencies may be bought or sold, and the majority of them can typically contain minimum sorts of NFTs, which are also known as non-fungible tokens.

The main distinctions between various cryptocurrency wallets are:

  • In terms of digital property, how many distinct kinds are allowed?
  • When using a cold wallet, how simple is it to transfer cryptocurrency offline?
  • Can I find tools for a rewards system or staking mechanism inside the app itself?

1) Atomic Wallet

Atomic-Wallet- Best Crypto Wallet

Besides letting users store over 400 different cryptocurrencies, Atomic Wallet also includes the ability to purchase, sell, and stake digital assets right from the wallet itself. Atomic Wallet lacks the ability to sync directly with cold storage, unlike some of its rivals.

Atomic Wallet stands out from the pack because its paid membership offers users the opportunity to earn prizes with every transaction made on the site. However, Atomic Wallet lacks a browser plugin that other hot wallets provide and that is a major boon when it comes to interacting with decentralized applications using cryptocurrency.

  • The number of supported assets exceeds 400.
  • It is not possible to convert the cold storage.
  • There is support for staking and DeFi available.

2) DeFi Wallet

Crypto-com-DeFi-Wallet- Best Crypto Wallet DeFi Wallet is the name of a second cryptocurrency wallet, which was developed by a firm well known for its crypto exchanges. It is designed for usage in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi), which in the crypto world refers to banking services like loans, savings accounts, and investments that don’t involve a middleman.

The DeFi Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to utilize their crypto assets to buy and sell DeFi products using a mobile app and a browser extension. It also supports Ledger hardware wallets via a desktop app.

  • Supported assets: over 700.
  • Yes, it is possible to transform a desktop into a cold storage space.
  • There is support for staking and DeFi available.

3) Exodus


Exodus provides a comprehensive suite of products that works together seamlessly. Its devices integrate with the Trezor cold wallet to make it simple to move cryptocurrency from hot to cold storage, and users may purchase, sell, and stake cryptocurrencies without leaving their wallets.

Those interested in learning more about cryptography can take advantage of Exodus’s extensive library of illustrative content at no cost. In total, Exodus is compatible with around 150 different cryptocurrencies. However, that is a much lower amount than what is claimed by some of its rivals, whose users may store tens of thousands of varieties.

  • The number of supported assets exceeds 150.
  • It is possible to transform it into a cold storage space.
  • There is support for staking and DeFi available.

4) MetaMask

MetaMask - Best Crypoto Wallet

MetaMask is something you’ve probably heard of if you’re a frequent user of Ethereum blockchain-based applications. MetaMask, which is both open source and free, may be used to keep any Ethereum-based digital asset safe (there are more than 500,000). Many of the “Web3” applications that rely on cryptographic transactions can be used with MetaMask as well.

MetaMask misses desktop application, it does provide wallets that are compatible with mobile devices and browsers. In addition, the software that is included with MetaMask does not directly support staking. Staking tokens can be accomplished quickly and easily with the use of online applications that integrate with MetaMask.

It is important to keep in mind that if you do not utilize Ethereum and the tokens associated with it on a regular basis, you may not find MetaMask to be of much use to you.

  • Supported assets: over 500,000.
  • You are able to turn it into a cold storage facility.
  • Support for staking and DeFi can be accessed through connected apps.

5) Trezor

Trezor-Best Crypoto Wallets

Trezor offers some of the most cutting-edge technology available for the storage of cryptographic keys. The price of the entry-level device is approximately $70, but there is also a more expensive variation that includes a touch screen and can store additional cryptocurrencies (the price of this variant at the time of publication was $243).

In addition to the built-in services, such as staking and cryptocurrency purchases, that are available through Trezor’s software solutions, the company also provides interfaces for use with third-party cryptocurrency businesses like Exodus. Trezor does not currently offer a mobile application; however, there is a desktop version available.

  • Supported assets: over 1,800.
  • The possibility of converting to online storage with support for staking and defi available

6) Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase-Best Crypoto Wallets

You are familiar with the platform known as Coinbase. The company operates the largest cryptocurrency exchange that is based in the United States. However, Coinbase also offers customers a separate product known as Coinbase Wallet, which allows them to keep cryptocurrency privately rather than having Coinbase hold it for them.

Customers who have never utilized a non-custodial wallet before may find the Coinbase Wallet, which was produced by Coinbase and is straightforward to link with the company’s exchange, to be a great starting point. Coinbase Wallet was created by Coinbase.

Other advantages of the free software include linkages to decentralized applications that may be accessed using a web browser or a mobile device. Despite the fact that its browser extension is able to establish a connection to the Ledger hardware wallet, it is missing a number of capabilities that are offered by competing products, such as a desktop program.

  • The number of supported assets is listed as “thousands” in marketing materials distributed by Coinbase.
  • It is possible to transform it into a cold storage space.
  • There is support for staking and DeFi available.

7) Electrum


Electrum stands out from the other wallets that NerdWallet has researched since it is compatible with only a single coin. However, that digital money is Bitcoin, which is by far the most valuable of all the cryptocurrencies now in circulation. Electrum makes up for the fact that it does not offer as many coin options by providing a high level of security and transparency.

This free and open-source program allows for multi signature transactions, two-factor authentication, and straightforward connecting to cold storage (which require the signoff of multiple users). Electrum is unique because, despite the fact that it is merely a desktop program, it offers sophisticated Bitcoin users a variety of useful capabilities.

It serves as a helpful reminder that, if you are just interested in storing one cryptocurrency, it may be a good idea to check for recommendations on the official website of that particular cryptocurrency.

  • There is support for one asset (Bitcoin)
  • It is possible to transform it into a cold storage space.
  • Support for Staking/DeFi: None

8) Guarda

Guarda-Best Crypoto Wallets

Guarda gives its users the ability to access their cryptocurrencies using a mobile app, desktop client, or browser extension. It is a free wallet that may be used for any cryptocurrency. It is stated that the website can support more than 400,000 digital assets. Users of Guarda have the ability to save their cryptocurrencies in a cold storage wallet by utilizing an interface with the Ledger hardware wallet. In addition to this, Guarda provides staking program options.

  • The number of supported assets exceeds 400,000.
  • It is possible to transform it into a cold storage space.
  • There is support for staking and DeFi available.

9) Ledger

Ledger- Best Crypoto Wallets

Among crypto-wallet providers, Ledger is a household name. Ledger is compatible with numerous well-known software wallets, including and Guarda, and costs between $79 and $149. Under addition to its highly regarded mobile app, Ledger also offers a dedicated desktop client and a browser plugin is now in development. Ledger also features two-factor authentication and an extensive knowledge base for its customers.

  • Supported assets: over 5,500.
  • The possibility of converting to online storage with support for staking and defi available

Final Thought: Best Bitcoin Wallet 2023

We evaluated over a dozen distinct cryptocurrency wallets in order to find the ones that offered the most advantageous combinations of features, such as minimal fees, safe (and secure) storage, a selection of bitcoin asset alternatives, and user interfaces.

In addition to these factors, we also considered the interoperability of the wallet, who would have custody of the wallet, and who would provide customer support. There are other storage options that are compatible with certain cryptocurrency wallets.

There is no one best choice when it comes to wallets for cryptocurrencies. Every single design of wallet comes with its own set of perks, capabilities, and drawbacks. Therefore, it is entirely up to you to examine what satisfies your individual needs and requirements the most effectively.

If you have a high-risk tolerance and want to make frequent, speedy online payments, the convenience of a hot wallet would be excellent for you. • If you are a little more cautious and plan to store your money for a while, a secure offline device would be the best solution for you.

It is recommended that you search for a wallet that is compatible with NFT markets if you have any interest in the NFT market.

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