How To Fix ‘No Valid QR Code Detected’ Issue in WhatsApp?

Have you faced the “No valid QR code detected” issue when scanning the PC screen with your phone to log into WhatsApp Web? If so, this guide will help you diagnose and fix the problem, Learn how to Fix WhatsApp’s No Valid QR code error here.

No valid QR code detected

Meta-owned WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging social media platform. Data from a few months ago shows over two billion active users. Figures have increased much further.

Due to its cross-platform availability, many people prefer WhatsApp. It works on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Mac, and web browsers. WhatsApp Web users can use the messaging software in a browser on their desktop or laptop.

How to Fix WhatsApp Web’s No Valid QR Code Error?

How To Fix 'No Valid QR Code Detected' In Whatsapp

If the issue is your fault, you can sign into WhatsApp Web. If WhatsApp is at fault, you must wait for Meta to fix it. Continuously reporting the fault can speed up resolution.

We’ve outlined the best WhatsApp No valid QR code fixes. Use them sequentially until the issue is resolved. Before applying them, close the browser, restart your phone, and log into WhatsApp Web again.

If WhatsApp Web still doesn’t function, try these simple fixes.

  • Make Sure Both the Lens and the Screen Are Clear

If the desktop screen is filthy or has smudges on it, the camera on your smartphone will not be able to read the QR code. Simply said, a QR code is a grid of black and white squares that contains encoded information. When the spots or lines interfere with the coded pattern, it won’t function correctly.

In that scenario, you can try scanning the QR code again after wiping the screen with a clean cotton towel. A similar problem may occur if the screen breaks. However, in that case, the broken display is irreparable and you will need to replace the device.

The “No valid QR code” error you see while trying to scan and sign in to WhatsApp Web might also be caused by a dirty or smeared lens on your smartphone’s camera. As a result, you should examine the camera lens to see if it is clouded. If so, wipe the QR code clean with a cotton swab before scanning.

  • Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies

If you’re having issues with WhatsApp Web, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies to see if that helps. In such a situation, you should try logging in again after clearing the cache. Start by erasing your browsing history and cookies from your browser’s settings. The precise steps vary between browser types.

The next step is to launch the mobile device’s Settings menu. Now, open the App Settings menu, type “WhatsApp,” and select it. Then, select “Clear cache” from the menu that appears. Once your device has restarted, try scanning the WhatsApp Web QR code again.

  • Check WhatsApp Web, if it’s down

WhatsApp Web users are experiencing backend difficulties. Server faults are generating problems. If you and other users have recently encountered the issue, you can only wait for Meta to fix it.

Search #WhatsAppDown, #WhatsAppWebDown, #WhatsAppNotWorking, etc. on Twitter or Facebook.

WhatsApp users recently posted about the troubles. They’re common during outages. Fortunately, these issues are handled swiftly. Wait and report the issue or Tweet @WhatsApp and @Meta.

  • Check your network connection

The next most likely cause of this problem is your network connection, so check it out and try a different one if necessary. In order to quickly link your smartphone and computer and utilize the web application, WhatsApp, you will need a fast and steady network connection.

WhatsApp Web only requires 5-6 Mbps of download speed. Just type “Run speed test” into Google and hit the “Run Speed Test” button. To verify the speed, wait for the results. If your internet connection is too slow, you’ll need to get another one.

Try using a mobile hotspot if you are currently connected to a WiFi network, and vice versa. This should rectify the situation, allowing you to successfully scan the WhatsApp Web QR code.

  • Sign out of the Web version of WhatsApp from all other devices

You may have hit the maximum number of supported devices for your WhatsApp account if you have checked in to the service on several devices using the browser application. At this time, WhatsApp only permits a maximum of four active sessions at the same time. Launch WhatsApp on your device, and then hit the button that looks like three dots. This should fix the problem.

Now navigate to the list of Linked Devices on your account, and log out of all the other devices. Once done, restart your smartphone. Finally, try opening a browser on your personal computer, navigating to the WhatsApp Web site, and logging in again. If the problem was caused by having an excessive number of linked devices, then this will fix the problem.

  • Try a Different Web Browser

Your browser may be having trouble, preventing WhatsApp from loading in the web app. The WhatsApp Web QR code not functioning issue occurs most in Google Chrome, the most used browser.

If so, try a different browser. You could switch to Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Brave, or another browser. If WhatsApp Web works in other browsers, you know why.


Can you use WhatsApp on both the web and your phone at the same time?

Ans: With the most recent upgrade, WhatsApp now supports simultaneous use on up to four devices. It may be installed and used on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and through a web browser using the web application. To access the functionality, make sure you are using the most recent version of the app.

Why is my WhatsApp Web QR code not valid?

Ans: A dirty screen or camera lens, a poor internet connection, server difficulties, faulty cache, or other factors can all prevent your smartphone’s QR reader from properly reading the WhatsApp Web QR code. Finding the root of the issue and resolving it is essential.

How to log into WhatsApp on my PC without scanning the QR code?

Ans: You don’t need a QR code scanner to access your account when you download the WhatsApp Desktop program for your Windows PC or Mac. A verification code sent through text message or phone call to the registered phone number will allow you to log in. However, the QR code is required for access to WhatsApp Web.

Wrapping up

As it prevents you from using WhatsApp on your personal computer, the error message “No valid QR code” can be very annoying. You should be able to eliminate the problem and resume using WhatsApp Web now that you are aware of how to do it. You can fill out this form to report the issue if you are still having problems, in the event that you are still having problems.

Choose “Web & Desktop” as your medium, and make sure to clarify your concerns in detail. The response time from the support team is between three and five business days. Recent difficulties have a good possibility of disappearing by then on their own by that point in time. If you have, however, been experiencing the problem for an extended period of time, you can submit a report.

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