How to Find and Use Filters on Instagram

How To Search for Filters on Instagram

Instagram filters have become a staple in enhancing the visual appeal of your stories and posts. While the app offers several built-in filters, the possibilities are endless, with thousands more available. This guide will show you how to search for and utilize Instagram filters to make your content stand out.

How To Search for Filters on Instagram

Instagram filters leverage augmented reality to add captivating effects to your photos and videos. Whether you’re using the iOS or Android app, finding the perfect filter is a breeze:

  • Open the Instagram app and access the camera. Swipe left through the icons at the bottom of the screen until you find the magnifying glass icon labeled “Browse Effects.”
  • Browse through available filters: You can either tap one of the filters you see or swipe through the categories at the app’s top. Tap the magnifying glass icon to search by name or keyword for a specific filter.
  • Preview and download: Once you’ve found a filter that catches your eye, tap it for a preview. You can then choose to “Try It” or download the filter by tapping the downward arrow icon.
  • Save the filter: To save the filter, tap “OK.” When you return to the camera, swipe right on the icons at the bottom of the screen to access your newly acquired filter.

Discover Filters by Creator

Instagram users have the creative freedom to craft their filters for others to enjoy. If you’re interested in downloading a filter from a specific creator, follow these steps:

  • Locate the creator’s profile: Navigate to the creator’s profile, and above their grid of posts, tap the smiley icon.
  • Select and use the filter: Tap on the desired filter, then choose “Try It” or download it by clicking the downward arrow icon.
  • Capture and share: Capture a photo or record a video using the filter and share your creative content with friends and followers.

Get Filters from Friends

If you spot an intriguing filter on your friend’s Instagram, you can quickly try it for yourself:

  • Find the filter: Go to the post featuring the filter you want to try and tap the filter’s name at the bottom of the screen.
  • Test the filter: To give it a go, tap “Try It” or save it by selecting the downward arrow icon.

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Q: Why can’t I find filters on Instagram? 

If you encounter issues with Instagram filters not working, try closing and restarting the app. On Android, you might need to force-stop the app. If problems persist, consider updating or redownloading the app.

Q: How do I use face filters on Instagram? 

Using face filters is easy on Instagram. Tap the Camera icon, then select the Smiley Face icon. Begin recording, and you can choose from a variety of face filters.

Q: What are the most popular filters on Instagram? 

The most popular Instagram filters include Clarendon, Juno, Ludwig, Lark, Gingham, Lo-Fi, Valencia, Aden, and X-Pro II.

Q: How do I make filters on Instagram? 

You can use programs like Spark AR Studio on a Windows or Mac computer to create filters. These programs will help you design and export filters for uploading to Instagram.


Instagram filters are an excellent way to elevate your Instagram stories and posts. With a wide array of filters to choose from and the ability to explore those created by fellow users, you can unleash your creativity and make your content unique.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with filters and discover the perfect one to enhance your Instagram experience.

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