Monica Lewinsky Net Worth 2023: How did Monica make her money?

According to current estimates, Monica Lewinsky net worth is $41 million USD. Monica Lewinsky, an American activist, media personality, and fashion designer, is well known for her time spent serving as a White House intern. Thanks to her work as a paid interviewer for numerous news organizations, her writing career, and her participation in various investment schemes, Monica Lewinsky was able to build a fortune.

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth in 2023

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth

In the United States, Monica Lewinsky is a well-known author, lecturer, and anti-bullying crusader. Lewinsky estimated net worth is $41 million. Lewinsky first became well-known after having an affair with President Bill Clinton while she was an intern at the White House in the middle of the 1990s.

Since the beginning of the #MeToo campaign, she has been a prominent advocate. When she worked with author Andrew Morton to publish the book “Monica’s Story” in 1999, it was reported that her book advance was $500,000.

The increase in Monica Lewinsky’s net worth over the past ten years is equivalent to a 65 percent annual growth rate. In 1995 and 1996, when former President Bill Clinton acknowledged having an affair with her, Monica Lewinsky worked for the White House.

About Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky started an affair with President Bill Clinton while she was an intern in the White House in the 1990s. She became widely known due to this scandal around the world. An American icon is Monica Lewinsky.

On July 23, 1973, she was born in a Jewish family in San Francisco, California. Both of her parents were Jews. Monica has acknowledged that the incident contributed to the development of her post-traumatic stress disorder and that knitting was a therapeutic hobby that helped her cope with the constant media scrutiny. She started The Real Monica, Inc. in 1999 and started selling her goods at stores like Fred Segal and Henri Bendel as a result of her interest in handbag design.

She started working for the White House in 1995 as an unpaid intern for Leon Panetta, who was the Chief of Staff at the time. She worked arduously for a few months before being elevated to a paid post in the White House’s Office of Legislative Affairs.

In March 1999, Monica Lewinsky was interviewed by Barbara Walters for the program “20/20,” which drew an audience of 70 million viewers. As of the time of this writing, it is still the second-most-watched interview in television history, and Monica Lewinsky received $1 million for the interview’s global rights.

Bio, Age, Wiki

Birth Day: Jul 23, 1973
Birth Place: San Francisco, California
Age: 49 [2022]
Birth Sign: Leo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Monica Lewinsky’s net worth?

Monica Lewinsky has a net worth of $41 million.

How did Monica make her money?

There are a few pieces of writing credit to Monica’s name, and she also owns a brand of designer handbags (The Real Monica Inc.). In an unexpected twist, Monica’s handbag empire sprouted from her love of knitting, the pastime she once said saved her life during the media frenzy of the late ’90s.

What was Monica’s salary?

Monica’s income was consistent throughout the series as a result of her position as head chef at Javu, which paid her up to $80,000 per year.

How much money Monica Lewinsky makes in a year?

Monica Lewinsky earns more than $6 million per year.

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