How to Poke Someone on Facebook

If you’re a veteran Facebook user, the concept of “poking” might bring a nostalgic smile to your face. While the poke feature seemed to have disappeared over time, you might be surprised to learn it’s still around.

Delve into poking on Facebook and explore if and how you can engage in poking today.

Open the Facebook application or head to the website to engage in a nostalgic poke on Facebook. Use the search functionality to find “Pokes,” then access the Pokes page.

From here, you can find the individual you wish to poke by entering their name in the search bar and then clicking “Poke” adjacent to their name in the results.

A Brief History of Facebook Pokes

The poking feature has a fascinating history on the Facebook platform.

Introduced at the inception of Facebook in 2004, it was initially perceived as a light-hearted way to grab someone’s attention by engaging with their profile, which would subsequently send them a notification. It was never meant to be a severe or intimate interaction.

However, post-2011, the poking function saw a decline in usage as many users started viewing it as an intrusion, leading to its removal from individual profile pages on Facebook.

Nevertheless, the poking feature hasn’t been completely eradicated and is still accessible, albeit a bit more hidden than before.

How to Poke Someone on Facebook On a Desktop

How to Poke Someone on Facebook On a Desktop

Despite its decreased visibility, poking on Facebook is still a possibility. To access the feature, navigate to a specific page on the Facebook website or app rather than finding it on someone’s profile page.

1) Navigating to Pokes on the Desktop

To poke someone via the Facebook website, simply navigate to Once there, you can search for the individual you want to Poke.

2) Alternative Search Method on Desktop

You can also locate the Pokes page by utilizing the search function at the top of the website, typing in “Pokes” to be directed to the same page.

How to Poke Someone on Facebook On Android & iOS

Step-by-Step Guide to Poking on the App

1) Open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device.

2) Click on the search icon at the screen’s top.

3) Begin typing “Pokes” in the search bar.

How to Poke Someone on Facebook 2

4) Tap on the option “Poke your friends and see who has poked you.”

5) Locate the person you want to poke at using the search functionality.

6) Hit the blue “Poke” button located next to their name to send a poke.

How to Poke Someone on Facebook 3


Can I Poke Someone on Facebook if We’re Not Friends?

No, the poke feature is only available between friends on Facebook.

What is the Duration of a Poke on Facebook?

If the person who was poked does not acknowledge or dismiss it, the poke will vanish after two days.

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