Alexandra Cooper Net Worth: How much does Alex Cooper make?

Alexandra Cooper has an estimated net worth of $98,00,0000. One of the most listened-to podcasts on Spotify is “Call Her Daddy,” hosted by Alexandra Cooper. Until signing a $60 million exclusive agreement with Spotify in June 2021, Alexandra Cooper’s program was owned and broadcast by Barstool Sports.

Alexandra Cooper Net Worth in 2023

Alexandra Cooper Net Worth

As a result of the widespread popularity of her podcasts on Spotify, Alexandra Cooper has amassed a large number of devoted followers from all corners of the world.

She was given the option to negotiate a unique and exclusive deal with Spotify that was worth sixty million dollars. Because of this arrangement, the stunning Alexandra Cooper became one of the most financially successful podcasters of her generation.

As per Forbes Alexandra Cooper’s assets include 10 pieces of real estate, 5 automobiles, and 1 luxury yacht. In addition, Alexandra Cooper has Cash Reserves totaling over 6 Million Dollars in her Assets Portfolio.

Alexandra Cooper Bio, Age, Wiki

Alexandra Cooper Birth Year: 21 August 1994
Alexandra Cooper Birthplace: Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States
Alexandra Cooper Age: 28 Year (2022)
Alexandra Cooper Birth Sign: Leo

About Alexandra Cooper

Alexandra Cooper is a well-known American radio host, podcast host, businesswoman, author, blogger, YouTuber, and social media sensation. She entered this world on August 21, 1994, in Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA. Along with her pal Sofia Franklyn, Alexandra hosts a popular podcast called Call Her Daddy. For the benefit of our valued audience, this article details Alexandra Cooper’s life story.

Alexandra was born in the American town of Newtown, Pennsylvania on August 21, 1994. 

She was born into a Christian family. Alexandra Cooper’s dad’s name is Bryan. Laurie Cooper is Alexandra’s mother. There are two more members of Alexandra’s family: a brother and a sister.

Alexandra Cooper is well-known in many fields, including broadcasting, podcasting, entrepreneurship, writing, blogging, and video blogging. She put in a lot of effort to get where she is now. She made herself through hard work and talent.

How much is Alexandra Cooper Net Worth?

Alexandra Cooper has a net worth of 98 million dollars. Alexandra Cooper became one of the wealthiest podcasters after signing an exclusive deal with Spotify worth sixty million dollars. The transaction was with Spotify.

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FAQ related to Alexandra Cooper

✅How much does Alexandra Cooper make a year?

Alexandra Cooper gets around $450,000 per episode and an estimated monthly income of $2 Million.

✅How much was Alex Cooper’s house?

The Los Angeles single-family home that was 6,900 square feet in size sold for $10,700,000, which works out to a price per square foot of $1,551.

✅Who is the owner of Call Her Daddy?

Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper launched the humor and advice podcast Call Her Daddy in 2018. Until June 2021, when it was revealed that Cooper had negotiated an exclusive agreement with Spotify for $60 million, the podcast was owned and broadcast by Barstool Sports.

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